19 April 2015

[Spoilers] Mask King (G.NA, Lee Hong Ki)

Star News - Naver: 'Mask King' Golden Laquer choose 4 to confront ... Curious of the identity 

1. [+3328, -132] It was so sad when G.NA cried.. She has a lovely voice

2. [+2315, -120] Kim Jong Seo, Hongki and G. NA excluding Shin Soo Ji.. Those who got eliminated really adapted to their tunes and I barely know those who advanced to the next round. The one who sang 'Pinetree' was really good.

3. [+1404, -49] The Golden Laquer is such a good singer. I wonder who it is....

4. [+653, -18] Lee Hong Ki was great but he got eliminated because his voice is really easy to identify. And G.NA should do more ballads because she sings so well.

5. [+440, -6] Lee Hong Ki and G.NA were too obviousㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+374, -18] The one who sang 'Pine Tree at the top of Namsan' is 2AM's Changmin

7. [+369, -15] Lee Hong Ki.. Sandeul.. are breaking the stereotypes of idols.. It's nice to know that they're not losing to the older singers

Hankyung - Nate: G.NA sheds tears on 'Mask King'... Why? 

1. [+997, -29] She sings well and has a lovely voice but her agency always media plays about her body and so, her singing talent got buried. She somewhat has those inner struggles too..

2. [+791, -34] Kim Jong Seo, Lee Hong Ki and G.NA got eliminated on the first round!! Who exactly are those who advanced?!

3. [+776, -29] I don't know G.NA that well but her interview is relatable and made me tear up. She is more known for her looks more than her singing. Ans when she expressed her desire of people to just recognize her even just for her voice just like Baek Ji Young because that would feel like real winning more than actual winning itself. I, who know that she's more famous for her big breasts, felt really sorry when she said that.

4. [+38, -3] Lee Hong Ki was really good

5. [+36, -5] G.NA's voice is really good and clear. If only her agency would let her do more ballad songs...

6. [+24, -5] She has a gentle heart and sings well too. Do well!


gwiyongmi said...

I really want gna to sing a song like her debut song or something like 'a bitter day'. I really like those song

goldenmellow said...

Poor G.NA. I hope she's able to sing like she'd like.

Anon said...

that pinetree dude is really funny. Can they just show luna's face already !!!

sara said...

people said i was 2AM Changmin but his singing is not as powerful as Changmin imo lol

sara said...

people can tell i was you Hongki by the time you open your mouth to sing.

his rendition is powerful as always. he is Hongki after all lol


Amiaah said...

I just watched G.NA's segment on the show and awww man why did they make her sing her second song right after she got eliminated :( She couldn't even sing the whole song because she got too emotional TT TT

Anon said...

true ! i think he's an idol too but not Changmin.