3 April 2015

Super Junior's Siwon joins Chinese version of 'We Got Married'

My Daily - Naver: Choi Siwon cast in Chinese version of 'We Got Married'... To become a couple with model Liu Wen 

1. [+3312, -227] Choi Siwon is so funny with his greasiness and his American reactions ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+3572, -587] So that means he's eliminated from 'Infinity Challenge'. What a relief

3. [+2698, -173] Please take Yewon out of WGM

4. [+1970, -117] Please have activities in Korea too and not just overseas

5. [+1277, -100] Why did Choi Siwon decide to be in a show like this?

6. [+977, -96] Don't do it... There are a lot of other shows that you can join in Korea..

7. [+928, -118] The top 4 contenders for IC's sixth man would be as follows: Jang Dong Min, Kang Kyun Sung, Kwanghee, Hong Jin Kyung

8. [+912, -131] I'm a guy but I think Choi Siwon could do better

9. [+703, -21] It's always the SM kids that get into Chinese version or global version of WGM

10. [+493, -44] Just shut up and take Yewon out of the show

11. [+458, -40] He can't possibly become the sixth man when he's so busy like this.......


Amanda Rachel said...

So Siwon won't be the sixth new member of Infinity Challenge. I wonder who will be the lucky one tho I wish Hong Chul will make a comeback later.

sarajgh said...

8. [+912, -131] I'm a guy but I think Choi Siwon could do better

lol, well I'm a girl and I think Liu could do better.

Gabz said...

[+912, -131] I'm a guy but I think Choi Siwon could do better

Are talking about the same Liu Wen here?

도화 said...

Yea take Yewon out~ and it kind of sucks that Siwon seems to have gotten eliminated from MuDo since he seemed like a funny character but honestly i think idols should not be part of this awesome show. I personally want Jang Dong Min to be the next member.

Nova_REMIX said...

Yeah. Take Ye Won out please.