1 April 2015

Suzy donates 100 million krw (~$90,000) and becomes an Honor Society member

X Sports News - Naver: Suzy, goddess of donation "donates 100 million krw and gains membership in a charity organization" 

1. [+5553, -447] She could've chosen to buy something with that amount as it's hard to donate. She has a beautiful heart~

2. [+4427, -476] She has a pretty face, body and mentality  ㄷㄷㄷSeriously perfect

3. [+3443, -486] They wrote 'Suzy' but I read it as 'angel'~

4. [+3045, -382] Even her heart is beautiful^^

5. [+526, -111] I really hope celebrities who earn a lot of money would give back to the society as well ~~

6. [+466, -89] I want to earn lots of money and become a member too...

7. [+454, -127] Suzy is an angel. Lucky of Lee Min Ho. I'm jealous  ㅜㅜ

8. [+464, -142] Suzy-ya, ignore the hate comments and just keep doing good deeds. Fighting!


Yahoo (ง •̀_•́)ง said...

She is indeed the BAE suzy

anon1233444 said...


Maki said...

BAE SUZY!! <3<3

G said...

Lots of celebrities donate for publicity . It is not like she donated anonymously. I find the timing is suspect with the scandal news and the comeback. Sorry celebs and their agencies are always playing the public for good image. The good image and publicity will in turn bring her more cfs etc.

Hello7 said...

Ok then let's assume everyone. Minah, park shin Hye, YOONA are other celebs who also did good deeds like suzy.