20 April 2015

The Girl Who Sees Smells' popularity overseas

SBS fun E - Naver: 'The Girl Who Sees Smells' experiencing hot global popularity 

1. [+134, -3] Wow~~ It's really popular overseas. TGWSS, fighting!!!

2. [+136, -6] I'm really enjoying this drama and I'm not surprise that it's popular abroad as well!!! I'm already excited to see the cute Choi Mu Gak tomorrow

3. [+123, -3] MuRim couple is so cute~ The actors are really good. Do well~

4. [+119, -9] Frankly speaking, the way Shin Se Kyung's and Park Yoo Chun visuals harmonize truly influences their crazy amazing chemistry

5. [+87, -1] I love this drama and I don't care about the ratings.. As long as I look forward to it and it's all that matters. Finally, a new episode tomorrow~~

6. [+76, 0] Park Yoo Chun is so cute in this drama^^ It's so cool that people from the US and China are watching it too

7. [+41, 0] TGWSS is so good~ The reason why I wait for Wednesdays

8. [+36, -1] From 'Rooftop Prince', 'Missing You' and now 'TGWSS', Park Yoo Chun's dramas are really popular overseas. That's amazing


IAmNotJapanese said...

it's sad that drama ratings aren't doing well these days.
i also believe because there's a huge amount of people not watching the live broadcast, but watches the show somewhere else../?/

like how KMHM was so popular but the ratings says otherwise.
it's hard to see 15% and up ratings nowadays. esp with weekday dramas.

Kpoptown said...

TGWSS viewers are mostly younger people who watch the show by streaming online. The show is doing well considering how nowadays 10% is already being considered high, esp Hyde Jekyll Me left them with only 4.3%. I should say, Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung are sooo cute together. They are unexpectedly cute and have amazing chemistry. I also love the rest of th3 casts :)

silvermaoh said...

I am watching and so far it is okay. However I don't feel a big international popularity so far on this show. At least not compare to the other internationally popular dramas this year. But it has potential ^^

Dani said...

This drama is your standard public broadcast drama with cute leads but frustrating plot movements. You know who the killer is? Detective, let's meet up at the church like any sane person would instead of filing a police report at the police station. I swear these scenes are planned to tear your hair out because there's no way it would work in real life.

Guest said...

Drama ratings are doing well in general but I think this drama is doing fine