26 April 2015

Who is the Gold Lacquer on 'Mask King'?

iMBC-Naver: 'Mask King' Navi gets defeated and the 'Gold Lacquer' wins for two weeks straight 

1. [+772, -104] It sounds like Luna for sure. Had no idea she's so good

2. [+608, -114] SM comes up with good strategies. Amber gained positive responses from 'Real Men' and now Luna demonstrates her singing talent on 'Mask King'. Krystal, Sulli and Victoria have always been known for being pretty. Seems like SM is pushing f(x) more and more now

3. [+508, -18] I'm curious of the Gold Lacquer's identity..

4. [+461, -67] I had no interest in Luna before but now I'm a fan

5. [+225, -29] I don't think it's Luna....

6. [+195, -21] She's taller and has smaller eyes than Luna

7. [+198, -27] It's not Luna ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+157, -19] The Golden Lacquer is probably Jin Joo who used to be under JYP.  The voice and height are all similar. Stop saying it's Luna.

9.  [+137, -19] Jin Joo..... Jin Joo...... I'm crying

10. [+82, -17] Kids these days don't know who Jin Joo is. I just listened to her song and I'm 100 percent sure she's the Golden Lacquer... She sings so well


Ryu II Woon said...

its definitively luna

Ken Roro said...

It is Luna. Kinda sad that people don't realize how good Luna is, just wait to be blow away by Luna's voice

chunky kai II said...