2 April 2015

Yoo Ho Jin PD reveals that 1N2D is scripted

OSEN - Naver: Yoo Ho Jin PD, "There is a script for 1 Night, 2 Days'.. It would be a mess if we proceed as it is 

1. [+9214, -150] I heard even 'Infinity Challenge' is scripted, just that they don't make it seem as if they're reading off it but they just naturally interact and express themselves

2. [+7636, -124] I applaud him for his honesty ㅎㅎㅎ So much better than WGM which is obviously scripted but they never admit it

3. [+4848, -67] I like that they use the script as a backbone and that the members naturally express themselves without completely relying on it

4. [+3102, -252] So, is 'Running Man' scripted or not?

5. [+443, -9] Everybody knows that WGM is scripted but they're keeping mum about it but 1N2D just confidently reveals that they use scripts.. Really shows the difference in production

6. [+384, -16] Yoo Ho Jin is so gentle-looking.. I remember when he got pranked by Kang Ho Dong back when he was still a rookie.  It's still so funny when I think about thatㅋㅋ

7. [+269, -6] Of course it is scripted. What do you think the writers are there for?

8. [+214, -33] The top 3 variety PDs: Kim Tae Ho, Na Yeong Seok, Yoo Ho Jin

9. [+84, 0] That innocent rookie PD back then has now become a main PD

10. [+72, -2] To be honest, where can you find a show that isn't scripted?


lyra2015 said...

Lobster pd!!

IAmNotJapanese said...

Aww i love Yoo PD. These days, he has been looking really great and cutee. ^_^

czak said...

I think the only show that you know isnt scripted is the one with kids like DWAYG and Superman. You cant really have those kids read out The scrilt or follow scenario wise... i remember that, it was one of the reasons SDI appa agreed to do the show, cause the children woul still have freedom to be kids wlike being in the show ajd jot be working...

WGM is hopeless. i hooe they had just confessed from the starts about it being scripted but i guess they dont want to burst tye hardcore fans bubbles

ara said...

they with scripted when to made introduce place they visited esp time opening + closing .. time they with games no script with them ..

uhnny said...

[+72, -2] To be honest, where can you find a show that isn't scripted?

Protagonist said...

How can 1N2D not be scripted? They're travelling to other parts of the country, of course they have to plan well and make a script or else the whole production goes chaotic lol.

Lusica said...

Except lucky Jung Joon-young.,.. (maybe if they were really desperate getting lucky scene when jung joon-young turn it must be use NG many times until he get what they want if lucky scripted. == sound hilarious...)