24 April 2015

Yura shows off her artistic talent on 'I Live Alone'

Osen- Naver: Yura completes Kangnam's mural

1. [461, -20] Yura has always been so energetic even during WGM. If I had a friend like her, it would be so easy to confide to her about concerns. On top of that, she's got amazing drawing skills. Men and women find her likeable. Yura, fighting!!

2. [+344, -19] Yura is so pretty. She draws quite well too..

3. [+304, -18] Daebak. She has the talent for it. It would feel honoured if I could use a skill like that to volunteer! Yura is lovely

4. [+82, -3] She's already pretty but she looks even prettier because she draws so well

5. [+84, -6] Can she draw another mural again if she comes back next week? I got healed while watching~

6. [+63, -4] Pretty, kind, cute and has lots of aegyo. Her charms are never-ending. I like her so much


Xports News -Naver

1. [+2974, -105] The show suddenly has that lovely vibe with Yura in it ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+2231, -126] Yura's so pretty...

3. [+2114, -215] It was quite obvious that Hong Jonghyun didn't really like Yura..

4. [+424, -21] Yura has a good personality

5. [+97, -4] Had no idea she's so artistic. She's already so pretty but she has impressive drawing skills too.

5. [+86, -8] Would've been more fun if she was paired with Kangnam instead of Hong Jonghyun


uhnny said...

She always has that radiant vibe whenever she's on screen. I just get a bit annoyed with the way she laughs but still, she's likable.

Joy said...

"Would've been more fun if she was paired with Kangnam instead of Hong Jonghyun"


khaleesoy said...

Omg, now I need to see that!!!