4 May 2015

2AM's Jo Kwon, Shinee's Key, VIXX Ken and B1A4's CNU to star in musical 'CHESS'

My Daily - Naver: Jo Kwon, Key, Ken and CNU confirmed to star in musical 'CHESS' 

1. [+343, -54] Although all idols, they cast the ones who are good singers. Work hard!!

2. [+281, -58] I think they're all talented

3. [+269, -82] Ki Bum-ah, work hard. I trust that you'll do well~!

4. [+203, -64] Shin Dong Woo, hwaiting:-)

5. [+49, -15] Key has a lot of musicals..

6. [+21, -5] Finally, CNU in a musical.. I'm excited!

7. [+25, -7] Lee Jae Hwan, hwaiting! He sings so well

8. [+23, -8] It doesn't really make me happy when they cast idols in musical. They might be  good singers however, those well-qualified for musicals are losing the opportunities. Idols are cast to boost ticket sales and what does that make of those aspiring musical  aspirants? I understand that idols  work hard but who doesn't work hard for their dreams. I just hope the best for those those musical actors/actresses who have been preparing since they were young. I get frustrated when I see articles like this.


Aykha_1004 said...

so happy for CNU
finnally grt to show his vocal

j2040 said...

now, all we need is for Gongchan to be released on WM's dungeon and B1A4 is all set.