7 May 2015

Abnormal Summit's Alberto, Daniel and Guillaume make JBTC their official agency

Hanguk Ilbo - Naver: [Exclusive] Alberto, Daniel and Guillaume sign contract with JTBC and its management 

1. [+7693, -79] I hope 10, 20 years from now, they remain as people who love both our country and their homelands

2. [+5989, -68] Alberto, Gerniel and Guillaume are all so charming.. I love them

3. [+5700, -510] Yeah. So much better than SM C&C

4. [+869, -21] Where can I find a man like Gerniel? He speaks so gently and the quiet type but is also a profound thinker. So charming

5. [+409, -5] Guillaume got scammed while living in Korea so I hope he earns money and buy himself a good supply of beef

Hanguk Ilbo - Nate

6. [+715, -20] Alberto still goes to work, right? He also gonna stay abroad for a long time due to 'Where is My Friend's House?' filming.

7. [+645, -11] So wise of JTBC for choosing the 3 with the nicest personalities

8. [+647, -19] My three favourite members. I wish them good luck


Pluvio said...

Alberrrto! -makes hand signals-

muramurr said...

[+647, -19] My three favourite members. I wish them good luck

yeah, they're the best

Aaerika said...

OOT but I miss Beelzebub and his 'parents'.

7hz8 said...

woahhhh cant believe actually but..goodluck for them! <3
anyway theyre filming in italy right now. cant wait to see where is my friend's home too!im curious about alberto's family. hahahhaa XD

wat said...

I wish all the best to them! This would also mean that Daniel would get casted in more JTBC variety, which is good because it's a shame that despite his popularity, he isn't getting any other lovecalls. Also, yasss to Giyom! Giyom is just too much of a dork to not love