2 May 2015

Down the memory lane: My Name is Kim Sam Soon

iMBC- Naver: <My Name is Kim Sam Soon>, that name that will make your heart flutter when you hear it again!

1. [+5068, -50] Still an amazing drama and OST even if I watch it again...

2. [+4540, -77] Will there be another drama like this? Back then, dramas used to rake in high ratings. After 'King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo', it's so hard to find a drama that gets close to 50% viewer ratings.

3. [+3647, -50] That pink piggy doll ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+3523, -63] So lucky of those who haven't seen this drama because they have yet to dive into the good stuff

5. [+634, -8] Before 'Secret Garden' hit daebak, this used to be Hyun Bin's representative work

6. [+612, -12] What the? This is already 10 years old? No freaking way~~I really enjoyed it. But looking how their clothes are so outdated really shows how time has flown by

7. [+549, -9] This and 'Coffee Prince' have been around for a long time. They are both amazing

8. [+178, -2] I was 15 at that time and I'm 25 now.  Watching it again lets me observe those details I didn't pay attention to back then

9. [+135, -1] Who could have pulled off the role of Sam Soon other than Kim Sun Ah? I hope there will be another drama like MNIKSS sometime soon

10. [+117, -3] After I finished MNIKSS, I tried to search for similar dramas. The best ones after it were 'Coffee Prince' and 'Pasta'

11. [+109, -5]  Seriously the best drama. Kim Sun Ah gave an outstanding performance and she purposely gained weight for the role. The handsome Hyun Bin used to be my ideal type at that time


blubo said...

honestly i don't really like the story line.. but kim sun ah acting was really good.. and i like jung ryeo won so much.. i found her so attractive despite she is not strikingly pretty

fairyep7 said...

But now everyone watches drama online, it's almost impossible to get 50% ratings this days. Even hitting the 10% is difficult nowadays.

muramurr said...

One of my faves. Hyun Bin looked beter backthen...

aeterna009 said...

50% is really hard or almost for a non-sageuk primetime drama. It was amazing that My name is Kim Sam Soon achieved that. Maybe because Rom-Com is so new and rare during those times so those scriptwriter and actors/actress who appeared in rom-com in mid-2000 got really popular.

aeterna009 said...

even before, it is really hard for a primetime drama to get to this kind of ratings. But yeah, I agree with you.

10% is really hard to reach. Kill Me, Heal me was so good but they only got lower teens.

Aaa8897 said...

lol many rom drama get 60% tho

aeterna009 said...

Like what rom drama was that? Weekend drama don't count because they're much different from primetims

psycho_d said...

Kyaaa!!!! My fav drama ♡♡♡
love this a lot... so funny & all the OST is great....
Hyun Bin is just so handsomeeee...
btw i still dont understand why my ultimate fav song from this drama ( Clazziquai - She Is ) always get used as background for gay kind of things??? Can someone explain to me???

Irene said...

Omg!!! I just rewatching this drama yesterday!! Its already 10 years? Thi is one of the best korean drama i ever watch. Really, the romance is usual but i laugh every episode. I always miss drama like this. Really hard to find drama like this now days.

goldenmellow said...

In what world? No, they don't Very few dramas have ever reached 60%.

goldenmellow said...

One of my favorite dramas. Hyun Bin's character seriously pissed me off so much in this. Sam Soon is love though. Such a realistic and great character.

Haeyoung said...

Hyun Bin has improved leaps and bounds since this drama and now I think he's easily amongst the top 3 actors of his generation. But I do remember MNKSS fondly. It's such a good drama and I loved both the leads together and as individuals in the end.

Rukiii said...

my favorite drama <3
Because of this drama, i bought the pink piggy doll that similiar in the drama haha XD

Aaa8897 said...

First Love
20 April 1997

What is Love
24 May 1992

6 February 1995

Hur Jun
27 June 2000

Sunny Place of Youth
12 November 1995

You and I
12 April 1998

The Son and the Daughter
21 March 1993

Taejo Wang Geon
20 May 2001

Eyes of Dawn
6 February 1992

Dae Jang Geum
23 March 2004

goldenmellow said...

Yeah, thanks for confirming what I said...

noNama said...

I must be one of the very few who don't really like this drama. Never had the urge to re-watch or even reminisce it LOL.

odskr said...

[+117, -3] After I finished MNIKSS, I tried to search for similar dramas. The best ones after it were 'Coffee Prince' and 'Pasta'

could't agree more . CP and Pasta are great work which on par with MNIKSS

Aaa8897 said...

yeah but i said rom drama

Chanana said...

I am still curious what Sam Soon means that she wants to change it so bad...

goldenmellow said...

and you are still wrong so stop lol

aiwan1020 said...

My favorite drama eveeeer. ♥ And this drama is the reason why I took HRIM (no Culinary Arts in my univ) for college. ♥

aiwan1020 said...

Sam Soon sounds really old (I think that's her main reason), and from what I remember, Sam means 3 (in korean) and Soon is like a suffix for a "miss" in Korea. I think it means 30y/o miss? Or something like that