2 May 2015

Ha Ji Won's morning selca

tv Report - Nate: Ha Ji Won's cute morning selfie

1. [+186, -13] That pose.... is so 10 years ago

2. [+71, -32] Ha Ji Won is known for her angel-like qualities like Han Ji Min. When they do overnight shootings, she never fails to smile and is always caring toward the staff. A new staff member kept making mistakes because a famous celebrity is staying all night for filming so the mood turned a bit sour but Ha Ji Won approached the staff with a smile and told her to rest if she needs to because she knew she's still in a learning phase. She's got superb professionalism and she almost doesn't require a stunt double. This is why a lot of actors she worked with choose her as their ideal type and veteran stars always praise her. She also does a lot of community service

3. [+41, -21] Sorry but this is gonna sound cheesy.... That pose doesn't do anything to hide her beauty

4. [+15, -10] 38 years old. She looks so young

5. [+10, -6] No matter how young she looks, she should  consider her age before doing a pose

6. [+11, -6] Cringe ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+5, -7] Isn't she practically an ahjumma now?


noNama said...

Kids, one day you will turn into an ajumma too. We'll see then whether you'll turn into a pretty ajumma like Ha Jiwon.

a said...

I dont think they're making fun of her being an ahjumma, but more like "an ahjumma behaving childish"..

noNama said...

It's not a sin for an older woman to behave like that. It's her personality, so they should just let her be.

mine said...

[+11, -6] Cringe ㅋㅋㅋ

[+10, -6] No matter how young she looks, she should consider her age before doing a pose

who the hell are you to decide something like that. i find these comments ridiculous and i'm not even her fan.

a said...

And is it a sin for those people to comment that way? It might be not sensitively correct, but the rule in the internet "you post something to public, it means u want people to comment". Fullstop.

noNama said...

Then is it a sin for me to state my opinion here? LOL. Sure. Let's agree to disagree then. Ta.

Stormrox said...

damn her wae is she such a gooddess???

isur said...

This ajumma looks 10x younger than the uglies typing behind their screens

Shalala said...

I CANNOT believe she is 38! I wonder what kind of skin/health maintenance she does. Please share Jiwon unnie~