15 May 2015

Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon break up

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Joon admit to breaking up... Ending their 10-year relationship

1. [+133, -6] There are couples who break up after having been in  relationships for 7~8 years whereas others get married after 3 months of dating. Such different destinies....

2. [+101, -10] Heol.. I thought they would get married..

3. [+81, -12] Talk about random

4. [+68, -11] Daebak..Break up after 10 years. It's no different than getting a divorce

5. [+31, -5] One Sugar member takes a Yong Joon and another Sugar member is leaving a Yong Joon

6. [+27, -7] Same Yong Joon, different conclusions

Yonhap News - Naver: 

1. [+2678, -18] Two Yong Joons, different destinies

2. [+1901, -21] They spent their 20s as lovers and break up by the time they turned 30

3. [+1741, -18] They dated for a long time and suddenly broke... I wonder how that feels

4. [+456, -10] Stop hating them. If they dated for 10 years and break up, can't really blame anyone. They're probably not each other's destinies

5. [+237, -9] What the?  ㅋㅋㅋOne couple announces their marriage while another announces their break up

6. [+91, -5] During Kill Me, Heal Me's presscon, she said that he didn't call her after they argued ㅠㅜFind a better man unni


justtttt said...

They have been dating for a long time. I thought they were gonna get married :(

Sataeng said...

Damn, 10 years' a long ass time & I liked them on WGM! Well, they're still young so I hope they find happiness!

lyra2015 said...

wonder for minho-suzy

blubo said...

whuttt..... i thought they would get married... i remember read her interview how she said she didnt know whom she would get married but most probably kim yong joon..

"she said that he didn't call her after they argued ㅠㅜ" kim yong joon get jealous and sulky so easily.. it looks like he still not change since i saw him in wgm..

HJK said...

what happens today? marriage, dating and break-up, all get news in the same day

kimdeyya said...

Suzy will marry me :D

khaleesoy said...

holy shit, wow. i hope this is temporary.

Junichyung said...

I remember one interview asking her "Do you want to be paired up again with Ji Sung?" She happily said, "Yes. Maybe, after I got married."