2 May 2015

Idols in the same photos as their look-alikes

Instiz: Idol look-alikes that will give you goosebumps

Shinee Onew - Lee Won Geun 

Lady Jane -  Girl's Day Sojin 

Big Bang Daesung - K. Will 

After School Raina - Yewon 

EXO D.O - Kim Hyang Gi 

B1A4 Gongchan - Hyun Woo 

Shinee Jonghyun - f(x) Amber 

f(x) Luna - Ailee 

EXO Kai - Shinee Taemin 

Girl's Day Minah - A Pink Eunji 

BtoB Yook Sung Jae - VIXX N 

Mamamoo Moon Byul - BtoB Minhyuk 

Block B Zico - Winner Kang Seung Yeon 

EXO Baekhyun - Bangtan Boys V 

Speed Woo Taewoon - Block B Park Kyung 

B1A4 Baro - Winner Song Minho 

Kim Yoo Jung - Red Velvet Joy 


sleepyneve said...

The Kim Hyang Gi and DO one! I thought DO looked really familiar. Now I know why.

asdfghjkl said...

woah some of them who is who? lol

☆Shawol☆ said...

Why do ppl still say Kai and Taemin look alike lol I don't see it tbh

anakita said...

Neither do I but people still insist.
They think matching coloured clothes, hairstyles and poses = twins. lmao

ann said...

when EXO still not famous, I was also think that he look alike Taemin,,,

Snowietiger said...

cos they were doing a photoshoot tgt and the makeup artists was the same for both -> they look alike!! But in reality of course they don't look alike, some of these "liknesses" are stretched..

Lily said...

lol the Kim Hyang Gi/D.O. one, she looks like his twin sister for real.

Cendy Hdvn said...

I wonder what happen if Sohee & Xiumin take a selca together :v :v :v

ARI-YA said...

& Lee Joon and Jinyoung(B1A4)
I think they look alike or atleast like brothers. lol

♡can u not♡ said...

yeah they dont look alike at all tbh

Sandy Claws said...

Jungshin and Joo Hyuk too

ANGIE said...


기라나 said...

woah lee jinki and lee won geun! just add song joongki and that would be perfect