7 May 2015

Jaejoong's army updates

Ten Asia - Nate: Kim Jae Joong attends basic training completion ceremony held on May 7th...Assigned to serve in 55th Bonghwa Division

1. [+404, -38] Serve well and be safe during your enlistment~

2. [+411, -49] So handsome. He got an award too

3. [+383, -56] His body looks greatㅠㅠ He looks like he's just filming an army movie ㅋㅋㅋㅋStill so handsome even if he's in the army ㅠㅠ

4. [+44, -1] Please take care of your health while in the army, always be safe then make a comeback~ I can't wait for you to release an album, have a concert and film a drama soon

5. [+26, -3] Waiting for December 30th 2016.. But male celebrities complete their service so quick. Yoo Seung Ho, for example, it has been 5 months since he got discharged while Song Joong Ki completes his service this month.. Jaejoong is doing well in the army right now. Be strong!!


-Wow.. He's so handsome

-Has it been 5 weeks already?? Daebak. Time sure flies

-Clicked on this right in time as I'm listening to TVXQ songs. So nostalgic.. These songs are already 9 years old

-He's glowing

-Please be safe. That's the most important thing


Anonymous said...

Enlist at the age of 30 but he achieves so much.
Fans of other celebrities just hope that their stars don't cause a fuss while serving. But Jaejoong makes us proud because he is doing way better than he has to. They are super idols for a reason. The work ethics are really worth followed.

NSY said...

He makes us fans so proud~ He always takes everythings seriously.
Always doing his best.
Private Kim Jaejoong stay healthy~

Sandy Claws said...

He is doing so well and he looks really good!! ...Like really damn good lol

Shalala said...

I hope Jaejoong doesn't disappoint his fans by pulling a "Se7en" in the army >___<

placeforu said...

he looks so good even in army outfit. He's really glowing. Serve well and make a comeback, fans are not going anywhere.

Cassie said...

Jaejoong is king. Both in and out of military. :D. ♥♥♥

wvci said...

Isn't he still 29yrs old