3 May 2015

Jung Ryeo Won snaps a photo with Kristen Stewart

Osen - Naver: Kristen Stewart and Ryeo Won's proof shot "We are close" 

1. [+3134, -83] Kristen Stewart looks like a handsome man..

2. [+2451, -85] She'd be a perfect person if she didn't cheat

3. [+1163, -32] This was totally unexpected..

4. [+448, -11] Wow. Kristen is so pretty. I thought the one on the left was Shinee's Taemin

5. [+177, -6] Unni... Please grow out your hair again

6. [+164, -6] What's more important here is.. Kristen is wearing hanbok!!!

7. [+114, -5] Too bad for her. If she didn't cheat, she would be married with Robert Pattinson and living a good life right now

The Fact - Nate

1. [+114, -4] Doesn't seem the type who would smoke once a day or two

2. [+80, -6] Look at that cig

3. [+17, -8] These people commenting about her legs and proportions. Can you really see it clearly in the pics?

4. [+15, -3] She has a pretty face but doesn't look after herself well... If that's how you're gonna manage your face it, just give it to me

5. [+14, -2] So what if she smokes? It's not like she committed a crime or something

6. [+8, -1] Our country's sick obsession with face size and proportion

7. [+8, -1] I developed a keen interest in the unknown Kristen Stewart when she appeared with Sean Penn in 'Into the Wild'. But I started to look at her differently when she got more famous

8. [+6, -7] Look how small her face is

9. [+4, 0] Korean celebrities and idols all smoke. Aigoo, you people are too naive


Stormrox said...

KS is pretty bt at the same time basic

tin said...

Ryeo Won Unnie, please go back to dramaland. I miss you!!!!

Alisson said...

"[+4, 0] Korean celebrities and idols all smoke. Aigoo, you people are too naive"


Lily said...

Wow that's so random...

Aaerika said...

Sorry, K-netz. Her 'relationship' with Pattinson was a scam.

Babo said...

Not only did she cheat, but she cheated with a married man with a kid. She even knew his wife. Scum.

Haeyoung said...

Lol this feels so random. After KS's cheating scandal, I stopped being neutral on her - instead I just dislike her now. Absolutely hate cheaters!

This is also random but Kkuljaem, if you get a chance, could you translate the comments on KTH's comments on his daughter and Rain? Just curious what knetz think :p

meowpooff said...

but some korean boo deny this . even ahjumma and ahjussi fans . so what with smoker those celebrities are adult.