15 May 2015

Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon's Ceci photoshoot

My Daily - Nate: 'We are hot right now' ... Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon reveal their daring photoshoot 

1. [+163, -18] Heol. Jong Hyun looks totally handsome in these photos. He's got the actor feel

2. [+126, -19] These two match so well. Lucky Lee Jong Hyun. Gong Seung Yeon is really pretty^^

3. [+77, -9]  Wow. They look so natural together. Jong Hyun, why do you look so handsome?

4. [+20, -1] In WGM, you can tell that Jong Hyun really likes her

5. [+12, -2] They match well. Jong Hyun is bursting with charms

6. [+12, -3] Most romantic couple in WGM~

7. [+8, -8] So what if he's handsome? He can't act. You know what I mean if you've watched 'Gentleman's Dignity'

8. [+7, -10] Yeah he's handsome but in 'Gentleman's Dignity' he was a scentless flower and his expressions weren't strong enough


mia said...

Netizens please watch orange marmalade, you can see how much his acting has improved

Miauw said...

But he did better in Orange Marmalade..

ShilohB said...

LAWD!! ..... he is soooo.... handsome.. 😍😍😍😍😍

loirichi said...

those guys havent watch Orange Marmalade

Lee Jonghyun eunng~

shiro 白 said...

He's so handsome 😭😭😭

Mars_in_blue said...

Handsome! Plus he's doing a great job in Orange Marmalade!

Sandy Claws said...

Why are they bringing up his acting though when he is foremost a musician and a really talented one at that. And if they do want to bring up his acting, he seems to be doing good in OM.. Give him a chance jeez.. lol

aeterna009 said...

I like the last photo.. so hot.

skeletoninurcloset said...

I like him in Orange Marmalade. But i felt my heart constrict knowing the heartache he will suffer in the upcoming love triangle. I had to watch him on WGM with Gong Seung Yeon after that, telling myself the boy has his own happy ending outside of the drama,.....as far as 'reality' goes. lol

dhenna said...

that a~ng!! Seungyeon really likes that,.and he knows that he looks good doing that,.