14 May 2015

Lee Yi Kyung and Park Bo Geum auditioned for 'Reply 1988' + Han Groo as the female lead?

tv Report - Naver: Lee Yi Kyung's reps "He has auditioned for Reply 1988, waits for confirmation"

1. [+3901, -200] I personally like Lee Yi Kyung. It's not a bad idea to give him the chance to try it!

2. [+3876, -176] Stop saying who should and who shouldn't be cast.. The decision is still under the control of the director

3. [+2584, -89] Hwaiting~~!! I liked him ever since 'School 2013'. I hope everything goes well

4. [+282, -55] Nobody's mentioning his DUI scandal

5. [+255, -35] Is he the one who got caught drunk driving? He's from a rich family  so the scandal got buried quickly and he's able to get back to his acting activities

6. [+76, -14] He somewhat fits the 'Reply' series style

7. [+58, -2] He played Lee Jae Kyung's secretary in 'You Who Came From the Stars'!

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Will Park Bo Geum join 'Reply 1988'?

1. [+168, -11] Heol. Park Bo Geum is jjang  ㅠㅠ I hope you get cast and show us a good side of you!!

2. [+198, -45] Is Hyeri confirmed? If she is, then I don't wanna watch... Dohee had the acting talent but Hyeri's acting sucks..

3. [+119, -11] So handsome even from a man's perspective..

4. [+83, -7] I'm excited to see Park Bo Geum! He'll do well!

5. [+22, -3] Heol ㅠㅠㅠPark Bo Geum!!!! Yeah, don't cast idols but give the opportunity to rookie actors like him!

6. [+10, -1] I hope you get a role.. I wanna see you in more dramas~^^

MBN - Naver: Han Groo, in talks as the female lead for 'Reply 1988' 

1. [+3494, -174] So much better than Hyeri

2. [+2709, -151] Better choice than Hyeri ㅋㅋ

3. [+2280, -139] Ooo! I like Han Groo~~

4. [+276, -31] She's like the Jeon Ji Hyun of cable.. I think she'll get the role as she's quite in-demand among casting directors

5. [+214, -20] Yes to Han Groo!! I totally love her acting style!!

Xports News - Naver: Reply 1988 reps, "Han Groo hasn't been offered a role. We will be revealing the cast soon" 

1. [+2240, -287] But Han Groo would've been nice though ㅠㅠ

2. [+1820, -247] Han Groo would have been awesome in the role!

3. [+1084, -47] Journalists, write facts only. Stop making us all confused

4. [+648, -414] Han Groo and the 'Reply' series don't match. Please pick someone who's refreshing and acts well

5. [+120, -20] Just when I thought we found the right female lead


IAmNotJapanese said...

4TH ARTICLE : why you gotta end my happiness that fast LOL

anon said...

Honestly speaking I really hope they manage to nail the casting. The Reply series (specifically 1994) aired when I was going through a particularly rough time in my life and the only source of comfort I had twice a week was when new episodes would come out. I will watch the first few episodes regardless of the cast out of loyalty but I sincerely hope that actors like the ones mentioned in the article or ones of the same caliber are given the roles.
People responsible for casting I place my trust in you~ plz don't mess this up

ditaalvina said...

Can you translate article about baek ah yeon comeback or kpopstar Lily M joined jyp ??^^ thanks

tuchoong13 said...

Xports News - Naver: Reply 1988 reps, "Han Groo hasn't been offered a role. We will be revealing the cast soon"

Then quickly offer the role to her dang it!!

Skylar said...

Cool~ please use rookies!!!!! No Hyeri, please, no!! Park Bo Geum was fantastic in Cantabile!!! Please cast him!!!

glowryBees said...

Han Groo!! desperately to see her in another drama.. please a reunion with Park Seojoon.. =)

Honestly said...

Replay's female leads always shine because they fit their roles perfectly.
If Eunji had acting experience as little as Hyeri's (as in exsisting but not enough to judge on) before Replay 1997, I bet my won ppl would've said her acting is not lead material or that she's not ready for lead.

ArielLM13 said...

I hope Hyeri gets the lead.

HJK said...

Reply 1988 is doing so much media-play this time. I dont have good feeling about this. Last time with R97 and R94, we did not get any casting news like "auditing the role" or "getting the offer." All we get are final news who will be the leads. Too much hypes, too much expectation, bigger chance to fail

luna326 said...

Wow, they're actually nice to Han Groo in these articles. Didn't they deny her the lead role for The Scholar Who Walks the Night?

♠ EEYORE ♠ said...


Linnea said...

I want Park Bo Geum as the male lead. He's such a cutie w an amazing acting skill *thumb up*

Melalia said...

3. [+1084, -47] Journalists, write facts only. Stop making us all confused

_엑소-L said...

aww I wanted HanGroo in reply 1988

haha said...

it's cable... vs big 3 chanels

Lily said...

So you want her to stink up a Reply drama just so you can watch "haters seethe"?

What a sad person you are.

ArielLM13 said...

Naw, I feel pretty good about myself.

Alien Do Minjoon said...

But.. But... Han Groo can act well...

h8her said...

anyone doesnt matter, just find someone who can act and fits the character