9 May 2015

List of JYP rejects

Instiz: Idols who didn't catch JYP's eyes

-Yoon Doo Joon, Lee Ki Kwang, Yang Yo Seob, Son Dong Woon (B2ST)
-Jaehyo (Block B)
-Hyuna, Kwon So Hyun (4Minute)
-Song Ji Eun, Han Sun Hwa (Secret)
-Hyorin (Sistar)
-Raina (After School)
-Youngjae (BAP)
-Hani, Junghwa (EXID)
-Choa (AOA)
-Yoon Bomi, Park Chorong, Son Naeun (Apink)
-CL (2NE1)
-Goo Hara (Kara)
-Yuji (Bestie)
-Soohyun (UKISS)
-Eunkyo (F-ve Dolls)

-JYP.... How could you.....

-I wonder what kind of style IU would have if she's in JYP right now

-Song Ji Eun, Hyorin, IU, CL..

-Infinite's Hoya is also a reject!

-They haven't debuted yet but iKON's Goo Junhoe and Kim Dong Hyuk too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-The 4 B2ST members though..

-So many of them

-JYPE has its own distinctive style so these idols wouldn't be able to experience much development as they are right now if they were originally in JYP


MissA/Got7/Jypnation said...

Jyp only regrets letting go of IU and CL.....

silvermaoh said...

Youngjae even won one of JYP auditions but I am glad he left bc he was able to debut in BAP

Rin said...

Once again. JYP and their infamous rejected trainers story

reekayui said...

Doojoon got rejected by JYP a month before JYP decided to debut 2pm and 2am. He also appeared on 2pm and 2am documentary. I'm still remember, during that time the directors told Doojoon he is not from JYP anymore maybe because of vocal and talent. But, now he is B2ST Leader! Thanks to JYP. Now, i am B2UTY :)

KkulJaem꿀잼 said...

Fixed. Thanks:)

Fion Jess said...

Hyuna was not rejected. She just left Wonder girls and JYP.

Hana3003 said...

Kikwang & Doojoon were not rejected but they left JYP for Cube.

commedesfuckdown said...

CL was in JYP but she wanted YG so she auditioned specifically for YHS to get in. She didn't get rejected or anything lol

Guest said...

LOL it's funny since you're using his DP. But Isn't he recently said IU wasn't fit in JYP, I think he's right and it's for the better. I don't think CL fit JYP too. JYP said he choose not based on talents or looks, He said it's based on their personality. I honestly think JYP already have too much trainees or artist in his hands so he can't manage or accept all of them. It's honestly for the better

gwiyongmi said...

this is Yosoonie hahaha lol. Jk

anakita said...

Can't imagine cl being happy in jyp.
At least she can do what she wants in yg.

MissA/Got7/Jypnation said...

Trainees also need to maintain their grades well at school......Well i personally think both IU and CL didn't fit in JYP but JYP only regrets letting go of IU and CL.....The rest is just simply got kicked out......Got kicked out of JYP's Trainee Program, is it something to proud, why are many JYP's ex trainees keep on talking about it on air????

Guest said...

Did he said that? He regretted about IU and CL?

I think for most of them, they never talk about it, fans/reporter found out about it. I like Apink but I don't even know that Bomi and Naeun also audition there, they never talk about it, Only know about Chorong coz her audition video got leaked but then again Cube and JYP trainees are overlap coz Cube CEO was from JYP and he took some of JYP trainees with him.

People got curious on how idol got casted like Gain and Suzy rejection
story before their debut. Also some share their before debut story to inspired others to never give up because it was a low point in their life and they now have overcome it.

Though I also see some use it to also brag and mediaplay, I think they're expecting JYP to regret it or something lol.

Lily said...

Same here. Our bias group was only formed because of these rejections, I would not like Doojoon or Yoseob so much if they were stuck with JYP style. They get more opportunities under Cube, it's better for them.

Nova_REMIX said...

CL was not rejected. She wasn't even a trainee. She just went to the dance school.

Ki G said...

yes he regrets letting of IU here the links: My heart breaks every time I see IU,” JYP said in an interview with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” on Feb. 12th.
“I’m going to find the person who rejected IU from our audition and
penalize him,” JYP jokingly said, adding he tries to avoid eye contact
whenever their eyes meet


negredo said...

T-ARA Hyomin too.

disqus_ZArIn7EWjT said...

EXO Xiumin