10 May 2015

Park Ji Bin snaps a photo with Go Ara

Xports  News - Naver: Go Ara attends wedding of Park Ji Bin's noona, 'Like real siblings' 

1. [+3012, -47] Examples of child stars who grew up well. I hope you two show us good acting  and continue to be well-behaved

2. [+2863, -66] He's turning to be the 2nd Yoo Seung Ho. He was so cute in Yisan and it feels like it was just yesterday that I wished I had a son like him but he's already at that age to enlist in the army. Time flies

3. [+1988, -214] Only his body grew. His face stayed the same

4. [+354, -6] His child star image is still  strong and it's kinda sad that he didn't get much popularity. Serve well and come back a grown and well-respected man

5. [+258, -8] Wow. Park Ji Bin was just a little kid during 'Boys Over Flowers'!! He's all grown up now

6. [+167, -7] Go Ara is a goddess and Park Ji Bin is handsome. His enlistment is just around the corner. Serve well and do lots of projects when you get discharged.

7. [+160, -6] Ji Bin has a baby faceㅋㅋㅋ..ㅠㅠ He's already 21.. I would believe if someone says he's a high school student


pot said...

wtf he is already 21?

surfinthesasslife said...

His angle and jaw game is better than mine. And those cheekbones..... 😌

aeterna009 said...

Enlisting in active duty at your early twenties really earned a lot of points to knetizens. It is also a good thing for him to enlist now so he can fully take advantage of having adult roles when he comes back, 1987-1990 actors is still serving during that time.

Shalala said...

Are normal korean citizens forced to serve in active duty? Is that why netizens get so bitter when a celeb chooses non active duty? Because if given the choice, i feel like most people would want to have an easier time during their military service and NOT pick active duty.

rose rosee said...

serving in active duty is a must however if the person is sick or unable to do active duty for various of reasonable cirmustances then he gets to serve as public duty . But knet believe that most public duty celebraties are getting special treatment and avoiding active duty serves without a solid reason as most of them are seen dancing freely on stage and their sickness is only revelead before their enlistment.
I might be wrong but this is what I have understood regarding this issue

aeterna009 said...

Yes, most korean males are forced to serve in active duty before 25 years old. Even having a minor back problem is not an excuse to evade active duty. That is why they are so bitter, because most male celebrity get away with it by enlisting in public service and celebrity unit (before it got abolished) when they're healthy as bull.. lol.. just look at the respect Yoo Seung Ho is getting by enlisting at young age in active duty.

Shalala said...

Thank you for explaining :)

Shalala said...

Thanks for enlightening me :P

baechu said...

a good example is song joong ki, he enlisted during his prime while lee kwang soo (both in running man) did it before he got popular so now that he's getting famous, he doesn't have to go ^^