7 May 2015

Real life ages of the high-schoolers in 'Who Are You-School 2015'

Instiz:  Order of ages of the principal characters in 'School 2015'

Lee Cho Hee (27 yo)

Kim Hee Jung (24 yo) 

Nam Joo Hyuk (22 yo) 

 David Lee (22 yo)

 Yook Sung Jae (21 yo)

 Kim Bo Ra (21 yo)

Kim So Hyun (17 yo) 

-There's a 10 year age gap between So Hyun and Cho Hee

-Heol. Lee Cho Hee is 27? I thought she's only 20

-Is Yook Sung Jae a former child actor? He acts so well 

-I'm loving Nam Joo Hyuk and Yoo Sung Jae in this drama. Kim So Hyun is so pretty. Everyone's acting is really good

-Her short hair makes her look young 

-Lee Cho Hee was also in 'Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team' 


Cindy said...

WHAT! She is freaking 27 year old? Omg.

Thanks kkuljaem for posting drama news!! And actors news too.

Cindy said...

Wait... this is their korean age. KSH has 15 year old~

ceoyoung said...

KSH turns 16 this year, means she's 17 in Korean age I think

anonymous said...

Live this drama! Everyone fits their roles really well and really appreciate the good acting of Kim So Hyun and Sungjae.

Sandy Claws said...

I haven't started this yet but seeing the good comments I might start to... People were so critical of the casting at first but looks like they are doing well.

Guest said...

Yess thank you, kkuljaem!

yourname said...

Thank you kkuljaem! I love this drama so much, hope u will transalate about school2015 more often :D

Haeyoung said...

NJH looks a lot younger than his age. Or maybe I think that way because he matches KSH so well. So shocked about LCH! How can she look 20 when she's 7 years older?!

guesswho said...

"Is Yook Sung Jae a former child actor? He acts so well"

awwwww maknae makes me really proud of him <3

bbbb said...

LOL @CubeRoaches praising Poop Sungjae. He is just a poop in this drama with his utter horrible horrible acting.

red said...

-Lee Cho Hee was also in 'Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team'

and in 'Maids' too