29 May 2015

[Spoilers] Ex-gf Club Ep 7, My Love Eundong Ep 1, Producer Ep 5 , Orange Marmalade Ep 4

Ex-Girlfriend Club Ep 7

Osen - Naver: 'Ex-Girlfriend Club' Only Song Ji Hyo doesn't know about Byun Yo Han's true feelings

1. [+1998, -21] Felt sad for Byun Yo Han today. I wanna see them more honest about their feelings. Is that a confession in the preview? I can't wait for tomorrow

2. [+1373, -17] Byun Yo Han's gaze gave me butterflies

3. [+99, -2] Soo Jin is probably confused. She thinks they're friends but then he started liking her. Today's episode was kinda sad

4. [+90, -10] This drama is so fun but what's happening with the ratings? It's still a mystery to me...

5. [+73, 0] Watching as if they're couples you'd normally see in real life. It's heartbreaking, then it's heart fluttering and compassionate.  The background songs are so nice. One hour went by in a flash. So relieved that tomorrow is Saturday

6. [+69, 0] The way relationship is portrayed in this drama is realistic. I really hope the two sort it out soon

7. [+46, 0] This drama always makes me think of my ex-girlfriend

8. [+45, -3] I don't understand why the ratings are so low. It might be because the first two episodes weren't so good. But after that, everything gets better

My Love Eundong Ep 1 

My Daily - Naver: 'Eundong' pilot, a story of remembering the  memories of first love 

1. [+810, -29] The male actor's face is a mix of Kim Soo Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho

2. [+688, -19] Well-made drama that makes me focus as if it's a a movie. Joo Jin Mo's child actor is so handsome

3. [+176, -5] The young male actor is neatly handsomeㅋㅋ I like the feel of this drama

4. [+166, 0] More fun that I thought. Watch and you won't regret. The child actors are so good. Idol or not, there's nothing awkward about the acting. I thought he was a rookie actor. I was feeling empty after 'Falling for Innocence' ended but I've got something to watch now

5. [+162, -2] So surprised by Jr, the teenage Hyunsoo. He's so handsome but he looks tidy and full of charms too. I didn't know his acting was this good. I cried when he cried. I hope there are more scenes of him. Jr., hwaiting~!!!

6. [+143, -2] He really looks like a mix of Kim Soo Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho. I would totally wanna see him play a brother of one of those two

tv Report - Naver: 'My Love Eundong', Summer of 1995, the start of a delicate first love

1. [+392, -11] A rediscovery of Jr.

2. [+322, -10] The child actors are good at acting

3. [+258, -11] This drama is amazing

4. [+74, -4] This drama is good... It somewhat has a soft and warm vibe

5. [+63, -1] I'm pretty sure Jr. will get recognized through this

6. [+59, 0] He seems more like a rookie actor more than idol. I'm not exaggerating when I say he's amazing at acting. That gaze and tone of voice aren't ordinary.

Orange Marmalade Ep 4

Xports News- Naver: 'Orange Marmalade' Yeo Jin Goo finds out that Lee Jong Hyun is a vampire

1. [+2778, -98] Just looking at the visuals, Lee Jong Hyun's casting is the most fitting oneㅋㅋㅋ Yeo Jin Goo and Seolhyun look kinda bulky

2. [+1534, -47] Dear female lead, please think of Shi Hoo too. He's the most pitiful one

3. [+801, -26]  Poor Shi Hoo

4. [+178, -8] Lee Jong Hyun has the visuals of a vampire

5. [+149, -13] Lee Jong Hyun's facial expressions gave me goosebumps

6. [+138, -30] Despite being an idol, Lee Jong Hyun doesn't have any acting controversies. He's doing a good job

7. [+137, -3] Wait. What's with the sageuk story? I need clarifications

7. [+104, -5] What? Is Shi Hoo dead?

8. [+78, -8] Is Shi Hoo dead?

9. [+74, -8] I watch this drama for Lee Jong Hyun but is this the end of his part?

10. [+76, -18] I'm looking forward to the sageuk story next week

11. [+52, -5] Although he doesn't match the original character, Yeo Jin Goo's acting is daebak... I'm 24 but I call him an oppa.... ㅠㅠ

Producer Ep 5

Osen- Naver: 'Producer' Kim Soo Hyun tells Gong Hyo Jin "You can talk to me if you're having a hard time"

1. [+3930, -92] Well said.. about the editing

2. [+3104, -104] Serious-looking Kim Soo Hyun in this scene gave me a heart attack....

3. [+2696, -104] Ahㅠㅠㅠ Kim Soo Hyun

4. [+2798, -419] I look forward to the Kim Soo Hyun-Gong Hyo Jin couple

5. [+673, -16] What Cha Tae Hyun said about editing... That it is all about giving up. If you get greedy, you might lose everything

6. [+661, -83] Kim Soo Hyun - Gong Hyo Jin couple makes my heart flutter the most

7. [+547, -22] This drama is so goodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seung Chan likes Ye Jin

Xports News- Naver: 'Producer' Kim Soo Hyun leaves IU in the rain to protect the camera

1. [+1834, -51]ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ What a twist. Baek Seung Chan, this cutie

2. [+1124, -44] ㅋㅋㅋBurst out laughing when he ran to protect the camera ㅋㅋㅋBaek Seung Chan is so charming

3. [+273, -13] The maknae writer at Gong Hyo Jin's Team pisses me off

4. [+191, -54] IU suits this kind of moody role

5. [+170, -34] The rumours about miss A's bullying must be true

6. [+121, -16] Sarcastic IUㅋㅋ "I didn't recognize you because you don't have makeup on"ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+69, -3] That makes sense though. If it rains at a filming site, protecting the cameras first is an act of professionalism. No matter how famous a celebrity is, it is the cameras that should be protected first and foremost


okaybyee said...

Yay JR my baby is not only good in singing but in acting too! :)

KSW said...

Poor Cindy. She's so lonely I can't help but think that's what she goes through irl. And LOL I'm loving the comedy in Producers.

Haeyoung said...

Pwahahaha Baek Seung Chan, this kiddo. I burst out laughing when he undercut such a romantic/gorgeous scene to protect the camera. He's such an adorable character <3

Not really sure I'm loving the Seung Chan - Ye Jin pairing tbh, because Cindy and Seung Chan were so charming last week. But KSH can have chemistry with a tree so I'll wait and judge after seeing the ep. It would be nice if we don't have triangles/quadrangles tho, just sayin'

Cammie said...

I'm team umbrella, but I'm not so confident if we keep getting SC+YJ. KSH-GHJ are after all the bigger stars/"main leads" or something like that. Maybe the knetz will aggressively push for this pairing. /le sigh

annie said...

lol where did that idiot feel like they were portraying miss A... it's a fictional story, chill.

mia said...

kkuljaem can you help translate comments from this article about Orange Marmalade as well?


Samira said...

Not currently watching producer but what odds it have to do with Miss A's rumors???

jungkooknoona said...

I love byun yo han and byun yo han is love !

nnnneil0929 said...

EGC is ♥

Sillage said...

I think Yeo Jingoo needs to cut his "teen heart throb actor" aspirations. He did better in the film industry as an actor that excells in his works and is publicly popular (as a result of the work not the other way around -as in he chose scripts based on acting experience and character depth). I understand the chinese venture might have upset him but choosing Orange marmalade was a mistake, he should have relaized when your not even physically fitying for the character. Had this been an oeiginal script he might have cut on that loss.

ArielLM13 said...

Cindy isnt very likable though. In real life IU has friends because shes nice. I understand even mean people have feelings but you cant come at people the way cindy does and then expect people to want to hang with you.

shannobi said...

Am I the only one that can't see Jonghyun as a greatgreat actor? They're praising him so much in the comments but as a person who 1. Doesn't read the orange marmalade story and 2. Just watched based on acting not visuals, the actor that plays Jaemin blows him away w his acting. O_o

I think I am the only one. Shi hoo's acting is so plain next to Jaemin's emotions.

shannobi said...

I don't think it compromised the quality of his work. If he can act well in any circumstance/scenario provided to him, such as this drama, he is a true actor.

Lily said...

I don't think he or the female lead is that good, they look ok but really lacking next to Yeo Jin Gu (kid who plays Jaemin)

KSW said...

Cindy seems cold and rude on the outside but that's because she's been in the industry ever since she was young. She's jaded and mentally affected by her work environment that she learned to put her guard up around everyone she knows.

Sillage said...

To believe that acting alone can determine a project's quality is ridiculous nor would we then have the reality of flopping projects with prominent actors. In the general sense of course.

atrociouscheese said...

I think it's since Yeo Jin Goo is a really good actor that Seolhyun and Jonghyun pale in comparison. Jonghyun really suits the character he plays though (I've read the webtoon, although the drama doesn't seem like it wants to follow the webtoon anymore LOL)

Cotton21 said...

I wish that the ending is...no one pairs... it is good for all.. esp the Fans who shipping harder.. But I'm still Hoping that the end will be Joon mo and Ye jin. Now joon mo realize that he inlove to yejin T.T

kar said...

Cindy (played by IU) is a part of girl group (she's the maknae) but she's the only one who got popular and basically the other members were pissed about this. I don't take this seriously and I do think neither are they. Even JYP cameo so it's not a big deal.

Protagonist said...

And his personality gives me life


Sidney said...

It's probably because you don't read the story. He's not a great actor, but the character matches him to a T. Like literally perfectly made for him. The way he acts and the way he looks, so he really doesn't have to do great acting to pull it off.YJG is slightly different from the male lead, but he's an awesome actor.

mia said...

you can't compare Jonghyun with a solid actor like Yeo Jin Goo
Jonghyun plays his part and carry his character even though he's not the best actor ( guy got just some minor acting experience before hand)
i think Jonghyun emotes well, of course he'll need to improve more, but at this rate he was much better than before

lolollollllll said...


Is that historical whatever they've got going on in the preview not in the webtoon? O_O

Junichyung said...

I love both Ex Girlfriend Club and The Producers! I'm enjoying the characters and the way both story were executed. :)

ARI-YA said...

I think seungchan has chemistry with both ladies. But I think I ship umbrella couple more because they seem so fresh and sweet. Seungchan and yejin as of now are a bit sibling-like for me to ship romantically. Besides yejin and joonmo belong to each other. Its obvious that they gravitate towards one another and just needed a push. That epilogue at the end made me feel for joonmo really. I can somehow relate. Because sometimes you just can't have the best of both worlds. Its either love relationship and a friendship. & you always tend to choose the safest route which is friendship. Going for a relationship is a huge risk because with a single misstep it might destroy the whole friendship you have built for many many years. So I totally get him.

mine said...

kim so hyun and gong hyo gin ,please please please make that happen.

JLy said...

Well said!

yeona11 said...

i really like "My Love Eundong" ....yes Jr. really good in acting.. the crying scene in ep.2 was the best...

ArielLM13 said...

I understand that but that still doesn't give her a pass to be a jerk. She can be a jerk but then everyone else has every right to not want to deal with her or socialize with her on a deeper level. In life, you live by the decisions you make. She may have an understandable reason to be the way she is but others still aren't gonna want to put up with that.

I thought to myself when Cindy looked solemnly out the window towards the trio, "maybe if Cindy had been nice to Yejin then Yejin might have tried to invite her along for more drinks".

ArielLM13 said...

I can't say anything about how she got to how she is. The same water that softens a potato, hardens an egg. The person ultimately makes all of the difference. Maybe she will develop later on but right now, as long as she continues to be the way she is, I'm going to expect her to stay lonely and closed off. Lack of social skills doesn't actually seem to be her problem. She seems to know what to say and how to phrase it, so I think if she wanted to she could get into people's good graces. To me it seems more like an unwillingness to acquiesce to the needs and feelings of others over her own which puts a really big fence between her and the rest of the world.

In the first episode, she could have just listened when Yejin wanted her to slightly alter her outfit but she didn't. She acted like she would follow her orders then defied her at a time where nothing could be done about it. She didn't have to and following directions in no way threatened her but she wanted to exercise "control" and she did it at the expense of a work relationship.

Skylar said...

Yoon So Hee the SM girl is so beautiful, like a fairy i'm serious, but she's a terrible actress ~.~ In the final scene of ep1, she ruined the perfect atmosphere that Baek Sung Hyun, who is seriously good at acting, was trying to create. But she's too beautiful that i cannot stop capturing her scenes!!!!!!

vaseline said...

the comments are likely written by ppl who looked at screencaps and not the actual vid.. i watched a couple of eps and ia with your assessment on jonghyun, his acting is lacking, the only actor i like in cnblue is jungshin.

kimmyungsoo said...

You know ho great Jr is when knetz called him an actor! I really hope JYP's media play more about this! lmao