9 May 2015

[Spoilers] Ex-Girlfriend Club, Divorce Lawyer in Love, Falling for Innocence, Missing Noir M

Osen - Naver: 'Ex-Girlfriend Club' Song Ji Hyo incorrectly assumes herself as Byun Yo Han's ex 

1. [+805, -36] Song Ji Hyo is the prettiest of the four...

2. [+460, -92] Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han are fine but the supporting characters are a bit  dull so I'm hesitating if I should continue watching this or not

3. [+102, -2] This drama is so fun. I felt bad for Song Ji Hyo  ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+93, -7] Lee Yoon Ji in a supporting role.. I hope she gets a lead role in another drama soon. Song Ji Hyo was gorgeous today

5. [+93, -10] Looks like Song Ji Hyo  barely has any makeup on but she's so pretty

6. [+92, -13] Ji Hyo unni.... Sorry for saying that you can't act....

7. [+52, -9] What a fun dramaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everyone is bursting with charms

tv report - Naver: 'Divorce Lawyer in Love', Yeon Woo Jin gives Jo Yeo Jung a sweet backhug

1. [+775, -10] When Yeon Woo Jin took off his necktie and asked her to tie the new one, that was the best scene.. Wow

2. [+456, -7] The necktie scene was the best

3. [+419, -8] So much better than the boring 'Flower of the Queen'. This is what I watch on weekends because Jo Yeo Jung and Yeon Woo Jin have amazing chemistry^^

4. [+158, -2] I honestly don't understand why this drama has such low ratings. The story is so sweet and fun. It deserves higher ratings

5. [+81, -2] There's nothing worth-watching after 'Misaeng' ended but I accidentally watched this and I'm so hooked. Jo Yeo Jung and Yeon Woo Jin are amazing together. The story is refreshing too

6. [+52, -2] This is just like Seo Kang Jun in 'Dating Alone'. Guys asking girls to tie a necktie must be the recent trendㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I probably need to start practicing soon

7. [+42, -1] Why is this drama so good? The perfect romcom that makes my heart flutter. Yeon Woo Jin's casting is god's work. He's so charming

Osen - Naver: 'Falling for Innocence', Kim So Yeon, lovely actress with an amazing acting talent

1. [+53, -2] These two make an awesome pairing~ The chemistry is jjang!!! I'm currently addicted to this drama!

2. [+42, 0] These two....The acting is so real... They just pull you into it. Please don't give us a sad ending~~!!

3. [+40, 0] I don't care about anything else. This drama is a masterpiece^^

4. [+32, 0] Finally, a drama that does so well in giving me butterflies.. These two are so good at acting. I just love the way Soon Jung and Minho warmly look at each other

5. [+20, 0]  Impressive acting from these them.. I will remember this drama for a long time

6. [+15, 0] I'm so sure this would have higher ratings if not because of 'Grandpas over Flowers' and 'Three Meals a Day'

tv report - Naver: 'Missing Noir M' Runaway Son Soo Hyun  wasn't the killer

1. [+48, 0] Ah... Looks like I won't be able to watch the rerun.... because I cried my eyes out tonight ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+36, -1] The drama is exciting and touching. The crying part was amazing.. It teaches a lesson too.. Jo Boa and Son Soo Hyun are amazing ㅜㅜ

3. [+30, 0] Detective Oh, why did you block him? ㅠㅠ

4. [+12, 0] There must be a season 2. There must be!!!

tv report - Naver

5. [+57, -1] Woa... Made me cry so hard todayㅜㅜ

6. [+41, 0] The best crime drama airing recently. The twist last week was kinda sad but everything about today's episode was so sad it made my cry so hard. It's so much better than 'TEN', 'Bad Guys' and 'God's Quiz' put together. Today's episode made me reflect about myself.

7. [+24, 0] A rediscovery of Jo Boa. Her costars have established themselves with good acting records but I had no idea she would be so impressive.. So much better than Kang Ye Won and Jo An who played similar roles as her


anon said...

Is that L.Joe on the last pic. ???

mirakuruwish~♤ said...


surfinthesasslife said...

Im glad kkuljaem posted an article abt missing noir M cus i reallllly enjoy this thrills n twists in this drama. Impressive i must say. I've yet to watch EX gf club, I'm on it ltr & the divorce lawyer leads have great chemistry!

MissA/Got7/Jypnation said...

You will totally love it..........The first 2 eps are little boring but slowly you will fall for it ....Also watch Divorce Lawyer in love......Both are good

placeforu said...

Maybe because I have watched tons of Korean dramas these past few years, there isn't really a good drama that catches my eyes and makes me addictive. I guess it's a good thing considering i can focus on studying.

Linnea said...

I'm currently watching Falling for innocence, missing noir m and these 2 are amazing. Falling for innocence is heavy and light at the sime time. The revenge, the emotion and humor just blend well together and the chemistry between 2 leads is incredible.
As i love crime drama, missing noir m is fun. I love park hee soon's acting even before watching this drama, and the other 2 leads are so good as well.
Exgf club is a little slow, but i do love byun yo han <3
Disvorce lawyer in love i'm put it on hold rightnow. Because eventho i love yeon woo jin, but the character of female lead is not likeable as i watched the 2 first eps.

wtf said...

Okay, i'll try. Thanks

Skylar said...

Ryu Hwa Young pretty as fck @.@ i never found her that pretty when she was still in T-ara @.@ she looks soooooo HAWT now!!

_엑소-L said...

loving Fallin for Soojung <3 episode 12 made me cry and laugh all in 1 episode; I wish it weren't so underrated though

choconerd said...

[+52, -2] This is just like Seo Kang Jun in 'Dating Alone'. Guys asking girls to tie a necktie must be the recent trendㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I probably need to start practicing soon

Girl, I feel ya

choconerd said...

I love that drama too! Kim Soyeon and Jung Kyung Ho's chemistry is the bomb. It is seriously underrated but that could be due to jtbc's lack of promotion too.

choconerd said...

It's really good and addicting!

glowryBees said...

thank u so much for posting about all these dramas.. =)

Mapel said...

Jo Boa on Noir M?? Going to watch it!