25 May 2015

[Spoilers] Grapevine Ep 27+28, Hwajung Ep13+14 , School 2015 Ep 9+10 , Let's Eat Ep 15+16

Tuesday, May 26 Ratings
1. Hwajung - 11.0%
2. Heard it through the Grapevine - 9.8%
3. School 2015 -7.1%

Heard it through the Grapevine

Xports News- Naver: 'Grapevine' Lee Joon eventually chooses Go Ah Sung 

1. [+5717, -36] A choice that makes you worry about the future but at that moment, Lee Joon was really admirable 

2. [+4430, -130] So foolish but In Sang is awesome... 

3. [+3984, -113] Lee Joon's acting..... He's not an idol anymore but.... an actor.

4. [+392, -22] The daughter of the Samsung Chairman committed suicide just because she was born a daughter. Perhaps that was the only way of freeing herself from her prison-like chaebol life. They're not as happy as we think they are

5. [+161, -12] This is a satire drama and there are a lot of fun little scenes here and there but you can't always escape the sad parts 

6. [+105, -34] At Go Ah Sung's place, he really seemed like a person while at Yoo Ho Jung's he's living a soulless life. 

7. [+79, -14] Yes, he would turn insane if he continues to live at his parents house


Osen- Naver: 'Hwajung' Lee Yeon Hee turns herself in to save Seo Kang Jun "I will protect you" 

1. [+1305, -93] Wow. The acting. Cringe. It's as consistent as ever  

2. [+985, -114] She's pretty but her face can't make up for her acting... Sigh 

3. [+992, -221] Seo Kang Jun can't act too

4. [+833, -133] So-called actors/actresses from SM can't act at all. She's this terrible but how much do they pay her? She should only get as much money that an extra is paid 

5. [+197, -25] What are the directors doing not monitoring the acting? 

6. [+129, -21] Lee Yeon Hee's free riding 

7. [+70, -12] Watching this drama for Kwanghae and Lady Kim 

Who Are You: School 2015

Osen - Naver: 'Who Are You' Kim Hee Jung declines offer to become a celebrity, "I don't want to betray my friend"

1. [+1763, -12] That's really cool of Seung Joo!!!!!

2. [+1308, -10] Go Eun Byul is alive

3. [+1116, -10] Daebak?!!!!!!! Eun Byul is alive ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+100, -1] I wonder what's gonna happen with the plot if Eun Byul is really alive. I'm rooting for Eun Bi and Han Yi Ahn 

Star News - Naver: 'Who Are You' records best rating so far at 7.1%... doubled in just a month

5. [+3636, -36] As the ratings increase, the viewers' anger level towards So Young goes up too 

6. [+2907, -106] This is such a good drama but so few people are watching itㅜㅜ

7. [+272, -10] This is honestly more fun than 'Hwajung' 

8. [+139, -3] Heol daebak. I was worried at first because of possible acting controversy. I hope the ratings increase more

9. [+107, -3] If this  drama  had secured more viewers at the start, I'm pretty sure the ratings would be even higher. I'm 25 years old and my heart flutters for these high school kids ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10.  [+86, 0] Three weeks left to go. I'm sad 

Let's Eat 2

Xports News - Naver: 'Let's Eat 2' Seo Hyun Jin chooses Yoon Doo Joon, What will happen to poor Kwon Yool?

1. [+3831, -166] I hate the plot progression of this one. Writer, please don't turn Soo Ji into a bitch 

2. [+3527, -464] The female lead is the absolute worst.... She has no skills and is so stupid. Sigh... She used to be a cute character at the start of the drama 

3. [+2773, -146] The officer ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜSoo Ji wants to be with Goo Dae Young. Why can't she just be together with Sang WooㅠㅠI feel so bad for him ...

4. [+1864, -383] Seo Hyun Jin's character is ruining the romance part of the drama. Lee Joo Seung, I mean Ahn Chan Soo's story is more enjoyable 

5. [+549, -32] Rumours about their relationship have already spread at their workplace so what does that make of Sang Woo if they break up? She's so selfish 

6. [+239, -18] A gay couple would've been much more interesting

7. [+122, -16] Soo Ji is messing the story;;;; This is a meokbang drama, what's with the unreasonable love triangle?

Monday, May 25 Ratings
1. Hwajung - 10.4 %
2. Heard it through the Grapevine - 10.0 %
3. Who Are You: School 2015 - 6.8 %

SBS Fun E - Naver: [Video] 'Grapevine' Jung Yoo Jin "I know you look down on me...So disgusting" Knocks out Yoo Ho Jung

1. [+2493, -36] Wow. This girl is so cool ㅋㅋ

2. [+2981, -44] Yes you tell her!!! She's so cool!! 

3. [+2106, -37] The fun is finally back!!!! 

4. [+1756, -24] That was honestly refreshing^^

5. [+565, -4] I was expecting Hyun Soo to just leave but this scene changed my perspective of her 

6. [+109, -1] This was the best scene today! 

7. [+297, -3] The kids are more mature than their parents 

8. [+43, 0] Han Jung Ho should've seen her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSo daebak 

Osen - Naver: 'Hwajung' Will Lee Yeon Hee reveal her identity to Cha Seung Won? 

1. [+847, -26] No, I don't think so. It's a 50-episode drama. Previews can be deceiving ㅋㅋ

2. [+551, -84] The story is thrilling but not Lee Yeon Hee's acting

3. [+121, -17] If the lead isn't Go Hyun Jung or Ha Ji Won, a 50-episode drama is a pain to finish unless the story is fun. But this one is just hopeless

4, [+93, -8] I would be so compelled to watch through this if they make Kwanghae the main focus. I don't wanna see Injo

5. [+72, -4] Why did they style Lee Yeon Hee's bangs like that?? PD, are you stupid? Prioritizing her appearance over the authenticity of the character

6. [+72, -6] Even 25 episodes would be hard to finish... A waste of Chajumma's talents

7. [+57, -12] What if the lead role goes to Ha Ji Won instead?

Who Are You: School 2015

tv Report - Naver: 'Who Are You' Kim Soo Hyun's bullying past a huge shock to Nam Joo Hyuk 

1. [+10466, -334] It's impossible not to fall in love with Gong Tae Kwang

2. [+7834, -63] What is up with that female teacher?..... She freaks me out

3. [+1475, -25] The car accident is quite makjang ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+880, -23] Is Han Yi Ahn some kind of a superhero? Why is he normal after he got hit by a car?

5. [+841, -10] The female teacher is the dead student's sister. She's in the school to get revenge

6. [+764, -20] She should just reveal that they're twins. Lee Eun Bi is frustrating

7. [+511, -7] I like strong female leads like  Lee Bo Young's character in 'I Hear Your Voice'. She's so sassy and fearless. Lee Eun Bi needs to show that strong side of her

8. [+301, -5] Gong Tae Kwang's dad will probably help Eun Bi

9. [+372, -14] Gong Tae Kwang made my heart flutter today

Let's Eat Season 2

Osen - Naver: 'Let's Eat 2' Lee Joo Seung goes to Kim Ji Yeong 'Please don't wake up'

1. [+4401, -293] The officer is so pitifulㅠㅠㅠㅠ  I don't understand why Baek Soo Ji's doing that to him

2. [+3413, -99] Lee Joo Seung's also pitiful. And Soo Ji needs to make up her mind. She'll choose Goo Dae Young but I hope she doesn't hurt the officer's feeling

3. [+2916, -111] Baek Soo Ji is so frustrating... And Joo Seung is scary. Yang Yo Seob is so cute in the preview ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+1875, -46] What exactly is Joo Seung's identity?

5. [+597, -29] Baek Soo Ji's freaking annoying. He liked the officer so much at first

6. [+170, -4] The story is draggy... This is a meokbang drama but the love triangle has become the center. Writer, please sort it out

7. [+105, -11] The plot is lost in the mountains.. The first 8 episodes were so fun


Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors said...

[+10466, -334]
10 thousands upvotes? WOW!!!
School 2015 is definitely popular among younger people who is internet savvy but seeing the miserable TV ratings it is definitely not so popular among the ahjummeonni TV warriors. Korea needs to revise their rating system because you can watch TV from a lot of medium there, younger people prefer VOD or DMB but those aren't measured in current TV ratings measurement.

HJK said...

people love Tae Kwang. It s YA's articles but the comments are mostly about TK

yuka5470 said...

Eunbi cannot reveal that eunbyul have twins coz it means "eunbyul" remember everything and soyoung would easily cornered her. If everyone know she's eunbi, well, kinda hard to predict what others would think. ts so frustrating coz its actually a loss for eunbi.

But who doesnt love gong taekwang anyway? Poor puppy got kick few times but still follow her around. Darn,who dare to kick a puppy? Lol

Ivery said...

I don't know who to ship her with in who are you school 2015, I love them both, maybe the original one is a love so she can go to GTK, and Lee eun bi can go to Han yi ahn lmfao

blubo said...

its understable... ofcourse my mom or grandmother will choose history drama even if the lead acting is really bad rather than watching highschool drama..

Haeyoung said...

I'm Team Yian, but I do like Tae Gwang. There's just something about Yi An that melts my inside so I'm rooting for him - no long analysis for it tho lol

Linnea said...

Watched the preview and seem like Gong Tae's dad is really gonna help Eunbi. Sometimes I kinda frustrated w the way Eunbi dealed things but still, she i Eunbi not Eunbyul. And this is a drama so ... Anw i really adore the talented kim so hyun :-*

anonymous said...

I think School 2015 has really high internet ratings. hopefully it will reach double digits soon...

anonymous said...

I'm getting frustrated with the way the writers are characterizing Eunbi. She's not getting the great character development that she deserves and it's a waste of KSH's talent to have her be a damsel in distress who always need help from the male leads and crying all the time. I hope she can find a way to outsmart soyuong by herself.

bogaerde said...


Stormrox said...

Its sad that hwajung gt boring, like i was willing to watch the 50 eps like i did with empress ki, bt i guess cha seung woon is nt enough to save this drama

khun_joong said...

Baek Suji is getting on my nerves. The officer's really kind and really cares about her, she was head over heels for him and now she's suddenly into Goo Daeyoung????? I want Goo Daeyoung to move and lets have a season 3!

luna said...

"1. [+10466, -334] It's impossible not to fall in love with Gong Tae Kwang" woah the upvote :o Get that love Sungjae~yaaaa <3

guesswho said...

1. [+10466, -334] It's impossible not to fall in love with Gong Tae Kwang


HJK said...

Lee Joo Seung is such a great actor

Kells said...

7. [+57, -12] What if the lead role goes to Ha Ji Won instead?

I WISH. then she wouldnt get stuck in the remake of ITWY. that drama was so boring. i want HJW and CSW ~~ powerhouse couple

oh and this site is awesome. thanks for the translations!!

tomoe said...

It's good to see HITTG still have double digits.

chrunchynat said...

HITTG is so boring and its rating has been decreasing and isn't able to increase anymore

Aaerika said...

If the other contender wasn't Tae-gwang, rooting for Han Yi-ahn would probably be a piece of cake, snooze-inducing acting aside. But alas...

Salma ELF said...

I didn't find it boring tho .. I think the storyline is getting deeper and more interesting for the time being~

commedesfuckdown said...

I am with you, he just rubs me in the right place lol. Most importantly, the one Eunbi herself likes is Han YiAhn. But I don't know, seems like Eunbyul is coming nect week, and...in that case, it doesn't make sense for YiAhn to like Eunbi. He likes her sister for like 10years?

_엑소-L said...

I was surprised too. glad people like it. I'm a fan of Gong tae kwang. I hope he ends up with the girl

Bae said...

It would be better if they make Kwanghae the main focus. I skip YeonHee's scene tbh, i can't stand her acting --___--

Ems said...

Actually i want eunbyul dead, Now that eunbyul is alive, is like a typical drama. I want different plot *sigh*

yuka5470 said...

I'm so freaking estatic for next week episode of school \(*T▽T*)/
My poor heart...stay still...next week seems to be good~

bogaerde said...

Do you know how much is School 2015's online rating, precisely? I never see anyone post about its online rating. I'm intrigued to know.

bogaerde said...

When you realize we only have three weeks before School 2015 ends.

bogaerde said...

Plot twist : Go Eun Byul is not dead. She just becomes the next Healer.

choconerd said...


bogaerde said...


surfinthesasslife said...

School ep 10 is kinda Makjang w the car accident & it was frustrating how eun bi cannot even stand up and explain for herself. There's 2 guys doing the job for her. Most of the time I'm like 'speak damiit speak !'

Eon099 said...

Grapevine <3

Yes, let's be idealistic shall we?
Choose love over prestige and money

Turkish Rose said...

Wow 10,000 upvotes for our Taekwang That is sooooooooooo awesome !!!!

I love how the comments are about both Healer and TaeKwang my favorite shows at the moment :)

Giovanelly said...

[+2493, -36] Wow. This girl is so cool ㅋㅋ