20 May 2015

[Spoilers] Masked Prosecutor Ep 1+2, TGWSS Ep 15+16 , Warm and Cozy Ep 3+4, My Love Eundong The Beginning Ep 2

Thursday, May 21 Ratings
1. The Girl Who Sees Smells - 10.8% 
2. Warm and Cozy - 6.7%
3. Masked Prosecutor - 5.4%

Masked Prosecutor Ep 2

Ten Asia - Naver: 'Masked Prosecutor' Joo Sang Wook's affection to first love Kim Sun Ah

1. [+415, -41] The first episode was boring but today's episode was really fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+194, -80] This feels like a Japanese drama 

3. [+74, -18] It's alright ㅋㅋ You can trust Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah's acting 

4. [+44, -5] Park Yong Gyu dies after 2 episodes ㅠㅠ He was a baddie and a strict father in 'Angry Mom' but in this drama, he's nice guy and a fool for his son 

5. [+36, -14] The child actors parts yesterday were boring but I enjoyed today's episode 

6. [+19, -1] I was really excited for this drama because I like the leads but this writer isn't competent enough. The drama lacks the force 

7. [+27, -10] They should stop putting these forced parts. Why did Park Yong Gyu die all of a sudden? 

The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 16 (FINALE)

Star News -Naver: 'TGWSS' Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung's happy ending... Namgoong Min's intense death

1. [+5131, -331] Yeah this is just a drama but it bothered me that those police guys were laughing at the crime scene and clapping when they caught the suspect..ㅋㅋㅋ Is this a gag drama? We only get to see the romance after Kwon Jae Hee dies and halfway through the drama.

2. [+3880, -136] Shouldn't it be a lackluster death?.. 

3. [+1148, -33] I was expecting them to show why Namgoong Min killed those people 

4. [+1042, -41] I've been watching since the first episode but this ending is boring...What a waste of time

5. [+856, -19] So who else was curious why he went to Jeju and killed a perfectly normal couple? 

6. [+597, -28] It's happy ending but something's just weird ㅠㅠKwon Jae Hee died in vain.. But I still adore the MuRim couple 

7. [+440, -9] Those police office were so annoying towards the end. Why would they stop them from going to their honeymoon? 

8. [+413, -21] The actors saved this drama ... I heard they finished filming today ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠYou've all worked hard

9. [+240, -6] So why did he kill the shaman and Oh Cho Rim's parents in Jeju? And why were they just  chilling and drinking coffee as Lt. Yeom was kidnapped. So disappointed of the script. I could write better than this. Are you Im Sung Han's disciple? 

10. [+243, -69] Park Yoo Chun made me happy

Warm and Cozy Ep 4

Newsen -Nate: ' Warm and Cozy' Yoo Yeon Seok gets jealous  of Kang Sora and Kim Sung Woo

1. [+101, -4] Laughed so hard when Geon Woo said "Do you like me?" in next week's previewㅋㅋ The way he speaks is so cute 

2. [+97, -6] Geon Woo is so charming 

3. [+85, -6] I love this drama! 

4. [+24, 0] Geon Woo is charming and so is the Town Mayor ㅋㅋActually, everyone is adorable in this drama except for that girl who can't actㅋㅋ Hwaiting to that girl 

5. [+1168, -64] It's so fun. It's getting more interesting ㅋㅋ

6. [+497, -12] Someone get rid of that Mok Ji Won girl please. Talk about a random character. Her acting sucks. How did she land this role?? 

7. [+244, -7] Geon Woo should've seen that part when Mok Ji Won dropped her coffee drink.. Geon Woo-ya, wake up. Do you like her that much?  

8. [+116, -4] Mok Ji Won, seriously... The only bad thing about this drama ㅠㅠPlease give us more scenes of Jung Joo and the town mayor!!

Wednesday, May 20 Ratings 
1. The Girl Who Sees Smells - 9.6%
2. Masked Prosecutor - 6.6%
3. Warm and Cozy - 6.6%

Masked Prosecutor Ep 1

Star News- Naver: 'Masked Prosecutor' Joo Sang Wook's bluff+innocent acting.. Delightful

1. [+780, -41] He declined the sixthman because of this

2. [+640, -30] Joo Sang Wook is handsome and good at acting

3. [+100, -11] Joo Sang Wook's strength is comedy. His sly acting is jjang!! It would be great if they cast him in a sitcom like 'High Kick'

4. [+91, -13] Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah make such a perfect pair

5. [+31, -9] Kim Sun Ah and Joo Sang Wook are great together~ Is this the first drama that has the same theme? I think I've seen something similar before

6. [+34, -6] I like this drama..

7. [+27, -6] This drama is fun. You can trust Kim Sun Ah and Joo Sang Wook's acting

The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 15

Osen - Naver: 'TGWSS' Namgoong Min is alive.. Kidnaps Shin Se Kyung at her wedding 

1. [+3627, -59] I was already feeling so anxious when they reported that the car fell into the water but when he showed up the wedding.... Just goosebumps.. ㅠㅜ

2. [+2418, -61] So sad when Mu Gak ran to save her. I think one of them is gonna die tomorrow. It will probably a sad ending..

3. [+1733, -25] But the finale is tomorrow

4. [+410, -3] I totally get that the dad is not Cho Rim's real father but how could he not be present at the wedding?... ㅜ.ㅜ

Newsen - Nate

5. [+314, -15] Mu Gak's narration today is probably him reading his diary while he's in captivity

6. [+286, -11] Who would win if Min Joon Gook and Kwon Jae Hee have a battle?

7. [+296, -26] Am I the only one enjoying it?.. It will probably a rushed ending  but this drama has been fun.. Please don't turn the ending into makjang

Warm and Cozy Ep

Xports News - Naver: 'Warm and Cozy' Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora's standard romcom procedure

1. [+587, -47] I like dramas like this. It has no makjang, it makes me laugh and relieves my stress

2. [+410, -49] It's so fun! Everyone's acting is really good..Can't wait for today!

3. [+298, -46] They're becoming sweeter. The preview makes me look forward to today's episode. Haters are working hard this early in the morning to bring down this drama.

4. [+297, -180] It's boring. I don't find anything sweet about it. It's pretty. Jeju Island, I mean ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+65, -3] I'm curious of Lee Sung Jae and the diver ahjumma's story. They're so charming..

Osen - Naver

6. [+146, -9] I love everything about this drama except for Geon Woo's first love. She can't act and her voice is so weird

7. [+125, -5] What's up with the first love's acting? She only knows how to act bitchy. She's breaking the flow

8. [+31, -4] This drama reminds me so much of 'My Girl' . They filmed in Jeju too

My Love Eundong - The Beginning Ep 2 (web drama)

 1. [+628, -10] Jr.'s acting is really good. The story is sad

2. [+318, -5] Wow... I've been waiting for this after watching Ep 1!!! Jr. acts so wellㅠㅠ He really feels like a first love oppa!!!He's so handsome!!! I would love to see him act more in the future ㅠㅠ

3. [+191, -3] Watched the 2nd episode first and it brought me to the first episode... The cinematography makes the emotional acting shine. Is this the last of the younger actors
 parts? I really love their acting. I'm excited for the drama~

4. [+147, -2] Who is this boy? He's handsome and a good actor too...

5. [+85, -2] I cried ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠIt's so sad. Jin Young's acting is daebak

6. [+81, -1] His visuals are a mix of Yoo Seung Ho, Park Shi Hoo and Kim Soo Hyun. His acting is great too

7. [+73, -3] This made me cry. My heart ripped into pieces when he screamed her name


justtttt said...

7. [+73, -3] This made me cry. My heart ripped into pieces when he screamed her name

Junior's acting really made me cry. When he knows that Eundong has moved away i can feel his emotion

and kkuljaem, if you translate for him in the future can you use Junior instead of Jr. He has change his stage name

A. said...

Tbh Chef Kwon is the only reason I'm still watching TGWSS.

And Jinyoung ah~ Don't cry T_T

ditaalvina said...

I know knetz will praise jinyoungie after watching the 2nd episode because it was really heart breaking episode. When he was running and then crying out loud like that, makes me feel soooo sad tho~ i'm proud of him. So proud. He doing it well. ♥

4. [+147, -2] Who is this boy? He's handsome and a good actor too...


lyra2015 said...

MuGak is soooo handsome, masculine, hot....hairstyle really makes wonder ;)))

HJK said...

really love My Love Eundong web version. The music for opening credit is so beautiful

surfinthesasslife said...

Joo sang wook always play a "high class" role e.g director, chaebol son, executive, doctor etc. Really suits him.

Prrttt said...

I sincerely hope both Mugak and Chorim are ended up safe and sound. Happy ending pls!

luna326 said...

"It has no makjang" give it time. it's only episode 3. there's always time for makjang, out of nowhere.

Fantasiana said...

TGWSS why does Chorim's foster father not escorting her at the wedding? It's kinda ridicilous how a bride was left alone in a room like where's the brides maid?

placeforu said...

6. [+146, -9] I love everything about this drama except for Geon Woo's first love. She can't act and her voice is so weird

No lies detected. She really can't act, it seems like she got her way into this drama with connections coz i haven't seen her in other dramas yet. She's not even second lead worthy bithchy character yet.

Protagonist said...


And an adorable one too.

lokifairy said...

I hope to see Jr. in more dramas soon. I bet he will get many offers after this, seriously he is so good

pinkcherry said...

Does Warm and Cozy gets better? . I love kang Sora and Hong Sisters so really i have high expectation for that drama and hope that it will do really well.

twicawind said...

Junior has the same smile as Joo Jin Mo plus he's so good at acting, he's really living up as young Joo Jin Mo

TheSandGirl said...

Can't wait to watch the last two episodes of Sensory Couple <333

bbang bbang said...

I was already in love with Jinyoung's singing voice but this drama is making me fall for his speaking voice too. Is there anything not perfect about him? TT

surfinthesasslife said...

Just watched sensory couple ep 15, the proposal was toooo sweeettt & the kissing....

yeoshinn said...

Warm and cozy is a light hearted drama and really easy to watch tbh!! Loving the cast minus geonwoo's first love cause, really, the way she speaks is really..... weird? idek. Her facial expressions are always the same too tbh. \

lyra2015 said...

TQ pd-nim for feeding me with diabetes scenes of murim in the last epi of TGWSS....im getting insane of their cuteness, lovey dovey scenes...hehe mugak in action with tuxedo is awesome

silvermaoh said...

so it seems like i made the right decision dropping TGWSS

woooow said...

when yoochun sings, that was hilarious

woooow said...

3. [+1148, -33] I was expecting them to show why Namgoong Min killed those people

5. [+856, -19] So who else was curious why he went to Jeju and killed a perfectly normal couple?

but i already gave up with the script anyway. only keep watching it to see Yoochun and Sekyung chemistry. both are sooooo adorable

yeoshinn said...

it starts to pick up it's pace at ep3 and ep4 was really enjoyable! I'm already looking forward to next week already!