27 May 2015

Stills for upcoming dramas: Seo In Guk in 'I Remember You', Park Hyung Shik in 'High Society'

Xports News - Naver: 'I Remember You', Seo In Guk, heart-stealing still cut, 'Dangerous charm' 

1. [+1201, -22] Finally! *heart thumps* I can't wait for this drama

2. [+1043, -37] He's so handsome even from a man's perspective

3. [+936, -24] Kyaaa~~~~~~ So cool

4. [+732, -26] In Guk hyung, please sing on 'Mask Singer'

5. [+155, -4] So different from his previous characters, Lee Min Seok and Prince Kwanghae

6. [+185, -6] Seo In Guk and Jang Nara ㅋㅋㅋㅋMust watch

7. [+63, -3] Everytime I look at him, I always think 'It would've been a big trouble if he didn't win Superstar K'ㅋㅋHe's handsome, a great singer and also an amazing actor

8. [+59, -2] This drama will be daebak

Osen - Naver: 'High Society' Park Hyung Shik, a 2nd generation who rides a bike? 'Sexy'

1. [+309, -36] Still can't believe that there are 2 famous actors in a group that isn't popular.. Come to think of it, Kwanghee worked hard to get recognition for his group which opened up opportunities for those two. They need to thank Kwanghee for it

2. [+267, -9] He looks like a manga character

3. [+234, -7] Park Hyung Shik's looking classy

4. [+193, -8] Excited to watch Park Hyung Shik in 'High Society'

5. [+155, -6] I can't wait for the drama

6. [+61, -1] He has gotten more handsome. So different from Dalbong

7. [55, -1] Park Hyung Shik is so handsome

8. [+40, -2] Park Hyung Shik, hwaiting!!!!!!!! I'll watch this for you..Please hit daebak.. From an ahjumma fan in her 60s


Faye said...

Any articles on the leading man Sung Joon in "High Society"? And thanks for the translation :)

Lily said...

Park Hyung Shik is quite a good actor actually, he can improve but I thought he was great in Nine and Sirius. Not awkward at all, and portrayed his characters well so even when he was playing twins you could tell which twin he was supposed to be.

Seo In Gook is just excellent. So happy to see him get lead roles on public broadcast networks too.

linekaw said...

geez i cant even recognise hyung shik:O

Skylar said...

Sung Joon and Hyung Shik in one drama?? Woah can't wait >"<

Protagonist said...

Until now I still think how amazing it is for him to go from nuguland to a well established actor from ZE:A

KSW said...

He was good in 'What's up with this family'. I just recently watched it and it was a really fun drama I didn't expect to like. On par with some of my favorite weekend dramas like Ojakgyo Brothers and Unexpected You.

aeterna009 said...

That ahjumma is so cute.. am I going to be like that in my 60's?

choconerd said...

I love Unexpected You too!!! I can't believe it's from the writer of Producer and You Who Came from the Stars. Such a fun drama because it has a strong female lead and the male lead is playing Lee Joon's dad in Heard it through the Grapevine right now. He was so adorable in that drama but he's a strict dad in grapevine. Ojakyo Brothers is love! I need to see Joo Won in a drama asap.

I'm still waiting for a good family drama from kbs but I don't like how they have the pattern of good drama followed by a bad drama. Bluebird's House is so boring. I hope that drama that follows it is better.

KSW said...

yea. Unexpected You was my first family drama that I watched and I loved it so much, followed by Ojakgyo Brothers. I'm hoping there's a good family drama coming soon ^^