3 May 2015

Successful diet transformations

Sports Seoul- Nate: Without scratching a lottery ticket? Stars who have gone through complete change through 'diet' 

1. [+208, -16] Lee Soo Kyung still looked pretty when she was chubbier.

2. [+193, -17] Iljin out!!

3. [+135, -3] Losing weight should be done in a healthy way as well.. Quick weight loss takes a toll on the skin

4. [+23, -9] TOP really won the lottery

5. [+10, -8] Why is that iljin on this list? She's not on the same level

6. [+16, -4] Park Bo Ram kept insisting that she looks like Kim Tae Hee. tsk tsk tsk

7. [+10, -1] An article disguised as a media play for someone. The staff members at her agency are using their heads way too much.

8. [+6, 0] I've been on that situation wherein I shed off weight fast and then I gain it back through yoyo. The real solution is to lose it slowly


sleepyneve said...

Lee Soo Kyung is gorgeous.

commedesfuckdown said...

TOP 😍💕

Lily said...

Kang Sora, wow her body is really amazing.

ann said...

Kang Sora really maintenance her diet until now..

uza said...

i didn't know kang sora & top used to be big... they both hot now tho so good for them