10 May 2015

Top 11 entertainment companies (based on market capitalization)

Instiz: Korea's entertainment company rankings 

1. CJ E&M 2.2426 trillion won
(Davichi, SG Wannabe, Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young)

2. Loen 1.3936 trillion won
(IU, Sunny Hill, Sistar, Fiestar, History, Yoon Hyun Sang, Shin Ji Soo, KWill, Boyfriend, Yoo Seung Woo, Starship Planet, Mad Clown, Junggigo, Joo Young, Kim Seok Hoon, Jo Han Seon, Lee Jeong Hyuk, Kang Bok Eum)

3. YG 680.3 billion won
(Yang Hyun Suk, Big Bang, Jinusean, Winner, Epik High, Akdong Musician, Masta Wu, Psy, 2NE1, Lee Hi, Se7en, Yoo In Na, Cha Seung Won, Goo Hye Sun, Choi Ji Woo, Jung Hye Young, Lee Sung Kyung, Jang Hyun Sung, Im Ye Jin, Gal So Won)

 4. SM 640.1 billion won
(TVXQ, Trax, CSJH The Grace, Super Junior, Girls Generation, Shinee, f(x), M&D, EXO, Red Velvet, BoA, Zhang Liyin, J-Min, Henry, Zhoumi, Kim Min Jung, Lee Jae Ryung, Yoon Da Hoon, Yoo Ho Jung, Hong Rokki, Kangta, Go Ara, Lee Yeon Hee, Choi Jung Yoon, Lee Dong Woo, Kim Kyung Shik, Kim Ian, Roo, Song Kwang Sik, Yoo Young Jin, Alphabat, Kim Min Seok)

5. Key East 425.6 billion won
(Bae Young Jun, Im Soo Jung, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Han Ye Seul, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Soo Hyun, Hong Soo Hyun, Park Seo Jun, Lee Hyun Woo, Seo Yi Hyun, Wang Ji Hye, Park Soo Jin, Jo An, Lee Ji Hoon, Han Bo Reum, Lee Sena, Ryu Sang Wook, Bae Noo Ri, Yeo Eui Joo, Le Jae Won, Cheon Min Hee, Kwon Shi Hyun, Lee Da in, Ji So Yeon, Kim Hee Chan, Kim Hye In)

6. SidusHQ 379.1 billion won
(Jang Hyuk, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Woo Bin, Kim So Hyun, Le Mi Sook, Im Hyang Jun, Park Jae Bom, Han Eun Jung, Jo Boa, Lee Yoo Bi, Eom Ki Jun, Seon Woo Seon, Baek Sung Hyun, Nam Gyuri, Oh Kwang Rok, Park Hee Bon, Chaerim, Jung Joo Yeon, Kim Bora, Cha Hyun Jung, 2EYES, Seo Shin Ae, Go Eun Mi, Choi Ara, Park Gun Tae, Kim Ji Young, Hyun Ji Young, Kim Da Ye, Kim Young Jae, Jang Kyung Eop, Ji Eun Sung, Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Ha, Park Seon Ho, Choi Young Min, Hwang Hana, Kwon Young Min, Jung Sang Yoon, Lee Young Seok)

7. Next Entertainment World 321.3 billion won
(Lyn, MC The Max, Sweet Sorrow)

8. FNC 243.3 billion won
(FT Island, CNBLUE, Juniel, AOA, NFLying, Park Kwang Hyun, Lee Dong Gun, Sung Hyuk, Kwak Dong Hyun, Jung Hae In, Song Eun Yi, Yoon Jin Seo, Lee Da Hye, Park Go Eun, Kim Min Seo, Joo Jae Yoon, Kim So Young, Kim Seo Jin, Lee Guk Joo)

9. SM C&C 194.3 billion won
(Kang Ho Dong, Shin Dong Yeop, Kang Ye Won, Gong Hyung Jin, Kim Mi Jung, Kim Byung Man, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Shi Hyun, Kim Shi Hoo, Kim Ha Neul, Ryu Dam, Moon Ga Young, Baek Hyun,  Song Jae Rim, Oh Jung Yeon, Yoon So Hee, Lee Soo Geun, Lee Hak Ju, Jang Dong Gun, Jang Dong Hyuk, Zhang Yuan, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jung So Min, Han Chae Young)

10. JYP 178.7 billion won
(Park Jin Yong, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, JJ Project, Baek Ah Yeon, 15&, Sunmi, Got7, Bernard Park, GSoul, Kim Yoo Kyeom, Kim Jung Moon, Kim Ji Min, Kim Tae Hoon, Min Hyo Rin, Park Joo Hyung, Song Ha Yoon, Yang Byung Yeol, Yoon Park, Lee Jung Jin, Jang Hee Ryung, Kim Jung Moon, Eui Dae Hoon, Jung Yun Seon, Choi Young Jae, Choi Woosik)

11. MBK Entertainment 100.6 billion won
(T-ara, Ha Seok Jin, Kim Gyu Ri, Son Ho Joon, Shannon, Speed, The Seeya, Dani)

-For idol companies, there's the Big 3 and for actors, there's Sidus and Key East 

-When I read Jang Hyun Sung, I was thinking it was B2ST's Hyunseung. Cube, hwaiting

-Had no idea Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are from the same company 

-Heol. CJ is a wall

-I'm not surprised that New World is on the list as they produce and distribute films

-I thought SM would be first


silvermaoh said...

those big acting management companies must have a lot of staff
they have so many actors/actress/comedians/etc

commedesfuckdown said...

Can't believe how much YG has grown. When I started stanning 1tym, it was such a tiny company.

mia said...

CJ is indeed a wall. They control the movie,drama and variety shows industry
FNC and MBK are both CJ sub companies and even so they both in top 11
FNC even went public last year, that's a feat for a sub company

Pluvio said...

Didn't know Yoo In Na, Cha Seung Won, and Goo Hye Sun were in YG o.o

eeddee said...

Well that is same for all the companies. I mean I remember Kangta saying on an interview that when he became SM trainee SM had 3 employees including Lee Soo Man and that they didn't have enough money to rent a proper dance practice room so they just rented a regular room and practice there middle of night so that they could use that rooms windows as mirrors.

commedesfuckdown said...

I didnt say otherwise?

commedesfuckdown said...

They just recently merged with another acting (and plus modeling) agency, thats when Cha Seung Won, Choi Jiwoo joined YG Family. Goo Hye Sun and Yoo In Na are the kids YHS trained himself, both didnt make the cut for singing so ventured into acting.

keya said...

She didn't say you did. She just want to share too. I enjoyed that sm history story :)

bbbb said...

CJ's power is huge; just see someone random like Jung Jun young is all over tv fron public to cable.

jungsaerah said...

What happen to sm? I thought sm&cc are same

Shalala said...

Isn't that a bad thing if they can control the industry?

muramurr said...

wow where's Cube??

Lily said...

Gong Hyo Jin is NOT under SM C&C and never was, she's with SOOP Management! People should stop spreading wrong information....

KkulJaem꿀잼 said...

Ah my bad.... It's supposed to be Gong Hyung Jin not Gong Hyo Jin. Thanks

baechu said...

wow dani is by herself

qwer said...

CJ's biggest income is from movie and drama, while LOEN is from music both are indeed the highest stock price in the entertainment division

legitimate33 said...

Yes, it's not good for there to be a monopoly, but this isn't a monopoly. CJ E&M has competitors, it's just that they happen to be the biggest.

woooow said...

i thought he's popular? no?

jaghatar said...

sm fans are as messy as the company why be so bitchy

Ji Yeon~* said...

Yes MBK fighting!!!

Angela said...

MBK with only T-ara as bread winners woooow

alina said...

lmao and people say cube can replace jyp when theyre not even on this list