21 June 2015

[2PM] Inkigayo, Music core

My Daily - Naver: 'Inkigayo' 2PM Comeback, 6 beastly men who have gotten more cool

1. [+775, -34] The choreography is so awesome

2. [+669, -34] So cool. They're all bursting with charms

3. [+536, -25] ㅡㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅡㅡㅡGorgeous I'll be waiting right over there

4. [+509, -22] The song is jjang ㅜㅜ!♡♡

5. [+205, -5] The stage was prettily decorated and the guys looked so sexyㅠㅠㅠㅠ 'My House', do well!

6. [+194, -4] Mature song and choreography which add up to their sexiness. This is honestly a good title track!!

news 1 - Naver

1. [+198, -16] You stole my heart ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

2. [+184, -18] I don't even watch music programs but I had to for 2PM. I hope they win #1. Supporting you~~^^♡♡♡

3. [+178,-15] So handsome. No words needed

4. [+114, -10] It's been a while since I watched a music program.. 2PM looked cool.. Might because I'm about same age as some of themㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+40, -3] This concept is giving nosebleed.........

6. [+39, -3] Where is Junho's house?

tv cast 

1. [+2,392, -67] I love their album concept this time.. Gives me butterflies

2. [+1,981, -46] Music core doesn't allow lipsyncing which affects their live performance but they were stable from start to finish. They made a comeback after such a long time and you can really see how much effort they've put in.

3. [+1,655, -42] This song is so good. Unfortunate that it's not charting high..

4. [+762, -26] So sexy


bicinuneo said...

Their live performance always on different level and Hottest Fan Chant on Music Core give me goosebumps. 2PM and Hottest fighting!

Guest said...

a lot of jyp nation interaction in inkigayo yesterday. lol

btw just because sk people think 2pm not trending anymore they miss a good song, glad its still received good response in other country.

2pm, baek ah yeon, fighting!!

กฤษฏิ์_love said...

wow. I'm happy to see them praising the title track. Jun. K needs to compose more songs for 2PM.

surfinthesasslife said...

6. [+39, -3] Where is Junho's house?


kuku said...

I am a man, but Junho makes me come everytime I saw him performing.

xxxdjx said...

Inkigayo's set is the best among other music show so far.
I like the concept this time - the fashion is simple, only simple shirt and regular pants - it's like an ordinary boyfriend who wants to take you home because he still wants to talk with you (yes, there's no sexual intention, said Jun.K...)

but, where we can find "ordinary" boyfriends like them??

me, exo and our galaxy said...

i love this song and i loved the stage. 2PM fighting.

donkishot said...

i expected nothing less. 2PM fighting.

donkishot said...

i wanna know taecyeon's.

Pinpin desarapen said...

This is how I describe 2PM...gorgeous, talented, handsome, sexy, hot, adorable, awesome, amazing, charming, seductive, funny, sensitive, caring, loving, thoughtful etc etc etc....people might think that they're no longer trending...but in the heart of HOTTESTS...2PM still the number1, the best<<<333 My House...love it so much(*_*)

muramurr said...


Protagonist said...

At the countryside with mingki lol

pre said...

Thanks KkulJaem

(= ̄▽ ̄=)V said...

I love this concept. I'm not into 2pm but this song makes me look back at their past songs.

floww said...

em ok