16 June 2015

2PM Starcast: Knock knock welcome to 'My House'

[Starcast] 2PM's live broadcast venue! Knock knock welcome to 'My House' 

1. [+769, -84] These charming men!!! 'Our House' is daebak ♥.♥

2. [+687, -99] Look how sexy Taecyeon is ㅎㅎ

3. [+574, -55] Our House sounds daebakㅋㅋㅋㅋ  JYP is doing well lately!! I like Baek Ah Yeon's song too. 2PM, hwaiting!!!!!

4. [+294, -29] Their song sounds so nice... It has a sophisticated and sexy feel. It's overall refreshing and the styling has gotten better.... I hope it ranks higher on the charts

5. [+49, -1] Ok Taecyeon, stop it ㅋㅋYou're already sexy but why are you so cute too? ㅋㅋ

6. [+51, -3] Handsome guys. The song and the choreography are so awesome!!

7. [+47, -1] Not only Our House but the other tracks are also really good

8. [+48, -4] Jun. K's songwriting skills need to be acknowledged. The main track sounds amazing


pre said...

Very impressive to see idol groups composing so many of their own songs.

Not a fan of "My House" (or R&B tunes in general), but glad to see 2PM still being active!

Thanks KkulJaem

guest said...

god they are sexy. i'm done. lol.

disqus_rw5oVxADqD said...

oooo i just want running man vs 2PM

disqus_rw5oVxADqD said...

thank you for translating news about 2PM :)))

kimmyungsoo said...

They are so loud and adorable lol I am laughing so hard for this episode. 2 PM nevet fails to make me laugh lmao never change 2PM!!

theprero said...

who would have thought that a comeback broadcast would consist of the making mocktails ? they sang for like not even half of the show but it was fun nonetheless lol

Protagonist said...

Yes omg. And I need the nametag game instead of those station games.

scifi said...

Their album is so good. People are sleeping on these guys.