20 June 2015

BoA guests on '3 Meals a Day'

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Those who said BoA was boring were just jumping to conclusions? 'SM director's contrasting charms'

1. [+4,188, -751] BoA's natural look is so pretty

2. [+3,508, -766] BoA looked so pretty

3. [+4,593, -2093] Let's be honest, this was 3MAD's most boring episode

4. [+3,469, -1,315] I'm certain that it's women who are commenting.. On last night's episode, BoA was so modest and pretty. .. It's the jealous antis who are problematic

5. [+1,159, -326] And the media play starts now ㅋㅋㅋㅋThe most boring episodeㅋㅋ I couldn't watch so I had to switch to another show

6. [1,283, -481] Contrasting charms, yeah rightㅋㅋㅋㅋ They had to rely on 3MAD's good editing, what did BoA ever do? Jackson, Dia and Paul's segments were more fun than BoA's

7. [+940, -202] True that this was a boring episode

8. [+778, -131] I like BoA but she lacks variety skills. Looking forward to who they invite next

article released prior to the episode

tv Report - Naver: 'Three Meals a Day' BoA who debuted 16 years ago... 'Ok Bingu's 90 degree bow'

1. [+3,994,  -117] Taecyeon and BoA are only 2 years apart but their debut  times are 8 years apart and so she's a big senior. She's already into her 16th year since debuting but she's only 29 years old ㅋㅋ
2. [+2,128, -68] That's a huge height difference..

3. [+1,852, -84] Ok Bingu  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAlways cheerful even when he greets people. A true 3MAD member. Do well~

4. [+1,116, -49] 3MAD is so fun. Can't wait for this episode ㅎㅎ 

5. [+543, -89] Did you guys know that BoA's taller than Taeyang?

6. [+175, -29] BoA is the real life version of Cindy

7. [+161, -28] It doesn't look like he's bowing but he's helping her with her luggage

8. [+60, -2] Bingu's not bowing but he's helping her carry the luggages


Forgodsake said...

Who's the guest for next episode? Still boa? Hope the next episode will not be boring, waiting for the positive comments from knetz

fishyhaelove said...

5. [+543, -89] Did you guys know that BoA's taller than Taeyang?

O_O really? but boa is like.... really short tho

And I have to agree that Boa has no variety skills.

karecity said...

Haha I hope the netizen is joking cos BoA is like 155cm.
She herself said that when she debuted, she did some variety shows but the response was bad so she never did them again which means she didn't have practice despite having debuted for so long. Another reason is cos she was never trained to do variety unlike say, Leeteuk. I'm a huge BoA fan though so I still enjoy watching her make a very rare appearance on a variety show. Her fans are celebrating cos she appeared on a grand total of 2 variety shows this comeback lol.

fishyhaelove said...

LOL I was kind of surprise myself when she appeared on Crime Scene. She probably prefers those kind of shows i think since she said she watched every episode.

2 variety shows for boa is already a lot XD

Stormrox said...

I watched the show since everybody claimed that it was good, bt i gt bored :(

Angel said...

Only Yunho can help BoA in variety show.These two are like Tom and Jerry couple. I ship them so much.if YunBoA together in a show ,i'm sure it'll be fun to watch.

Protagonist said...

Taec honestly opened up so much in this season. I could see he was holding back his dorky personality in season 1. Now he's showing his true personality and I'm so happy. T.T

uza said...

wait, kpop idols train for variety shows too? lol

karecity said...

I think i've read that somewhere before. I would find you a legit source but i have finals on monday lol. Considering they're trained for everything from how to answer questions to how to appear pretty infront of the camera, im sure they are trained how to act on variety shows to get screentime too, for eg. (over)reacting, telling funny stories, perpetuating a certain image etc.

huh said...

yes, in training days, leeteuk says that they even have to act out variety shows (the real ones that are being broadcasted in tv), they divided the roles, like MCs and guests, play the games or answer questions. Just as if they are in those variety shows.

choconerd said...

I think it's still her because when there are guests, it usually spans 2 episodes. I guess Park Shin Hye really set the bar high

Sandy Claws said...

Their friendship is cute, it really seems genuine :)

haruzat said...

This show just make me hungry...lol.

placeforu said...

This show may seem boring to some people who like watching playing games or more funny scenes coz this show basically is only about working, eating and cooking. I like the show because it's refreshing from the variety shows I have seen and I like all the fixed casts, Taecyeon, Lee SeoJin and KimKwangGyu.

KSW said...

this show is very reliant on the cast and editing. I watch it for Seo jin he's hilarious and the editing is done well. Makes the show a lot more interesting.

pinocchio said...

5. [+543, -89] Did you guys know that BoA's taller than Taeyang

This is so random but.. lol

HJK said...

oh, i was hopping that they can be guests together before Yunho goes off to ms.

HJK said...

agree. i also like that none of the casts are pro at cooking. It s more fun to see them try and fail

zuwli said...

She was fun in Crime Scene. She worked so hard

bogaerde said...

5. [+543, -89] Did you guys know that BoA's taller than Taeyang?