12 June 2015

'Falling for Innocence' leads reunite in New York, recreate their drama poster

tv Report - Naver: Reunited 'Falling for Innocence' team... "Friendly affection"

1. [+3664, -44] Amazing drama! I fell for Jung Kyung Ho's acting ><

2. [+2887, -41] This is so cool^^ Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min both starred in 'Cruel City' and they maintained a good friendship.

3. [+2195, -27] Yahoo~~!! Finally an article about them ~(^o^) A reunion of the 'Falling for Innocence' team. A precious drama with good actors! I'm suddenly miss it~

4. [+428, -6] A drama you'd want to watch over and over again.  I have nothing to watch after this ended ㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+421, -7] I personally think this is 2015's best drama

6. [+409, -5] Is it JTBC that's saving the almost forgotten Jung Kyung Ho or is it him who saving JTBC for his acting. From 'Cruel City' to 'Falling For Innocence'... 'Best'  might be the right word to describe him

7. [+403, -8] Kim So Yeon's gorgeous ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+345, -8] A drama that's better than the ones airing on public channels

9. [+333, -8] Finally, an article about 'Falling for Innocence'ㅠㅠ I love these 3 

10. [+327, -9] Please make a season 2. These 3 are outstanding

11. [+308, -4] Best drama this year. I still can't forget about it. Thanks for the memories


_엑소-L said...

this drama & Jung kyung ho stole my heart :]

Mars_in_blue said...

So cute, the three of them =)

ohYeah said...

didnt he say when he gets a daesang he will propose to his gf. i hope he gets one this year :D

amaBeez said...

awww, the poster recreation is beyond adorable!
Falling for Innocence is really good.. highly recommended!
plus, the acting is top notch..

omoooo said...

I really enjoyed this drama

kam said...

What a cute pic :)

zhangnara said...

I'm Falling for Jung Kyung Ho after watched Falling for Innocence ♡.♡
He's so awesome!!! ^^

12oclock said...

This drama make my heart flutter ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Jung Kyung Ho ♥

dooyoungie said...

He said that last year after his drama on a public channel.

Sooyoung will be a. gorgeous bride though, i guess