13 June 2015

Henry/Yewon and Song Jae Rim/Kim So Eun leave We Got Married + SeungYeon and Jong Hyun

My Daily - Naver: 'WGM' Henry and Yewon, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, No goodbye greetings vs. sea of tears 

1. [+16303, -1808] What I don't understand the most is when couples cry when they leave. It's not like life is over after quitting WGM. They can keep in contact  and continue being friends if they decide to but why would they cry? Are they really disappointed that their virtual marriage has ended? None of the couples after Jun Jin and Lee Shi Young dated off air anyway.

2. [+9559, -245] Henry and Yewon didn't get notified that they're leaving  seeing as they didn't film their goodbye greetings

3. [+7097, -960] SoRim  should still keep in contact

4. [+7055, -1161] So sad for the SoRim couple  ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+5305, -690] I'd love to see SoRim film a drama later on

6. [+513, -122] I hope Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun remain in contact.. They were a good couple. 10 months seemed too fast

7. [+243, -17] Henry is the biggest victim of this show. No goodbye greetings from them.. SoRim had that  problem halfway through their marriage.... But I'm still sad to see them leave. You've worked hard!!

8. [+82, -7] Why Sung Jae and Joy? I really like them but aren't they too young to be in this show?

1. [+687, -17] Song Jae Rim's career benefited off of it

2. [+512, -30] Song Jae Rim, you've worked hard. Great to see that you're always diligent ^^

3. [+330, -67] Both couples were boring

4. [+29, -2] Poor Henry

5. [+18, -1] People should stop watching WGM for it to be taken off air

My Daily - Naver: 'WGM' CNBLUE's sullen expression at Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon's display of physical affection 

1.[+531, -8] He's the next one to get attacked after Jung Yong Hwa ㅋㅋ

2. [+329, -22] They match well ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

3. [+276, -18] What a pretty pair ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon couple, do well!!!

4. [+95, -14] Seeing Lee Jong Hyun differently. The 4 members are all good-looking ... But Lee Jong Hyun stands out when the 3 of them are together. He's daebak handsome!

5. [+52, -6] Their faces in the last capture ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌ

6. [+51, -6] The  CNBLUE boys are so cute and handsome

7. [+36, -9] Another couple that will make me sad if they leave. They really match well

8. [+24, -4] This couple makes my Saturdays happy. Kkungee


IAmNotJapanese said...

"1. [+16303, -1808] What I don't understand the most is when couples cry
when they leave. It's not like life is over after quitting WGM. They can
keep in contact and continue being friends if they decide to but why
would they cry? Are they really disappointed that their virtual marriage
has ended? None of the couples after Jun Jin and Lee Shi Young dated
off air anyway."

ME. every time a couple leaves the show crying as if it's the end of the world. LOL
some (should i say most) "virtual couples" left the show crying but ends up saying .
and they only meet film AT MOST twice a month. so crying bc "we got so close" is ridiculous sometimes.

Haeyoung said...

Well, I think the crying is mostly because they'll miss being part of the show and meeting up to shoot for it. Its like after a drama is done shooting or a variety show ends, actors and hosts shed tears because that was a part of their lives they need to say goodbye to. I don't think its about the couple itself even if of course its made to seem that way.

shiro 白 said...

What's what I worry about the most since the begining.. :(
1.[+531, -8] He's the next one to get attacked after Jung Yong Hwa ㅋㅋ

Sandy Claws said...

[+51, -6] The CNBLUE boys are so cute and handsome.

Yes, yes they are.

Sandy Claws said...

I'm slow today but I didn't quite get what they meant, like they meant attacked by the shippers? or by her fans? I think this case is different than Yonghwa because she is not part of any girl group (with *some* crazy ass fans that believe no one was worthy of them)... I think Jonghyun's WGM experience will be similar to Hong Ki's, where afterwards there will be shippers but not to the extreme like yongseo and there will be no bitter fangirls attacking him for not "worshiping" her as they think he should -.-

Tasha Key said...

Jaerim is the best husband in the history of WGM, but he was unlucky to have Soeun as a wife. She showed disrespect towards him and she was ungrateful after all his efforts.

Shalala said...

Was she actuall disrespectful? I thought that was her script/role to act cool + turn jaerim down. It's all for entertainment anyways

choconerd said...

Attack as in 'tease' by his fellow members. The "ㅋㅋ" at the end of the sentence doesn't look like it's meant to be a negative comment

Tasha Key said...

I know it is most probably that their roles as dominant wife and obedient husband were scripted but she was careless getting caught going to her boyfriends home late at night, That nearly costed Jaerim's job.

Sandy Claws said...

That makes sense... lol I think we (CNB fans) are just a bit too paranoid after Yonghwa's WGM experience.. >.<

Protagonist said...

Try being a 2PM fan. Everyone has been on a dating show. T.T

zik said...

idk but it takes two to tango and I dont think he can shine himself because this is basically teamwork. I just think So Eun, well she is unfortunate and she has been given so little credit compared to Jearim.

JR is not perfect himself too I still remember cringing at his sexist and sexual comments at the beginning of the show. Not many people would take his attitude well in such awkward situation (throwing 2 strangers together n declare married).

Anyway rather say he's the best I would say he's a great husband in WGM and also the one benefited the best out of the show's history.

nutmeg said...

"bitter fangirls attacking him for not whorshipping her as they think he should". Oh the truth. Sometimes I'm confused whether they want him to date her or to kiss the ground she walked on.

Jen Wong said...

For me the yongshin (shinhye)'s fans are more terrifying tho...
I'm actually ok with the delusional thingy, they can support whoever they want to support and do whatever they think they can let their ship know the support. I shouldnt generalise but what I dislike more was the fanwar they brought up... one often criticize the other being so delusional but they are actually not any better when they're trying to protect their own ship lol

Tasha Key said...

At least he did his job properly until the end. He was trying to sell the fantasy while she was busy rejecting him in interviews and going on dates.

zik said...

I dont really feel like defending fer but at that point they pretty much said the same thing in interviews but she was more straight forward and said it in an easy going manner (see the interview clip if u r interested enough). and the scandal, well like i said it was unfortunate. We dont know shit about their story, but of course it's easy to believe click bait tabloid and demand justice for Jearim. Not sure if it was actually a date or not but what I see is that her mother in hospital, her running around shooting drama and acting happy on dating shows. SHJ might showed interests in her and acted up as a friend taking care of her. She got a life too. Cant just avoid every male creature for a show.
My point is I think she did invest in the show and tried to make the fake relationship work. I give her credit for this. She adjusts the atmosphere well, stay positive when Jr's down and has her way of keeping the show interesting. It'd be gross if she acts just like him and they would be all over each other... kinda awkward I must say ~____~

I agree gotta give props for Jearim doing his job right till the end. He deserves all the attention and love he got.

Tasha Key said...

Yes she got a life and he got a life as well, maybe he had some girl as well, how can we know?, but he didn't carelessly go out with girls and he wasn't that blunt in interviews to the point of being disrespectful.
He said it was work for him and Soeun maybe is maybe isn't his ideal type, but why was she so blunt? Was it necessary? Was she already dating at the time? Maybe she was annoyed that Jaerim was getting all the attention at that time or maybe she just wanted to reassure her boyfriend.
Sometimes I wonder if Jaerim was caught going to his house with a girl at 2am ,what would her fans say? Well ,we will never know now.

zik said...

yeah maybe he was dating his stylist as rumor for all we know. That's why I think SE was unfortunate. She was careless, her fault. She was not as smooth with words and saying vague things like JR and I think she's had enough backslash for this. I just feel it's unfortunate. I don't defend her. I'm not really bitter about it and I dont sugar coat it either. But my point is she stayed in the show, and she actually contributed to their fake relationship. I understand JR gained much more fans, attention and love for his efforts but I'm expressing my opinion that she deserves some credit too, to different extent based on how you see it.

Sorry but your assuming she got annoyed by JR popularity is really off putting and I don't think it's fair to put her in such bad light.

Tasha Key said...

Yes, maybe you are right. I deleted the comment.
There was a rumor of him and his stylist? I didn't know...but we don't know what happens in their lives and I honestly couldn't care less.

Okay I give her credit for putting up with him sometimes, I know he is not perfect but it was such a pity to see their decline after they won the best couple award.

Sandy Claws said...

The thing about the yongshin fans though is that they keep their shit on the down low (limited to online at least, still annoying though) whereas the other shippers bring it to the concerts/fanmeets. I've always found that incredibly disrespectful; Yonghwa composes music, sings and play his own instruments and yet they want to act at their concerts like his biggest accomplishment was being on the show with her... Blah lol though I think they've tone down their crazy in the last year or so.

Anyway, I agree though both shippers have taken it to the extreme when the guy can't even show his friendship with them in public.

Leslie Williams said...

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blubo said...

nah i think some of them crying because they regret they cannot treat the other partner better and grateful feeling, its not because they fall for each other its more because you want to treat other person better as human being, because basically you just depend on each other during the show... people feeling not just love or hate.. want to take care of other person doesnt mean you want to date them..

blubo said...

just want to say, i'm agree with your comment.. wgm is all about teamwork..

vaseline said...

not as terrifying as yonghwa/seohyun

Keiko Igarashi said...

SoLim's ending was bittersweet. They've become my happy pill for 9 months.
Hope that they'll still be as close as ever after WGM. And also prayed that they'll have a drama, movie and CF together as leads <3
Thank you, Kim So-Eun and Song Jae-Rim!! :)

Keiko Igarashi said...

Haha! You're too Jae-Rim biased, you sounded like an overprotective mother in-law!

Keiko Igarashi said...

Thank you, Zik! I completely agree with you! WGM is all about teamwork. If So-Eun didn't know how to play well with Jae-Rim's 4D personality, the K-Netz will definitely will label him as a 'pervert' with his sexual innuendos and bold skinship. If it wasn't to So-Eun, his jokes wouldn't be that funny and the audiences would just think that he's plain weird. Yes, he must've showered So-Eun lots of love on the show and during his interviews, but one, he doesn't contact her outside the show (that was before the dating scandal), two, he refers WGM as 'work'.

Wouldn't be disappointing if you're on So-Eun's shoes?

I know Jae-Rim is a kind person. However, unlike So-Eun, he could get away with scrutiny since he's good with words. So-Eun on the other hand, was blunt and casually cruel when it comes to honesty.

Keiko Igarashi said...

That's why SoLim won the 'Best Couple' with just 14 episodes ;)

secretfairy said...

1.[+531, -8] He's the next one to get attacked after Jung Yong Hwa ㅋㅋ

lol.. its funny but also true..

Keiko Igarashi said...

Jae-Rim dating his stylist is just a rumor btw. Some overly obsessed fan thought that it was Jae-Rim's hand that his stylist was holding on her IG photo (.____.)

Tasha Key said...

lol, yes I accept I am too biased, maybe because I am old I sound like a mother in law?:p

Tasha Key said...

Actually Soeun was the one that called him pervert and weird lots of times...If I am in Soeun's shoes I don't think I would be disappointed because it is true that is work, for both.

Keiko Igarashi said...

Has it been so long that you had forgotten Jae-Rim's sexual innuendos already? If you have, please go ahead and watch their earlier episodes.

And yes, WGM IS work. But Jae-Rim has been singing her praises on cam, So-Eun must have expected that he'll be like that off-cam when he turned out he didn't (before the scandal). Don't be too one-sided and try to see the situation through So-Eun's POV for once.

Tasha Key said...

I haven't forgotten the sexual innuendos or how Soeun tried to touch his thingy, actually their first few episodes were my favorite. I wasn't Jaerim or Soeun fan back then, I just found them funny. For me they were the best couple I have ever seen in WGM, so real that is why the disappointment was greater.

Keiko Igarashi said...

I don't want to sound condescending but, it's YOUR fault on being too attached with the WGM 'fantasy', not theirs (._.)

Tasha Key said...

Yes, my fault.

j d said...

Anticipating Joy.

pre said...

Love the Jongyeon couple, looking forward to genuine and continued progression (but slowly!).

Thanks KkulJaem for the continued WGM translation, much appreciated and keep up the wonderful work!

oppa's wife said...

I don't agree with the top comment. Its like being sad because the show you were doing for almost a year has now ended.
Its like saying you can't cry when leaving high school because you can always meet up with your friends afterwards. Its about the entire atmosphere, and ending a routine of having a relationship (even though it was virtual ofc) onscreen.

Tsk tsk, i don't understand the upvotes because it is such a weird comment to make.