11 June 2015

Lee Hyun Woo talks about his dating scandal with IU

Lee Hyun Woo: "We separated ways after the movie and while on my way home, I kept getting calls. My agency told me that there were articles posted online. I called Ji Eun and asked her if it bothered her but she told me that it's not something to worry about." 

Yoo Jae Suk: "But it's natural for a man and woman to develop feelings no matter how close you are."

Lee Hyun Woo: "With her?" 
(T/N: He used the term kae which is a casual way of referring to someone you're close with) 

tv Report - Naver: 'Happy Together' Lee Hyun Woo after his scandal with IU "Nothing has changed"

1. [+5587, -95] At that time their dating news broke, I just knew they weren't a pair ㅋㅋ

2. [+2980, -122] Lee Hyun Woo is so cute..

3. [+2395, -248] Both are so likeable!!

4. [+1369, -52] With 'her'?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It shows that they're really closeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+416, -54] Well, he's much better than Anchovy

6. [+370, -13] These two are really close

7. [+131, -13] I think Lee Hyun Woo mentioned once that his ideal type is similar to IU. They're really close. I'm a fan of Hyun Woo but I don't mind if they date

8. [+84, -8] They honestly match well.. They were adorable in IU's You and I mv.  I hope they have a long lasting friendship

9. [72, -8] Even if two celebrity friends of the opposite sex go out to grab lunch together, expect nosy journalists to turn it into a dating scandal

10. [+61, -9] Lee Hyun Woo's really cute

11. [+46, -7] I like them but let's be honest, it's hard for a man and woman to be 'just friends'


KSW said...

Anybody that has watched their Entertainment Weekly interview when they had photoshoot for Unionbay together will know that they're just friends. They're so funny together the interview was hilarious.

A. said...

They look like siblings tbh

ema said...

They have awesome chemistry. How I wish them in same drama as couple

justme said...

They're just close friends...for now at least haha
Just date you two.

denameda said...

I'm an ELF, U-Ana, and also Hyunwoo fans. I like IU better with Hyunwoo because they are cute together. But please don't bad mouth Eunhyuk. He has done nothing wrong. And if it's true that Eunhyuk and IU used to date then i'll still support them if i knew.

Don't just let a bad words comes from your mouth. Are you a trash bag?

Janna Mgl said...

Lee Hyun Woo ideal type is Suzy

Joy said...

I'd die happy to have them as a cute couple in a drama. Something light and easy going would be nice. *sighs*

linekaw said...


Ki G said...

Lee Hyun Woo never said suzy. He's like CL and He's comfort with IU..

Ki G said...

lee hyun woo never said suzy, he's like CL and he's comfort with IU http://ygladies.com/news/130619-lee-hyunwoo-from-secretly-greatly-praises-cl-i-like-2ne1-and-now-that-ive-seen-her-in-real-life

_엑소-L said...

I don't understand why people think that a man and a woman can never be just friends.

justme said...

Ikr it's all in the past.why should they get any bashing just because they used to date in the past?
Most idols in kpop have dated/are dating anyway...it's just that some of them didn't get caught yet.there's nothing wrong with dating.let them all date happily like us lol

Protagonist said...

I need a romcom

Janna Mgl said...

I saw somewhere that he said it was suzy

panshel said...

They are adorable together. I want them to date.


guest said...

Coz not only nosy journalists, but people in general just love to make things into drama. Everything as soon as not theirs.

guest said...

Saying "I want some them to date" or things like "they have to be together" is just so frighting and scary like what the hell does no one find that creepy

Jevel Jo said...

It's not if only but they are really dating in the past ! the pic cant not be denied