1 June 2015

Lee Soo Hyuk says Kim Woo Bin is the honest one in their group of friends

Xports News- Naver: 'Healing Camp' Lee Soo Hyuk "Kim Woo Bin is the honest type, which makes us look like the bad ones when we hang out together"

1. [+2853, -77] These handsome guys hang out together....

2. [+1709, -56] They have such good friendships~

3. [+1027, -148] Sung Yuri's hosting skills never improve~

4. [+233, -18] Kim Gura and Jeon Do Yeon complimented Kim Woo Bin. Another reason why he's doing well

5. [+22, -15] I wanna see all of the 'White Christmas' guys in a drama again. All of them have gotten so successful

6. [+153, -3] The 'White Christmas' guys.. Does anyone know that drama? I loved it

7. [+123, -10] Kim Woo Bin needs to be in a drama soon ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

8. [+132, -26] I used to think Hong Jong Hyun was really handsome but he looks the most common one in the group

9. [+85, -9] They're all models... damn

10. [+66, -12] Kim Woo Bin is a cool actor. He hard carried 'Twenty'

11. [+61, -7] I've seen Kim Woo Bin and Sung Joon in real life. I didn't know who Sung Joon was back then but he was really attractive, tall and has an aura like Lee Seung Gi. Kim Woo Bin is manly and he has really broad shoulders

12. [+56, -11] Please replace 'Healing Camp' with another show. It's so boring these days

13. [+24, -3] The 'White Christmas' guys have hit daebak. I love them