29 June 2015

Luna reveals her twin sister

My Daily - Naver: "Unni, I love you"...Luna reveals her  beautiful twin sister

1. [+3,565, -32] They must be fraternal twins. They look alike when they smile

2. [+2,777, -29] Are they fraternal twins??

3. [+2,128, -64] She and her unni are pretty

4. [+1,615, -80] Her unni is daebak pretty

5. [+379, -10] Her charms are so different from Luna's! So pretty ^^

6. [+269, -27] They don't resemble each other at all ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+246, -10] Luna just gets prettier each time and she's also kind-hearted.  SM, please promote her more!! Lovely sisters

8. [+219, -13] Still can't forget her in 'Mask King'. I'm watching her clips right now . Thank you for singing those songs


9. [+203, -8] Probably fraternal^^ It still amazes me that they're twins^^

10. [+96, -11] Our Luna is finally getting more popular. Hwaiting~!

11. [+5, 0] Wow. That's her twin sister? Is she also good at singing??


igotpinkvelvet said...

luna's smile is beautiful

Aile said...

Plot twist: her twin signed with sm and debuts as a duo wit luna.

Jeongah said...

Wow . Not alike but wow genes .

ŃøÓrâ BtOol said...

If we cant have jessica and krystel unit sm might just debute her sister

#AlwaysHere said...

she kinda resembles naeun to me

Nova_REMIX said...

SM be like: Sign her NOW

j d said...

Nice that Luna getting some love.