28 June 2015

Nam Joo Hyuk says he reads online comments about himself

tv Report - Naver: 'Who Are You' Nam Joo Hyuk " I read online comments... the negative ones are also useful"

1. [+3,094, -488] Even men would find Nam Joo Hyuk handsome

2. [+2,343, -281] Nam Joo Hyuk is jjang~~~

3. [+2,533, -685] I just searched up his profile and he is 188 cm; Only jealous of his height

4. [+1,741, -421] He's like the sophisticated version of Son Heung Min

5. [+1,916, -608] He's a model not an actor.

6. [+399, -51] If he grows his acting skills, he might become as notable as Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin . I feel bad that Yook Sung Jae stood out more than him.. Do well in your next work, Joo Hyuk-ah^^

7. [+288, -64] Don't read the comments on articles about you before you got your teeth done

8. [+218, -63] I love Nam Joo Hyuk..He was so cute in 'I'm Going to School'.. Why can't I find someone like him around me?ㅋㅋㅋ I feel bad that he has to deal with hate comments  ㅠㅜㅜㅜ

9. [+196, -88] So you should have known by now that your acting is still lacking when you've read the comments. Please practice more

10. [+126, -34] Comments saying that you can't act aren't really hate comments.. I really hope you put more effort into practicing. You're emotional scenes in 'School 2015' were awkward and cringeworthy

11. [+76, -27] The real female lead of 'Who Are You' is Jo Soo Hyang~~!~ I predict that she'll get an award at the year end ceremony~~!~


me said...

[+126, -34] Comments saying that you can't act aren't really hate
comments.. I really hope you put more effort into practicing. You're
emotional scenes in 'School 2015' were awkward and cringeworthy

This is so true. He's definitely not ready for lead role. Yian could probably more likable if only he was played by better actor. He's probably still get another big role because he's from YG, a big agency but please practice your skills first so you don't ruin a drama.

firda said...

Can u post infinity challenge articles? Thank u so much http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003100399

goldenmellow said...

I feel bad for the guy. He's not ready for more lead roles, but the hate he got is not just because he needs work. Some fangirls are just being assholes and hate everything about him. If you read his interviews, he was frustrated that Yi An wasn't very developed either and confused by the loveline, so while a better actor would have helped... I don't think it would have fixed everything tbh. He shouldn't read all the comments, but be aware he needs improvement (which I think he is)

firda said...

I dont understand the hates he gets.. I mean his acting is okay

me said...

Why you assume he's getting a lot of hate? Just like you said, he's not ready for a lead role esp if he said himself he didn't understand how to portray Yian. Yian character is unlikable, not only because the character itself but also because he as an actor failed to make Yian likable and relatable, more importantly he failed to deliver important emotional scene. When he got criticized for his acting, it doesn't mean people hate him. Criticism is not equal hate. Critics are important for an actor to improve his skills. He's a newbie so it's kinda forgivable but the problem is that his character is the main lead, the crucial part of the drama. His failure to portray yian had a big impact for the drama, many people can't root for his character. That's why he should practice his skills first and hopefully he won't take another lead role until he's ready.

I understand there's also immature fans because of the shipping but it goes both way and noone should take it seriously it happens all the time. It just like twilight team edward vs jacob,reply 1994, etc

goldenmellow said...

He's getting a lot of hate for simply being the actor who play YA and who cost TK (these aren't Sungjae fans btw) the girl. If you don't think teenager shippers on Pann, tumblr and other places aren't hating on him and spamming him (his IG)... I don't know what to tell you. It's not all well meaning dislike for his acting, but idiots who can't separate a character from an actor.

The actor is a big part of why YA was not likable to the audience, but it is also not everything either. It's hard to even tell YA's defining characteristic because noothing is there. He was cute and nice to start with then he's either has no character and is flat or was angry. A better actor might have gave him more nuance, but still.... You don't see his struggle through rehab and it's hard to even figure out why he likes Eun Bi in the end. That is stuff that isn't even written in the drama. He was hired because he had the same story as YA and the writer did nothing with it.

love7crzyman said...

Can u post about btob pleaseeeee

HJK said...

The fanwar during Reply 94 was huge. And people bashed both Chilbong and Trash a lot. However not many of them criticized Jung Woo or Yoo Yeon Seok for their acting. Thus, with a better actor, YA did not get so much hate, and people would not blame the actor if it was only poor writing. YA is a production of poor writing and acting.

goldenmellow said...

Yeah, definitely. I'm not saying the guy is a decent actor, but some of the hate he's getting is over the top. Hate about his appearance and other things...which is just really uncalled for. Well, some of the hate YA gets is kind of over the top too imo, but people have calmed down by now though. It was bad after the finale though. Shipper wars are scary stuff.

I'd rather he do supporting. He was seriously cute in SP in a small role. He's also really young so he can play a lot of supporting roles with good actors/writers/pd's and learn more if he's serious about acting. If not, he can always just go be pretty modeling.

Pluvio said...

Handsome? He's not bad looking but I don't think he's handsome. Just a normal looking face placed on a tall body.

me said...

Noone deserve hates tbh. But it happens all the time esp in Korea.
Celebrities got a lot of hate because stupid things. So nothing new
really. Nothing can be done.

The reason why his character always feel
flat and angry is because his disability to portray emotion, he can't
differentiate sadness and anger. The most obvious example was when he discovered
Eunbyul is dead and he went to the her memorial, He look angry when he
supposed to emote sadness.

In conclusion, as a fan of the drama, I can't help but dissapointed in him the most and wondered what will happened if it was played by better actor esp because the other actor/actresses did a good job for their character even though it wasn't well written character.
For example, Eunbi character was so very frustating but Kim So Hyun did a good
job so there's no criticism about her acting.

Anyway no hate to the actor, but I wish that he won't be cast as an important character in a drama that i like before he become a good actor.

goldenmellow said...

I don't disagree totally, but even a better actor could have not "saved" Ya's character for most people. Not against TK and his backstory and how sympathetic he was to the audience. They gave YA nothing to do at all and even simply helping Eun Bi would have helped endear himself to the audience. A better actor might not have had his screen time cut, but like you said, we'll never know.

Anyway, I can't be disappointing in him "the most" since the writing was total shit towards the end with disappointing mystery, how KSY was treated, the lack of student's being a focus and even Teacher Kim being underused. Finally, Eun Byul being removed from the story and Eun Bi taking over her life were far worse to ruin the drama than YiBi being nonsensical and YA being unlikable.

me said...

Of course I would rank the biggest dissapointment in this drama is the writers for the first place and NJH acting the second. I meant to say in terms of acting, compare to other actress/actor, he's the most lacking.

Yeah School 2015 is such a dissapointment. It started so good, but ended up a total mess. Compare to "Producers" drama which I found totally boring but they ended up with high note and have such a great ending so it left a good impression. It's kinda make me so angry on why do i even care about school2015. So many great potential. They're trying to hard on the love triangle but ended up failing on everything including the love story.

Haha, i avoid the forum or stuff like that. Try hard not to get into shipping war. Yeah it's kinda nice to hear a different point of view even though we don't necessarily need to agree with each other.

bibi said...

Poop Sungjae stand outs? Bitch plz, poop sungjae stans just stop.

thir said...

The last comment !!!!


tikhagahara said...

can you please translate more news about Nam Joo Hyuk... =D he is so cute and boyish... =D

commedesfuckdown said...

He is definitely handsome. Might not be gorgeous or whatever to some people who have high standards, but he's good looking. And tall. A good combination of everything.

Amoun Amoun said...

i agree
& the plot was obviously edited out to please the fanbase of taekwang character ...
as for acting i liked joohyuk's he did as much good work as sungjae ... i admit the romance was awkward not bcuz of his acting it's bcuz the scenes weren't developed enough to show his feelings for her & hers for him just so the love triangle keeps going back and forth the last minutes of the final
the final was lame & boring in my opinion the writer tried so hard to please both sides ;/

HJK said...

based on the deleted scenes, it s clearly that the writers changed the plot. However it is unfair to blame all of this to SungJae/TaeKwang or their fans. Nam Joo Hyuk/Han Yi An was a main lead during the first 10-11 eps. It was the writing from the writers and acting inexperience from NJH that YA didnot capture the heart of the public (thus, his character did not generate rating). The plot is bad, but SJ is clearly a better actor here. Thus despite the lack of screen time during the first 10-11 eps, he was able to sell his character ( which unfortunately change the direction of the drama during the last part by using the romance to get high rating). What i dont understand is that if the writers are able to write a good character like TK, why didnot they use that energy and plot to make YA a more interesting character in the first place?

tikhagahara said...

he is not the super handsome type, but makes people want to look at him more and more... attractive and boyish should be the fit description of him...

himnae nam joo hyuk,,, please improve ur acting, and we ll be anticipating ur next project =D

Booby said...

Sorry for riding on your comment ~

Hi kkuljaem ! Could you please translate the new articles about "The time we were not in love" ep 2 ?

Thank you ! ^^

commedesfuckdown said...

YG never really shove their idols/actors when they're not ready though. In fact, they barely let them out of their dungeon even when they're ready.

me said...

I think that's the case with their singer but their actress/actor? Go hye sun acting always got heavily criticized.

blossompng said...

[+126, -34] Comments saying that you can't act aren't really hate comments.. I really hope you put more effort into practicing. You're emotional scenes in 'School 2015' were awkward and cringeworthy

tbh I agree ~ Han Yi Ahn might've been such a less frustrating character if Joo Hyuk was a slightly more seasoned actor and if the development of the character was a little more full. The character reminded me of Minho's character in 'To the Beautiful You', the typical tsundere jock character with a soft spot and with bad impulses and a competitive spirit. Those characters have the potential to shatter athlete stereotypes and show a beautiful kind of humanity in them that most people struggle to see. It's a shame that Joo Hyuk has to see such spiteful comments but I hope his next role fits him better. I really like him ~ and he's such a cutie to boot.

panshel said...

I hope he's not hurt by the nasty comments from people who can't separate fiction from reality. Han Yi An is a character. You can hate the character all you want, but why in the world would you hate the actor who plays him?