2 June 2015

Opinions on Kim Jong Kook's acting

Osen - Naver: Surprised by Kim Jong Kook's unexpectedly good acting in 'Producer'?

1. [+3548, -144] His acting is more natural than I thought but it gets boring if he has too many scenes ㅋㅋㅋHe looks great with Ye Ji Won

2. [+3041, -123] He's not amazing, he's a bit awkward but he's funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ  And that's why it's fun. I hope everything goes well with Go Yang Mi

3. [+2753, -113] Kim Jong Kook's parts are so funny ㅋㅋWhat does he lack?

4. [+1860, -89] Wow. So the employees at 'Producer' got their job at the broadcasting station at age 27?  Kim Hong Soon, Ra Joon Mo, Tak Ye Jin have been working there for 8 years and they're now 35 years old.  Baek Seung Chan is 27 years old. Older unemployed who missed their chance, be strong!!

5. [+272, -46] Can I be honest here? His acting is better than Song Ji Hyo

6. [+246, -21] You can find people like Kim Hong Soon in every workplace. I'm relieved that he and IU are better than I thought

7. [+197, -12] Stefanoㅋㅋ As expected of the Commander

8. [+176, -15] He's quite good ㅋㅋ

9. [+165, -10] For me.... the funniest parts are Kim Hong Soon and Go Yang Mi's scenes. Kim Jong Kook is so cute

10. [+162, -37] I was opposed to IU at first and I assumed  they only added Kim Jong Kook because he's popular in China. But I was pleasantly surprised that his acting is more natural than IU. The director, Kim Jong Kook and Park Hyuk Kwon are so funny together. IU, too is getting better and better. She's so pretty in her role. Please give Kim Jong Kook and Ye Ji Won more scenes as well as the funny trio.

11. [+129, -8] He's good at variety shows, singing and now acting! The commander is a true entertainer


royalfreshness said...

he has it all... except a wife. oppa please get married soon and have babies T-T

Haeyoung said...

5. [+272, -46] Can I be honest here? His acting is better than Song Ji Hyo

Okay, this is SOOO true. SJH is great and all in varieties, but she really should stop acting. KJK is really good for a debutant and I always end up giggling at his antics. Glad his performance is well received :)

Fanny Fanita said...

9. [+165, -10] For me.... the funniest parts are Kim Hong Soon and Go Yang Mi's scenes. Kim Jong Kook is so cute

LOL I LIKE IT TOO!!!~~~ They're so funny, no oppa is funnier hahaha.

Aaerika said...

As expected from our capable commander :')

kimmyungsoo said...

Hello kkuljaem admin, sorry for asking again..please translate sixteen's article. Thank you very much. I am saying this because I think you didn't read my other comments..sorry TT TT

cunningaddictor said...

I agree he is much better at acting than SJH but i miss his music so much too. He is such a good singer and has super unique voice. I hope he puts out another album soon

Lily said...

I'm enjoying Producer, and I agree that IU is getting quite good in her role, her scenes with Kim Soo Hyun are the best because she shows her feelings so well.

ssss said...

he indeed mr capable...but we miss singer KJK...hope this autumn come out with album

SUPERMANisDead said...

admin-ssi, thank you. is there any article about recent RunningMan? the accident about KJK? Thank you for you considered that.

Qila_Yesung said...

seriously......his acting make me think he can do anything.. singer,entertainer and now actor! wow..this muscle guy really daebak. hope he success in life. fighting kim jong kook oppa

anonymous said...

i watch JH's movie before and her acting is suck so i never watch her acting anymore.