16 June 2015

Park Shin Hye impresses with her filial qualities + (Friendly reminders)

Osen - Naver: Park Shin Hye helped finance parents' restaurant with money she has earned for 10 years.. 'Filial daughter' 

1. [+16,279, -336] Her face is just as beautiful as her heart

2. [+13,679, -485] Park Shin Hye's perfect even to the eyes of a woman...

3. [+10,562, -366] Park Shin Hye is love

4. [+905, -42] I'm jealous. I want to earn money and  buy my parents a house,  a store and give birth to a grandchild

5. [+875, -75] I've been to the restaurant several times as it is near my house. They are so nice and the lamb tripes are delicious!

6. [+822, -60] It's hard to be generous no matter how much money your earn.. What a kind daughter. So young yet so compassionate! ~ I wanna raise my daughter to be just like her.. but she won't listen to me ㅠㅠ

7. [+158, -11] She greeted us when she was serving. Her parents raised her well. I've been a fan since then.

8. [+132, -5] The man she'll going to marry is indeed lucky

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springbirds said...

wow...the upvotes so daebakk!

Pre Cht said...

Really fun watching PSH on 3 Meals a Day, her aegyo and child-like disposition are amazing, not to mention the incredible work ethic.

I'd only see her in a drama episode or two, but seeing her on variety shows as herself, she's such a wonderful person :)

haha said...

Shinhye is a beautiful inside and out.
Indeed, whoever get married to her is indeed a lucky man

Behappy16 said...

Thank you I love read it everyday!

crazover said...

Park shin hye is so well loved. Liking her more after watching her in three meals a day

xxxdjx said...

I totally see her in the new light after her appearance in Three Meals.
Not my fav actress, but she's indeed pretty and has nice aura, you just can't hate her

Mars_in_blue said...

Thanks so much for this blog, Kkuljaem! Your hard work is very much appreciated :).

PSH really going for the nation's mom's friend's daughter title (or however the female analogous of Lee Seunggi's title is called :P)

Alisson said...

Oooooohhhh I love reading your "friendly reminders" :)
I like your blog, I feel in peace while I'm reading the comments and wrote comments.
And I hope in the future this blog will be the same, didn't make any fanwars.
Great job, kkuljaem 'owner' (?)

Faye said...

Thanks for all your work Kkuljaem. I enjoy reading the drama articles and other misc stuff :)

sayee said...

gorgeous inside and out ❤

Lily said...

Thank you kkuljaem, we really appreciate seeing translated comments on dramas. It's hard to find otherwise....and I think here is generally quite civil?

But unfortunately some commenters attack other commenters for being even slightly critical of their biases, certain fandoms are notorious for thinking ALL criticism, even legitimate one (like 'his/her acting is really lacking') is "bashing". And then attack other commenters over that. Let's all try to stay civil to one another...

choconerd said...

Kkuljaem-nim, thank you so much for always translating drama articles (they're my favorite to read) ! I love your blog and i visit it all the time. Keep up the great work!!!😃

miss friday said...

I like your friendly reminder.. i am going to patronise your blog from hereon.. its just so disappointing to read comments from other readers who are busy hating celebs.... kudos to you!

And thanks for translating above article, i feel warm reading positive comments about shin hye, just love that girl!

karecity said...

Thank you KkulJaem for your work! Love the greater focus on dramas on this site.
Hope this site stays classy and civil :)

rose rosee said...

Thank you

Fantasiana said...

Among all these Korean-English translator blogs I like here the most bcos people are still reasonable when commenting. I hope it's stay peaceful in here.

bogaerde said...

I remember that among all of her dramas she was in, the first one I had to see was the damn The Heirs. It makes me got a wrong impression about her in some ways and I feel really bad now.
She is just amazing inside and out, indeed. I saw her in a new light after watching Pinocchio and read on what fellow cast say about her, and how she takes care of everyone on the set.

placeforu said...

Thank you for your constant updates on this blog, Kkuljaem. :)

Park ShinHye seems like such a nice person after seeing her on 3 meals A day. Reminds me of that scene where kim soohyun tells IU how appearing on variety can be beneficial for the star image sometimes.

j d said...

What a lovely woman.

Jeongah said...

New reader here ! Will come frequently now

paradise said...

Isn't Kim Yuna is the female version of Lee Seung Gi's nation's title? ^^