8 June 2015

[Spoilers] High Society Ep 1+2, Hwajung Ep 17+18, School 2015 Ep 13+14, Missing Noir M (Finale)

Tuesday, June 9 Ratings 
1. Hwajung - 11.0%
2. School 2015 - 8.1%
3. High Society - 7.0%

High Society Ep 2

TV Report - Naver: 'High Society' Park Hyun Shik finds out that UEE is living a double life, "What is your motive?"

1. [+2114, -279] I don't know if she's a good actress or not. Her problematic enunciation is distracting. I couldn't focus and I kept looking at her tongue when she delivers her lines. She has a long tongue which seems to affect her enunciation 

2. [+1481, -118] UEE's eyes.. She'd still be so pretty without having them done.. 

3. [+1483, -285] Im Ji Yeon's ruining this drama. She's cringeworthy 

4. [+1133, -87] When Park Hyung Shik's clothing rippedㅋㅋㅋㅋ If that happened in real life, Im Ji Yeon would be so dead. Chaebols wear expensive clothes 

5. [+874, -172] Today's episode was really fun.. Park Hyung Shik!! 

6. [+376, -77]ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Park Hyung Shik's scenes are the best 

7. [+337, -63] Park Hyung Shik is an eyecandy. His acting is good. Do well 

8. [+330, -67] The 4 leads are still rookies but I find them amusing, especially Park Hyung Shik. He fits his role 

9. [+263, -44] I wish Hyung Shik gets more parts~ His scenes are the most fun! 

10. [+214, -40] I'm watching this drama because of Park Hyung Shik.... Chang Soo and Yi Ji are more interesting than Sung Joon and UEE. Im Ji Yeon-ssi is funny. This is one of the few dramas in which the supporting couple is more fun than the lead couple. I can't wait for next week's episode. 

11. [+172, -65] I think the acting is quite good...Just watch the drama for the drama and not for their looks.. They're all pretty and handsome and good at acting 

Hwajung Ep 18

Osen - Naver: 'Hwajung' Seo Kang Joon gets stabbed by the assassin's knife instead of Lee Yeon Hee

1. [+1364, -100] The more I watch this, the more I lose my focus trying to think if someone with that face existed during the Joseon era.. He's so handsome..............

2. [+1154, -136] The drama is good but I can't concentrate because of Lee Yeon Hee's acting 

3. [+772, -27] Don't worry Joo Won, you're one of the main characters which means you won't die 

4. [+130, -13] Despite the sucky acting, the scene when she meets her mom made me cry 

5. [+119, -10] The mother-daughter reunion made me cry.. There were times when I couldn't concentrate because of Lee Yeon Hee's acting and instead, I think of other actresses who would've been much better for this role ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+116, -49] Her acting wasn't bad today... I teared up when she reunited her mom 

7. [+68, -9] The characters are finally alive and the acting has gotten better. It's awesome to see that they're working hard for it 

8. [+61, -3] Todays' episode was really fun. I can't wait for more Seo Kang Joon and Hwayi 

9. [+50, -14] SM, you're rich! Please get her an acting coachㅠㅠ

Who Are You: School 2015 Ep 14

Osen - Naver: 'Who Are You', Nam Joo Hyuk catches sight of Yook Sung Jae giving Kim So Hyun a kiss 'A full-blown love triangle'

1. [+13056, -651] Joo Hyuk-ahㅜㅜ  Leave Eun Bi alone and just date Eun Byul..... 

2. [+11103, -262] Wow. Gong Tae Kwang was daebak today... Why so awesome ㅠㅠ

3. [+8888, -95] No next episode preview.. 

4. [+8841, -290] The chemistry of Eun Bi and Taekwang todayㄱㄱ

5. [+7067, -123] Woah... My heart ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+2143, -46] Eun Byul is alive but she suddenly became the pitiful one ㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+1934, -43] Kim So Hyun's the best actress out of the 3 female leads in the dramas airing on the same time slot 

8. [+1743, -110] Eun Bi will choose Tae Kwang 

9. [+1728, -113] Writer-nim, can you end it as Han Yi Ahn - Go Eun Byul and Gong Tae Kwang - Lee Eun Bi..?

10. [+1562, -44] Watch these two get the best couple award at the year end ceremony.. 

11. [+1293, -107] Yi Ahn-ah, don't even bother to get in the way of this couple. Just go to Eun Byul 

12. [+757, -7] A cheek kiss because she's a minor ㅋㅋㅋToo cute ㅋㅋㅋ

1. [+338, -6] Kim So Hyun is such a good actress. At first, I thought the unni was exaggerating for wanting to get revenge for her sister but I understand her. If even just one person in the class tried to ask Soo In if she's okay, they could've saved her.. 

2. [+318, -22] Mr. swimmer Han Yi Ahn, what's wrong with you...? There's only 2 episodes left so better get your feelings sorted out. Please let it be Yi Ahn - Eun Byul and Tae Kwang - Eun Bi 

3. [+34, -4] Disappointed in Yi Ahn today. Why are you wanting Eun Bi now? Anyway, Kim So Hyun is gorgeous 


Monday, June 8 Ratings
1. Hwajung - 10.2%
2. School 2015 - 7.7%
3. High Society - 7.3%

High Society Ep 1

Osen - Naver: 'High Society' pilot, stories of ambition and love

1. [+69, -1] SBS really loves chaebol dramas ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+46, -7] Am I the only one who got uncomfortable with Im Ji Yeon's exaggerated acting...??

3. [+53, -23] Park Hyung Shik is so handsome ㅠㅠAnd his acting is so good. Looking forward to more

4. [+45, -23] Better than I expectedㅋㅋㅋ The preview makes me look forward to tomorrow's episode

5. [+33, -15] From 'Punch' and 'Grapevine' to this. I can't watch. Sung Joon and Park Hyung Shik aren't fit for lead roles just yet..

6. [+17, -1] Go Doo Shim's acting is saving the drama

My Daily - Naver

7. [+3407, -84] Absurd set-up.. The youngest daughter of a chaebol household is working part-time at a grocery store???

8. [+2390, -102] Predictable plot... A drama made for UEE

9. [+2087, -50] It's hard for Korean dramas to exclude chaebol plots

10. [+1470, -77] The acting isn't good either

11. [+336, -11] There should be at least one who is good at acting.. These leads can't enunciate their words properly

11. [+116, -7] I don't see any charm in UEE... She used to be much prettier when she was famous for her honey thighs but now she's just so thin. She sounds like a military officer when she delivers her lines

12. [+74, -2] UEE's pronunciation is as awkward as ever

13. [+64, -6] Her acting has stayed the same since her drama with Joo Won. What were they thinking giving her the lead role? What a big drop of class from Moon Geun Young and Park Seo Joon to UEE and Sung Joon

Hwajung Ep 17

Osen - Naver: 'Hwajung' Cha Seung Won discovers Ahn Nae Sang's trap.. Targets Lee Yeon Hee again

1. [+913, -80] The acting of the two leads ;; Chajumma's hard carrying  the drama

2. [+854, -160] Lee Yeon Hee's foot acting is the best (T/N: foot acting = bad acting)

3. [+576, -74] If they gave this role to Ha Ji Won instead..

4. [+692, -219] I don't watch this because of Lee Yeon Hee.. She's ruining the ratings and the popularity of this drama

5. [+177, -13] This episode was daebak fun.. Unfortunate the drama is getting the bad rap because of acting controversies. Lee Yeon Hee's facial expression in that scene where she discovers that she's Jeong Myung... Cha Seung Won's gaze was so good that I kept comparing it with hers

6. [+120, -25] Lee Yeon Hee looks gorgeous in hanbok but in tension-filled scenes in which she's supposed to be angry, her eyes are always smiling. Her acting is still lacking but I feel bad that she's getting tons of hate for it

TV Report - Naver
7. [+58, -9] Seo Kang Jun's acting has improved. His gazes are so alive. I'm looking forward to more

8. [+49, -6] I'm liking Seo Kang Jun more and more. Meanwhile, Lee Yeon Hee...

9. [+30, -13] Seo Kang Jun and Lee Yeon Hee's romance ♥♥

10. [+28, -11] The drama's getting better. I loved today's episode

Who Are You: School 2015 Ep 13

Osen - Naver: 'Who Are You' Yook Sung Jae goes to Tongyeong to see Kim So Hyun... 'Lovesick' 

1. [+9708, -124] I really love Yook Sung Jae ㅠㅠ

2. [+9410, -123] ㅠㅠㅠㅠEun Bi-ya, please accept Tae Kwang's feelings

3. [+7236, -84] Gong Tae Kwang, this cutieㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋ

4. [+7019, -77] Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun with the kids are so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+6580, -335] Kim So Hyun should get the Best Actress award

6. [+1213, -16] Can anybody introduce me to someone like Yook Sung Jae?

7. [+1202, -9] Tae Kwang's lines are so memorable

8. [+204, -8] Does Yi Ahn like Eun Bi???? He has liked Eun Byul for a long time but it would be weird if he already fell for Eun Bi

9. [+163, -1] Eun Bi and Tae Kwang looked like a married couple todayㅋㅋㅋㅋ Too sweetㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please let Yi Ahn be with Eun Byul

Osen - Naver

10. [+4141, -69] He changed his hairstyle and went all the way to Tongyeong to see her. Eun Bi needs to accept him now..

11. [+3868, -45] I was expecting a hug during that scene...

12. [+337, -8] Kim So Hyun's acting is daebak. You can really tell if she's acting as Eun Byul and when she is Eun Bi!!

13. [+280, -10] Eun Bi should end up with Gong Tae Kwang while Eun Byul ends up with Yi Ahn.. but does Yi Ahn like Eun Bi?

Missing Noir M Finale

XPorts News - Naver: 'Missing Noir M' finale, Justice is tainted but it is immortal 

1. [+832, -12] Give me season 2. Pleaseㅠㅠㅠ I'm sad that you'll ending it like this

2. [+674, -8] Enjoyable from start to finish. I'm hoping for a season 2! I loved this drama. Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Sun were impressive. Great job ~

3. [+375, -14] A somewhat disappointing ending. But overall, this drama has been amazing...

4. [+79, 0] Never missed an episode!!!! I've always been a fan of Kim Kang Woo but I love him even more after watching him in this drama. Please make a season 2!!!! Great job and thank you to the cast and staff for your hard work.

5. [+74, -1] Dramas like this deserves a season 2!! Thank you for making this drama!

e news 24 - Naver

6. [+2026, -18] Real masterpiece.. Impressive acting.. Season 2 please....

7. [+1688, -25] Unfortunate that Kim Kang Woo isn't popular ㅠㅠ

8. [+1300, -16] This drama has been so much fun

9. [+152, -2] Some of the cases are a bit unrealistic and taking it to the extremes but Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Sun's acting was solid. I'm hoping for a season 2 or a special episode of director's cuts will do it!

10. [+124, -2]  Kim Kang Wooㅜㅜㅜ When did you become so sexy?ㅜㅜ


haruzat said...

Kim kwang woo...😍😍😍
being his fan after i accidently watch his movie with kibum(kinda forget its name..hahaha)
see you in next project...😍😍😍

Irene said...

I really like Eun Byul back. her scene with so young in class,i like it!

placeforu said...

5. [+33, -15] From 'Punch' and 'Grapevine' to this. I can't watch. Sung Joon and Park Hyung Shik aren't fit for lead roles just yet..

I feel the same, Park Hyung Shik is okay as a second lead but i don't see Sung Joon as a male lead material.

guesswho said...

[+3868, -45] I was expecting a hug during that scene...

I was like 'omo omo omo omo' then '...' during that scene *sigh*

anonymous said...

4. [+7019, -77] Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun with the kids are so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

KSH why do you have to be a minor:( I would ship you w/sungjae for real if you were older


[+6580, -335] Kim So Hyun should get the Best Actress award

[+337, -8] Kim So Hyun's acting is daebak. You can really tell if she's acting as Eun Byul and when she is Eun Bi!!

Seriously, I was shaking after her confrontation scene w/KSY

anonymous said...

I never understood why Park Hyung Shik was praised for his acting. He was mediocre in his last weekend drama too... Sung Joon is okay but definitely not ready for a lead role yet...

smileyaddicts said...

While watching high society i'm so distracted by UEE's nose. Idk why she did that to her face...
Her acting is no good too.
Idk why because i used to like her so much in that drama when she acted with joowon.

Leeya912 said...

[+9708, -124] I really love Yook Sung Jae ㅠㅠ
Lol!!! 9K+ vote for this... Add another one vote from me please >.< I'm severely falling in love with him right now!!

Salma ELF said...

[+58, -9] Seo Kang Jun's acting has improved. His gazes are so alive. I'm looking forward to more
[+49, -6] I'm liking Seo Kang Jun more and more. Meanwhile, Lee Yeon Hee...

KangJoon is getting praised for his acting skills OMG ..

KSW said...

I barely enjoyed him in I Need Romance and in Hyde Jekyll Me I thought he was just plain awful but he was good in that jtbc drama 'Can We Get Married' awhile back.

KSW said...

Gong Tae Kwang is that nice guy the lead girl never falls for. Sad. Btw he looks SO much better with black hair. His yellow blonde hair looked hella dry.

Nona Cha said...

Psychometry / The Gifted Hands

tea said...

i was all touched bc gtk x eunbi did look like a married couple, but then i felt so guilty for thinking that afterwards bc theyre both so YOUNG. that's probably how im gonna feel throughout the upcoming sungjae x joy wgm lol..... anyway gong tae kwang is one of the most likeable drama characters ive ever watched ack T_____T

skeletoninurcloset said...

Kim So Hyun is totally nailing it on Who Are You, School. You can differentiate which character she's portraying by the look in her eyes.~♥ Also love the smack down that Eun Byul delivered to So Young.

Guest said...

Missing Noir M really really really daebaaaaaak.
cant believe they made ending like this, i tought they will reveal James backstory but they made strong emphasis to Injustice, the reason why james always did his own justice not regular one, poor detective Oh. :'(

bogaerde said...

How others watch the scene of Tae Kwang and Eun Bi with kids : Awwwww cuteness overload!

Me watching the scene of Tae Kwang and Eun Bi with kids : A HAPPY FAMILY YASSS THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.

commedesfuckdown said...

Her nose...but what really changed her is her jaw surgery. Thats why her enunciation is really weird lately (I speak korean). She was very good in her drama with Joowon, but after that due to multiple surgeries, her face expression is limited and Her enunciation is awkward sigh

commedesfuckdown said...

Yuahn and Eunbi likes

silvermaoh said...

Eunbi please accept him

Hello Pink Venus said...

5. [+6580, -335] Kim So Hyun should get the Best Actress award

Yes and Sung Jae has good acting as well.

Hello Pink Venus said...

Kim So Hyun made me a fan, will be awaiting her next work.

Lily said...

I was so happy Eun Byul came back, I cheered when she gave the smackdown to Soyoung.

But please don't make Yi An and Eun Bi get together in the end, it's weird and he has no chemistry with Kim So Hyun as Eun Bi. Sungjae looks better with her as Eun Bi.

Lily said...

I was like YESSSSSSS during the confrontation scene, what those two boys couldn't do in ten episodes Eun Byul did so easily. She put So Young in her place and revealed how bad the bullying was, and Soyoung finally shut up! Ok not forever, but for then.

Shai_love said...

I think maybe Sung Joon does better in rom com roles versus things with more melo plots. He was good in Discovery of Romance as well.

Shai_love said...

That actually really sucks. Why did she get jaw surgery like that? Do doctors advise people that multiple surgeries can mess up your enunciation & expressions?

Ivery said...

1. [+13056, -651] Joo Hyuk-ahㅜㅜ Leave Eun Bi alone and just date Eun Byul.....
I agree lol >_>

goldenmellow said...

People keep telling Yi An to go for Eun Byul, but she doesn't even seem like she cares much. And Eun Bi doesn't like TK either. The fallout will be messy next week

Leeya912 said...

[+1293, -107] Yi Ahn-ah, don't even bother to get in the way of this couple. Just go to Eun Byul Agreed with this!! Go to eunbyul yi an... How can your love for 10 years can easily change after a few weeks? Taekwang has always looks for eunbi since he met eunbi.. He suits eunbi more >.<

Mars_in_blue said...

Yi An and Eun Bi clearly like each other, it was just a question of him coming to terms with it and she having the courage to confess to him straight on.

I really don't understand people that shove Yi An onto Eun Byul. The girl clearly does not care for him as much as he does for her, and she's done him wrong in so many ways with all her death/ressurection ploy. i still like Eun Byul, especially how protective she is of Eun Bi and conscious about Soo In, but Yi An deserves better.

goldenmellow said...

I don't get it either. Eun Byul is freaking awesome, but she's just not that into Yi An and none of her actions show even the slightest care for him. She listened to his swimming match and seemed sort of interested in him, but when shit happen she totally forgot about him. He's a very low priority in her life. I get she has things in her life happening, but for example the bridge scene, she just kind of talked to him in passing, as if dying and come back were a joke, and it was the last thing she had to do that day. How is that a sign of some everlasting OTP.

It's not like she's an uncaring person either, she's an ice princess, but for the right people she can show emotion. YA is just isn't one of those people.

commedesfuckdown said...

I don't think doctors do that, more like her company. UEE is known to have a bitchy face, and that probably was limiting the amount of roles she could pull off (bitchy second lead or some arrogant chaebol girl). But I don't know if she's happy with her decision, hope her jaw becomes better in time though

yuka5470 said...

13.000+ upvote....woaahhh...
school 2015 is really the best!!! the chemistry, the acting, the directing, the plot, the loveline >______<
my heart ache for han yian ToT bb, just go to eunbyul, you got the chemistry with that fireball lol
i want eunbi-yian too, but i dont want taekwang left alone, but i also dont want yian to be alone too...
i don't know who should i ship~

btw, kim sohyun is really good~ i can really differentiate the twins

kmon said...

Thank you! Eun Byul in reality only has 4-5 solid episodes in this whole series where as from beginning to end it's been Han Yi An x Eun Bi x Tae Kwang. Han Yi An's character has made it obvious that he has feelings for Eun Bi.

Just because Tae Kwang was the first to know she was Lee Eun Bi and not Eun Byul doesn't give him the right to have Eun Bi. Eun Bi made it clear that she sees him as a friend, doesn't matter how many times Tae Kwang confesses, that won't change a thing. I hope Han Yi An mans up in the last two episodes and show's Eun Bi how he feels about her.

kmon said...

I'm so sick of seeing people say that Tae Kwang deserves to be with Eun Bi. Why? Because he knew she was Eun Bi first? Sorry but that doesn't justify it for me. Eun Bi has made it clear that she only sees Tae Kwang as a friend - that alone should be enough reason for them to not end up together. I'm hoping for a Tae Kwang x Shijin ending, writers are obviously adding the Tae Kwang x Shijin scenes for a reason.

Yi An might have had a crush on Eun Byul, but that's not enough reason for him to be with Eun Byul either. They never said he 'loved' Eun Byul but that he cared for her since they were children. Eun Byul doesn't have enough respect for Han Yi An, just by the way she treated him in episode 13. The writers have made it SO clear that Yi An has developed feelings for Eun Bi, and that he can differentiate between the two.

smileyaddicts said...

It's weird because i never find UEe having a bitchy face. She was very charming, cute, and pretty the way she was. Not to mention her killer body...
Her chemistry with Joowon was so adorable as well but since Hoo Gu's love and this drama, i felt that she hasn't improved her acting at all and her face is really distracting. In fact i felt that all the casts in this drama are not leads material yet

_엑소-L said...

+1 :]

[+13056, -651] Joo Hyuk-ahㅜㅜ Leave Eun Bi alone and just date Eun Byul....

.... said...

[+318, -22] Mr. swimmer Han Yi Ahn, what's wrong with you...? There's only 2 episodes left so better get your feelings sorted out.

Honestly. -.- Seriously!

Aaerika said...

Out of all plastic surgery procedures, jaw-shaving is the scariest. Like, why would you do that.

Skylar said...

The scene Soo In's unnie held Eun Byul in her arms really made me cry so hard :( and Yi An, please come to your sense!!! Your Eun Byul finally came back. Isn't that what you always want?

Shang said...

Im Ji Yeon's character and her acting are so damn annoying. UEE isn't bas, although her character is a bit 2 dimensional. Park Hyung Sik plays surprisingly well the stereotypical asshole chaebol

surfinthesasslife said...

Thanks for Missing noirm M last ep article! I reallllly enjoyed the drama and it was my first time watching kim kang woo. He's quite the good actor. Although the ending could be somewhat better. Hoping for a s2.

Fitriyani Salamuddin said...

Eunbi still love yian for sure,,the one she met first after she comeback to Seoul is yian.. n yian now realise that he loves eunbi not eunbyul ... Yian actually care for eunbi but he just not sure about his feeling yet,
Hmm.. Can't wait for next week Ep, I'm rooting for eunbi yian because they love each other,, I'm sad about taekwang n eunbyul. But both eunbi n yian also deserve the one that they love..

eyb said...

I used to root for YiAhn x Eunbyul all the way till the last two episodes where he slowly realised his feelings for Eunbi. Eunbyul returning and seemingly drawing a clear line isn't helping either. THAT SAID!!! The drama so far has made it so difficult to not wish for a good ending between Eunbi and Taekwang... even in the latest episode, she was the only one with him in the hospital, and even went out to have a meal with him. This parallels to how he went all the way to Tongyeong for her T__T & THEREFORE, I am very conflicted right now. HMPH

__soosee said...


__soosee said...

im going to be disapointed in who-are-you-school if eunbi ends up with han yian :\ come on writer-nim make it eunbi-taekwang , eunbyul-yian it will be 1040493 better! i mean think of it han yian and eunbyul been with each other for 10 years and the chemistry between eunbi and taekwang is so amazing .next week is the last 2 episodes :(

__soosee said...

High society will be popular for the actors-ress just like the heirs , the heirs story was so bad and fast but the actors-ess make it float

Kpopfan said...

Go Go Go Han Yi An !!! Tea Kwang is cool but Eunbi doesn't love him the way he wanted her to... + Han Yi Ah fell for her gentle side thinking it was Eun-Byul... he has feelings for her as she has feeling for him... let them be happy lol !!

Kpopfan said...

I love all the cast of School 2015 ! Kim SoHyun is really doing a great job !! I loved her confrontation with that bad girl !! And indeed you can clearly differentiate Eunbi from Eunbyul !! 👏👏👏

Kpopfan said...

he fell for her gentle side thinking it was Eun-Byul + it seems like he was the one giving more in his relationship with Eun-Byul but with EunBi, she was more affectionate towards him so I can understand why he could have feelings for her + he said to her even before he knew it was Eunbi that he loves the changed EunBuyl... anyway if she loves Han Yi An I hope she will end up with eventhough I really love Tae Kwang

Kpopfan said...

Agree !!