25 June 2015

[Spoilers] Mask 10, Masked Prosecutor 12, Warm and Cozy 14, The Lover (FINALE)

Thursday, June 25 Ratings
1. Mask - 9.7%
2. Warm and Cozy - 7.6%
3. Masked Prosecutor - 5.9%

Xports - Naver: 'Mask' Soo Ae makes an entry to prevent Joo Ji Hoon's dismissal

1. [+3,140, -43] Hurry up and wear your mask, Byun Ji Sook! Sooner or later, they'll find that you're not Seo Eun Ha through your fingerprints

2. [+2,876, -42] Crazy. Why end it at that exact moment? ㅠㅠNext week, please pull a Joo Dae Hae, Ji Sook-ah (t/n: Joo Da Hae is Soo Ae's villain role in 'Queen of Ambition')

3. [+2,009, -40] The excitement is back~

4. [+1,499, -38] Can't wait for next week^^

5. [+971, -11] Ah. Those loan sharks are annoying

6. [+860, -16] Sad-looking Joo Ji Hoon is still sexy

7. [+812, -7] If you decide to live as Seo Eun Ha, please change your tone of voice first.. Stop mumbling and be sassy. Dammit

8. [+702, -20] *Lee Jung Hee comment*

9. [+376, -9] The plot's finally picking up. Waiting for next week. Yeon Jung Hoon, you're so dead

My Daily - Naver: 'Masked Prosecutor' Eom Ki Joon attacks Park Yong Gyu

1. [+315, -48] Eom Ki Joon is so handsome..

2. [+290, -31] *Lee Jung Hee comment*

3. [+141, -15] This drama is really fun but not many people are watching

4. [+53, -17] Most fun out of the dramas airing on the same timeslot

5. [+15, -1] This drama is relatively fun but people find the mask-wearing part so immature. Some parts are also exaggerated like that knife scene

6. [+9, -3] Seo Rina is so pretty

7. [+4, -1] Watching this for Hwang Seon Hee

Warm and Cozy 

Osen - Naver: 'Warm and Cozy' Kang Sora finally realizes that Yoo Yeon Seok loves her.. 'Tears' 

1. [+1,740, -24] Ah....Woa....Seriously.... Hong Sisters, why are you doing this to us?? Is it your main goal to drag the hell out of this drama??

2. [+1,197, -15] These writers like to play hard to getㅎㅎㅎ The preview is hopeless too

3. [+1,139, -19] Wow~~ What a frustrating drama!!!!! I like that the story's finally heading somewhere but it's still weak. Geez...

4. [+668, -10] Just you dare give me a crappy ending like a 1-year timeskip with Geon Woo and Jung Joo's reunion

5. [+234, -5] Girl finally knows. How many years did it take? Hopeless

6. [+209, -4] Finale is next week and what's with the snail-pace progress?

7. [+149, -1] I teared up too because I was so mad

8. [+141, -3] F*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI  feel bad for the two leads

9. [+142, -5] Hong Sisters always leave out the lovey-dovey stuff for the last episode........ Dammit...... They did the same thing in 'Master's Sun'

tv Report - Naver: 'The Lover' unpredictable endings for the 4 couples 'marriage+breakup+reunion'

1. [+258, -10] Surprised that Takuya is such a good actor

2. [+241, -11] This drama has been so fun. The cast should be in more dramas~

3. [+149, -2] I'm so sad that this is over. I hope they make a season 2ㅜㅜ I really enjoyed the Do Si-Do Ri couple

4. [+36, -2] Joon and Takuya's ending is just like what I've predicted ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Still can't believe this is over. I've always one week to watch it

5. [+36, -2] The writer wrote such a fun and refreshing drama. Please have a season 2 ㅠㅠ

6. [11, -2] It has been so fun Jung Joon Young's fans hated this drama but ironically, it turned me into a Jung Joon Young fan ㅋㅋㅋㅋHis acting was really natural

7. [+10, -2] When will we see Takuya again?  ㅠㅠㅠ

Naver: 'The Lover' Jung Joon Young and Choi Yeo Jin register their marriage 'Become an official couple

8. [+103, -6] I've always thought of Jung Joon Young as this delinquent ulzzang but 1N2D totally changed my perspective of him. So likeableㅋㅋ I would love to have a friend like him in real life

9. [+87, -7] Young Joon is so awesome ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+24, 0] This couple was so ridiculous at first but they're warm and sweet deep down.. Good job Jung Joon Young


hul said...

the only drama i watch above is warm and cozy and i enjoy it tho ㅋㅋㅋ

piripu said...


anon said...

the epilogue bit in todays finale of the lover was so adorable! i loved how all the couples ended up working out for the best and the way they didn't wrap everything up all pretty, it made it feel much more realistic that way. the and will never fail to make me smile from now on lol

kariwinn said...

Am I the only person that prefers Byeon Ji Sook? I mean she's annoying, but I like that she's kind. I don't want her to transform into Seo Eun Ha completely. Just enough to bring the brother-in-law down. :p

Ivery said...

The Hong sisters love to due time skip in their dramas where the leads reunite years later lool

Samantha said...

[+2,876, -42] Crazy. Why end it at that exact moment? ㅠㅠNext week, please pull a Joo Dae Hae, Ji Sook-ah (t/n: Joo Da Hae is Soo Ae's villain role in 'Queen of Ambition')

~ Me too..I miss Soo Ae's 'Joo Da Hae fierceness' and that's what I always wanted to see in her once she started to change. The plot is picking up again.Mask fighting!

Guest said...

the way they feel so frustated about some character mean they are drowned too deep in that drama. kekeke

are they didnt realize that? they didnt talk about crappy acting or crappy plot but just feel frustated about a character.

Rin said...

I prefer strong Buyn Jisook, not Seo Eun Ha

Shang said...

The whole concept of this drama is that it's about letting your mask FALL. How obtuse can the netizen be.

haha said...

there is no crappy acting in that drama though...

haha said...

it's prob the worst, try Mask

Guest said...

agree, thats why no one complain about that.

sugarlolly said...

Which one is worse? Warm and Cozy or Mask Prosecutor?

placeforu said...

yeah, that's the moment we huv all been waiting for. Next week eps should b a lot better.

jalila-suju said...

what are you talking warm and cozy is romantic comdey while mask is
melodrama , so they have different genre to compare them , i didn't
watch mask prosecutor , and warm and cozy is good if you just enjoy the
acting without thinking of what should be next .... the only thing which
is frustating is how the writer keep doing so many push and pull
between the leads .... but as i said you should just enjoy it , and
enjoy the senery of jejudo is so beautiful

igotpinkvelvet said...

Kang Sora looks like Kim Tae Hee in the last screencap

nnnneil0929 said...

Time to marathon The Lover!!