17 June 2015

[Spoilers] Mask 7+8, Masked Prosecutor 9+10, Warm and Cozy 11+12

Thurs, June 18 Ratings
1. Mask - 11.8%
2. Warm and Cozy - 8.2%
3. Masked Prosecutor - 4.8%

Mask Ep 8

Osen - Naver: 'Mask' Ji Hoon - Soo Ae -Jung Hoon's unrivalled and peculiar love triangle 

1. [3,335, -66] Soo Ae should just reveal who she really is to Joo Ji Hoon so that the two of them can confront Yeon Jung Hoon... Fed up with the plot progression 

2. [+3,011, -48] Byun Ji Sook's frustrating character is unrivalled 

3. [+2,553, -51] Please show us your bitchy and fierce side just like Seo Eun Ha ㅠㅠㅠㅠWriter, it's really getting frustratingㅠㅠㅠ When will she have that big change? ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+1,651, -24] The turning point might be when Hoya gets wrongly accused of murder and Soo Ae will take revenge against Min Seok Hoon

5. [+383, -8] She's not currently wearing a mask but she's her usual self - the frustrating and clumsy Byun Ji Sook.. Please wear it soon. Don't surprise us with a last-minute personality change 

6. [+87, -6] Only watching for Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon. The plot is interesting but the forced scenes and the lame supporting characters, especially the house servants, are cutting the flow of the drama. They don't contribute to the story at all. Soo Ae's acting is what's keeping me stay

7. [+73, -6] Yeon Jung Hoon's character has the most issues.. illusions of grandeur, hypocrisy, cruelty, sadist, masochist, deceit...  He's far from what you'd consider an innocent man. Byun Ji Sook got persuaded by psycho Min Seok Hoon, Joo Ji Hoon needs to protect her.. If they turn Byun Ji Sook into a psycho too, I'll stop watching this drama 

8. [+47, -1] She will wear her mask once her brother gets wrongly accused of murder

Masked Prosecutor Ep 10

KBS Media - Naver:[Video]  'Masked Prosecutor' Kim Sun Ah provokes Jeon Kwang Ryul

1. [+35, -14] Kim Sun Ah's a good actress. The story's getting interesting 

2. [+12, -1] So fun. Joo Sang Wook, Kim Sun Ah and the rest of the cast are so good at acting 

3. [+8, -1] Low ratings because of 'Mask' 

4. [+16, -18] Kim Sun Ah's better with comic roles. She's awkward with playing serious characters. 

5. [+13, -25] Kim Sun Ah got so much older. She should just stop playing those monotonous single woman roles; She looks unnatural too

Warm and Cozy Ep 12

tv Report - Naver: 'Warm and Cozy' Kang So Ra fails to understand Yoo Yeon Seok's straighforward confession, 'Frustrating' 

1. [+2,000, -19] What's happening with these two? So damn frustrating... 

2. [+1,856, -26] Writers, time for lovey dovey scenes!! Our Geon Woo has finally woken up~ 

3. [+1,369, -26] I was expecting this to be a sweet episode 

4. [+249, -7] Ugh. Just let them dateㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's getting annoying at this point ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+207, -7] When one decides to like the other, one decides to turn his/her back.. Are they really planning to drag it until episode 15 and then leaving episode 16 for the sweet stuff? 

6. [+208, -8] Geon Woo leaves Jeju again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋArgh. I'm gonna give up. So pissed off. What's gonna happen to Jung Joo?ㅋㅋ Writers, are you out of your mind? 

7. [+141, -8] So clueless just like Gong Hyo Jin in 'Producer'. Just how many clueless characters do I have to put up with now? 

8. [+70, -5] Only a few episodes left and we need to see them be lovey dovey again. The two kiss scenes didn't feel sincere at all. The plot is dragging. A waste of  their acting skills

Wed, June 17 Ratings
1. Mask - 11.0%
2. Warm and Cozy - 7.8%
3. Masked Prosecutor - 5.7%

Mask Ep 7

Newsen - Nate: 'Mask' Soo Ae, About to confess her real identity after her kiss with Joo Ji Hoon

1.[+678, -9] Byun Ji Sook is frustrating. Why can't she just wear Seo Eun Ha's mask?

2. [+426, -14] That kiss. Wow ㅠㅠJoo Ji Hoon so sexy ㅠㅠ

3. [+90, 0] I like all scenes in this drama except when she goes to her parents' snack place.. She keeps hovering and then she runs away when she makes eye contact with the loan sharks or her brother. I'd much rather prefer that they put more focus on Seo Eun Ha's real story than Byun Ji Sook's

4. [+65, -1] Min Woo:  Tell her that I don't love her
Chang Soo: He said he loves you
Ji Sook: Why? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+46, -1] Ji Sook pisses me off.. while Min Woo's character is so charmingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're supposed to be in a loveless marriage but where can you find a caring husband like himㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He was a such a neatfreak weirdo in the beginning and he suddenly turned in to a changed man after receiving comfort from Ji Sook. It's unrealistic

6. [+43, 0] The cast is made up of amazing actors and the directing is good but could the writer be the problem? The plot development is a bit sloppy. Byun Ji Sook's character is cancerous and annoying. The title is 'Mask' and 7 episodes in already but all you showed was Byun Ji Sook sobbing for her family. When will she wear her Seo Eun Ha mask..? The never-ending pattern of going to her parents place and then crying... We've had enough of it already


7. [+3,700, -99] I wasn't interested in Joo Ji Hoon before but I totally liked him after watching him in 'Mask'  ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠSo cool and sexy

8. [+368, -12] Joo Ji Hoon is so sexy and charming.. Don't do anything stupid that will hurt you career. Hope you're always on the roll^^

9. [+137, -7] Started watching this for Soo Ae but I fell for Joo Ji Hoon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI love his random comic reliefs  ㅋㅋ Why do I find Yeon Jung Hoon's acting so hilarious?  ㅋㅋㅋ

Masked Prosecutor Ep 9

Osen - Naver: Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah's  'Masked Prosecutor', we've waited for this kind of romcom 

1. [+154, -12] Kim Sun Ah's nearing her 40s but still prefers roles like this.. She needs a transformation

2. [+121, -11] Kim Sun Ah should now learn to embrace 'mother' roles just like what Kim Hee Sun and Song Yoon Ah have been doing

3. [+78, -6] The journalist wrote 'Mask King' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋPlease make a correction, journalist-nim

4. [+22, -4] Joo Sang Wook is so handsome

5. [+16, -2] Kim Sun Ah needs new roles. How about a playing a wife?.. Look at Uhm Jung Hwa. She wore a high school uniform for her roleㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+6, -1] Watching this for Joo Sang Wook. His acting is jjang!!

7. [+15, -3] I loved Joo Sang Wook in 'Birth of a Beauty'.. But he's always playing the same roles.. How about starring in a  melodramatic film next?

Warm and Cozy Ep 11

Osen - Naver: 'Warm and Cozy' Kang So Ra's mom makes an appearance. Is she really her biological mother?

1. [+684, -15] What a terrible mom. Jung Joo is too nice.. I doubt that she's her real mom ㅠㅠ Geon Woo needs to help her out ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+629, -22] Am I the only one who doesn't understand? ㅜㅜSomething's off ㅜㅜ

3. [+611, -16] Talk about random... Ha... What's happening with the story?...

4. [+140, -6] Something's off. I watched this drama because of it's laid-back and pleasant feel... Geon Woo and Jung Joo's push-pull game is also a huge turn off

5. [+130, -11] This is insane. The Hong Sisters are losing their touch

6. [+119, -18] What the f*ck!! What are you doing, Hong Sisters? You've made this drama so childish  and I'm gonna stop watching at this point.. Did you really write this? Nothing interesting about it anymore. And Hae Shil's accident is so random. What will you do if this lowers the ratings?!!

7. [+105, -5] The mom is so selfish. The random sick sister storyline is pointless.

8. [+59, -4] The story is so bad. I'm just watching it for the cast

9. [+51, 0] The people who can't act in this drama: Mok Ji Won, Geon Woo's noona and Jung Joo's mom


Shai_love said...

I don't have a problem with Ji Sook, it would be impossible for her to really become Eun Ha. They have the same face, but they were totally different people. It's called Mask, but the whole point wasn't Ji Sook becoming Eun Ha since Min Woo is suppose to discover her real identity and stick by her side. She's telling him the truth because she actually loves him, it's not easy becoming someone else & Ji Sook literally becoming Eun Ha would defeat the purpose of the drama.

placeforu said...

1.[+678, -9] Byun Ji Sook is frustrating. Why can't she just wear Seo Eun Ha's mask?

^^MTE, the drama title is Mask but she keeps sobbing over her family. She doesn't need to act as Eunha but at least be strong and confident in front of other people like that jerk from high school. She is not Ji Sook in other people eyes. The writer is getting on my nerves, don't waste the casts talent.

Shai_love said...

Yes to everything you said and to add on that Ji Sook becoming EUn Ha would be pointless because Min Woo wouldn't have fallen for her. Eun Ha was colder and more out for herself (couldn't blame her), but her and Min Woo weren't a good match. With Ji Sook 'posing' as Eun Ha, but still keeping much of her own personality it's allowing Min Woo to show who he really is too. I feel like the story would go nowhere if Ji Sook tried to be a carbon copy of Eun Ha.

placeforu said...

I know three Hong Sisters drama, Greatest Love (hit), Big (FAIL), Master Sun (hit) and this one Warm and Cozy (Fail) but not as bad as Big. It's like they do well on every other drama.

placeforu said...

oh, u were on the thread as well, but i think it wouldn't be that interesting if JS doesn't have some of EH traits. But we will see how the writer unfold the story. I have faith in Secret writer. If it's makjang, it has to be makjang all the way.

Guest said...

i remember an epidose in Dr Frost about Smile Mask Syndrome, a woman forced herself to smile in any situation even if its unfair. And it became a habit, even after killing someone.

Shai_love said...

Thread? Do you mean Soompi? Then yeah that's me.
I'm not saying for Ji Sook to be completely different & not take advantage of some of the ways Eun Ha worked, but overall it wouldn't serve the plot purpose for her to truly embody Eun Ha. As said, Min Woo is falling for Byun Ji Sook's caring personality, not Seo Eun Ha.

Shai_love said...

That's forming a habit, I think it takes 21 days to fully form one.

Rin said...

i actually expect more from the script writer. Hope he can show something interesting in the next eps. The preview of 8th eps seems interesting.

placeforu said...

Yah, soompi. It's true that MinWoo couldn't have liked current Eunha if not for JiSook personality but I want to see stronger JiSook. Writer is making her character as a push over.

Stormrox said...

Dont worry she will stand for herself, the writer for this drama is the same as the writer for secret, hwang jung eum character was the same bt she slowly became stronger, i think same thing will happen here

jessy said...

I'm tired of jisook mopping... Sobbing.. And unable to stand up for herself. She doesn't have an ounce of Eunha strong character...
Yes Soo Ae is a good crirer but stop it.
Yoon jung heon acting is hilarous and it's creepy and unrealistic that he puts a camera on MW rooms on evey corner??? Lol.. He can even get a close up of MW and JS on the pillow.

Warm and cozy will be on hong sister list of drama failures too. At least Big was funny

Fanny Fanita said...

I want Choi Minwoo know the truth and loving Byun Jisook as herself, not Seo Eunha~ thats what i want.

오다 said...

i cried at those episode and now looking at smile-free people in a different perspective

Guest said...

really? how do you know?

Guest said...

me too, now i am always asking to myself, are they really mean about what they said? are they just wearing a mask? i begin to doubt everything. kekeke

오다 said...

korea needs more drama like that LOL

Rin said...

4. [+1,651, -24] The turning point might be when Hoya gets accused of
false murder charges and Soo Ae will take revenge against Min Seok Hoon
The script writer and SBS played with my heart. They didn't bother to give us ep 9 preview too.

Can't wait to see what happend to Jihuyk. Jiseok seriouslly pissed me off.

goldenmellow said...

kdramas sure are frustrating these days it seems

goldenmellow said...

Nah, they used to be much more consistent.


I'd recommend every drama on that list but Big, well and Warm and Cozy now.

Nana said...

I lost interest in Mask after ep 7.
I hope it gets better... Everything is over the top and unnatural.

whatsever313 said...

Oh my god they are the one who wrote MGIAG and my girl I realy like them so much I had no idea that it was the same writer who wrote those beside The master's sun and the greatest love !

hikari_ said...

"[+65, -1] Min Woo:  Tell her that I don't love her
Chang Soo: He said he loves you
Ji Sook: Why? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" aagghhhhh i LOVE this scene

joujouji said...

Yeah me too. She keeps doing stupid mistakes exposing her family and herself to danger

2m2i4k1i said...

Now we know what Mask writer's purpose is...for everyone to react to Jisook's role. Then when the plot twist arrive, we'll all be crazily reacting all over again! Nice job, writer nim!