14 June 2015

[Spoilers] Mask Singer

Hanguk Ilbo - Naver: 'Mask Singer', Who is 'My mother said she hates UV radiation'? 

1. [+494, -26] I think it's Jung Eun Ji.

2. [+401, -22] My mother said she hates UV radiation is Jung Eun Ji!!

3. [+344, -17] Anyone can tell that's Jung Eun Jiㅋㅋ Her performance was outstanding

4. [+59, -3] With that voice and those gestures, I'm certain it's Jung Eun Ji

5. [+31, -1] I like girlgroups but I'm not too familiar with Apink .. . But as soon as she started singing, I knew she has a voice that would advance her to the finals.. Her singing skill is top-level

6. [+33, -3] Jung Eun Ji is an amazing singer

7. [+28, -2] It's Jung Eun Ji, right?... I thought she was a veteran musical singer.. I love this show for recognizing lesser-known singers and presenting them to a wider audience,  although Jung Eun Ji is already popular

Osen - Naver

8. [+8650, -279] This week's panel was a mess. In Young? Soo Bin? I still don't understand the purpose of inviting panelists who clearly don't match the show. They should invite someone like Baek Ji Young who enlivens the atmosphere when it gets boring

9. [+5372, -247] Ashamed of myself for thinking  Lee Ji Hye and Seo Ji Young were the only members of S#arp

10. [+3839, -253] The UV is Jung Eun Ji

11. [+2828, -184] Good job Eun Ji ahjumma 

12. [+2701, -190] My mother said she hates UV radiation is Jung Eun Ji. She was really good!

13. [+1009, -26] Jang Suk Hyun's Nocturne performance was honestly amazing..

14. [+996, -34] Unfortunate that Go Yoo Jin got eliminated. The Pasongong Gyerantak is Vixx' Ken


blubo said...

eunji was really good,,, but i also curious the guy that sing with her.. his vocal color is really my style...

Leslie Williams said...

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fei said...

I think people know eunji has a powerful voice and they even recognized it...the people who got the most advantage from the show are the least recognized in the group and who who have a talent which needs to be discovered. namjoo should've went instead.

choconerd said...

[+2828, -184] Good job Eun Ji ahjumma

At first I was like, 'what? why did they call her ahjumma?' And then I realized her she's wearing an ahjumma outfit complete with the visor and loose pants lol

aquaisra said...

OMG Vixx Ken is on the show???!! Do well.

And Eunji is seriously an incredible singer.

kariwinn said...

I completely agree! They should have put Namjoo...her lives are really stable

Cassiel said...

Yeah eunji is already popular and a well known good singer, they should cast namjoo if they really want to find an Apink member

amaBeez said...

couldn't agree more..! Eunji already established as a good singer, they should bring other Apink's members, just like how BtoB did..

noname said...

Eunji is widely known to have a spectacular voice, but her vocal talent is overshadowed by her awesome acting skills.she is knows Eunji as one of the best young actresses from Reply. Masked Singer was a good opportunity for everyone to appreciate just how good her vocals are. Thats what people need to understand. and yess namjoo should go too.. to show her talent.. but her time will come.. we need to wait as apink in phase to stabilize their career..

pre said...

Just watched the Mask Singer performance, really sounded terrific. Hope Eunji gets lots of recognition for this! Wonderful singer and actress :)


Thanks, kkuljaem!

Lusica said...

maybe that's the point .. coz eunji has good vocal control.. maybe u remember for what happen to min from miss A who appear at show king mask singer before?? how knetizent react so scary full with negative comment about how suck she sang..