19 June 2015

[Spoilers] My Love Eun Dong 7+8, Orange Marmalade 7, Producer 11+12 (FINALE)

My Love Eun Dong Ep 8

news 1 - Naver: 'My Love Eun Dong', Kim Sarang hides the truth that she's recovering her memories

1. [+2,494, -22] Wow. This drama is seriously amazing.....

2. [+2,425, -21] It's really good, I'm just worried about the ratings ㅠㅠ Their love is unconditional

3. [+2,037, -26] He's really Eun Ho's son~~~~~~~

4. [+548, -6] It would be all-kill with the ratings right now if it aired on a public channel

5. [+540, -7] First time that I'm in awe of an actress' beauty since Jeon Ji Hyun in YWCFTS. Kim Love looks gorgeous in whatever she wears

6. [+368, -3] This drama makes my heart flutter!!

7. [+234, -5] When Joo Jin Mo was taking selca while eating noodlesㅋㅋㅋ So freaking cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+233, -5] My heart was beating so fast when Hyun Soo spoke to her in banmal and his reaction was so cute when she told him to not speak banmal to her.. I thought they were gonna kiss at the fitting room...

Osen - Naver: 'Eun Dong' Joo Jin Mo's acting as a love sick man through his voice and gaze

1. [+1,314, -9] Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sarang are so good at acting~~~!! Do well!!

2. [+1,1161, -11] This drama is honestly so good. Please watch it  ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+255, 0] So much better than dramas on public broadcast

4. [+240, 0] The pacing and the story are both superb. I'm always smiling when I watch it... So beautiful

5. [+222, -1] Main reason why I'm eagerly waiting for Fridays and Saturdays. It's so touching and it has what I look for in a drama. I'm loving the little funny parts too... I've been recommending it those around me. Joo Jin Mo is so cool and Kim Sarang made a good decision by starring in this drama

6. [+209, 0] Joo Jin Mo ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

7. [+92, 0] I seriously love Joo Jin Mo... His acting is perfect... Sorry for not recognizing you all this time

8. [+92, 0] Don't sleep with your husband tonight~~~~~ That daebak line~~~~!! As expected of Joo Jin Mo!!!

9. [+86, -1] Joo Jin Mo's awesome even to the eyes of men. Had no idea that Kim Sarang can also show so much depth in her acting.. The two leads are doing a marvelous job. The supporting characters are also unexpectedly hilarious with the funny scenes tucked in the drama.. Hoping that the ratings would skyrocket

10. [+76, 0] In love with this drama.. Perfect directing, script and acting ~~~ Highly recommend it

Producer Ep 12 (FINALE)

tv Report - Naver: 'Producer', I think we need a season 2, for reals

1. [+7,949, -476] This ended quicker than I thought.. Please have a season 2

2. [+5,663, -331] Baek Seung Chan is unforgettable~~~~~~~~~~

3. [+5,232, -353] Producer is overall fun

4. [+4,399, -609] I don't know what to think about having a season 2... The last episode was really good but come to think of it, it's the actors who saved this drama

5. [+848, -54] Go Yang Mi is the CEO's daughter. Like if you agree

6. [+674, -96] Daebak ratings of 17.7%  nationwide and over 20% for Tving. Great job Producer. Kudos to Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU

7. [+169, -28] I'm in favour for season 2 only if they keep the same cast. It already ended but it still leaves me feeling thirsty for more

tv Report - Nate: 'Producer' Gong Hyo Jin  Cha Tae Hyun end their 25-year friendship... Begin dating

1. [+548, -11] Cha Tae Hyun didn't feel as if he was acting but it felt like he's Ra Joon Mo in real life. His straightforwardness is what makes him so cool 

2. [+457, -6] Started watching it for Kim Soo Hyun but Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin's acting made me hooked. IU was also charming

3. [+53, -4] Cha Tae Hyun is a fantastic actor. His confession was straightforward, clean, sincere and beautiful 

4. [+42, 0] If I were Tak Ye Jin, I would choose Ra Joon Mo too.. You can't underestimate 20 years of friendship.. Cha Tae Hyun was indeed awesome as Ra Joon Mo

tv Report - Naver: 'Producer' Lee Joo Seung's chilling existence...A ghost that exists in Kim Soo Hyun's imagination?

1. [+814, -17] No, he's not a ghost. He is Tinkerbell, Baek Seung Chan's fairy

2. [+715, -15] He looked like an angel in this scene because of his all-white outfit and he's sitting on a unicorn too....

3. [+74, -2] Lee Joo Seung has been playing lots of mystery characters lately..

4. [+71, -1] Why did so many of them wear white shirts today? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Osen - Naver: 'Producer' IU, 'best 1 minute' for 5 consecutive episodes 

1. [+163, -15] You really need to acknowledge IU. She showed a significant improvement in her acting. Good job  

2. [+133, -16] As expected of Cindy. IU's acting is so good 

3. [+111, -18] Pretty, great sing, kind and even good at acting

4. [+41, -5] If she was the 'best 1 minute' (t/n: peak rating) for 5 episodes, then that's almost half of the entire drama. You're the best, IU~

5. [+29, -4] IU did a good job with her acting;; Everybody thought she was a miscast but she was truly believable as Cindy!!! I enjoyed Producer

My Love Eun Dong Ep 7

Xports News - Naver: 'My Love Eun Dong' Kim Sa Rang tears up and questions her mother "Do I know Joo Jin Mo?"

1. [+151, -1] Hoping that this drama gains strength once 'Producer' is over. The plot is predictable as a soonjung manhwa but it's so romantic. God Jin Mo

2. [+134, 0] She already has a great body but how can she be so gorgeous too?,,,,, Kim Sa Rang's the best,,, ㅎㅎ

3. [+109, -1] Ah~~Damn. The tears.....

4. [+102, 0] It's so good. MLE is jjang

5. [+38, 0] Kim Sarang's just so perfect as Ji Eun Dong.. (heart thumps)

6. [+35, 0] This drama is honestly daebak. Unfortunate that it's not airing on public channel. Kim Sa Rang unni is doing a fantastic job as Eun Dong. Her innocent and graceful image matches so well with the character. Such a good actress. I'm waiting for tomorrow's episode!!

7. [+28, 0] Kim Sarang-ssi's acting is daebak. Her face is so pretty too! My heart hurt when her husband was crying. It must be because they've got amazing actors for the cast but this drama is really good and emotional ~!

8. [+23, 0] Best drama I've seen in a while~ Kim Sarang is jjang~!!

9. [22, 0] She looked so gorgeous during the bus scene

10. [+17, 0] I'm watching 'Producer' but this one is so much better.

Orange Marmalade Ep 7

Osen - Naver: 'Orange Marmalade' Yeo Jin Goo to Seolhyun "I'm in love with you"

1. [+2,997, -52] What's the reason why they turned this into a saegeuk?

2. [+2,182, -68] I don't understand this drama

3. [+1,813, -61] Probably switched to sageuk because Yeo Jin Goo gets good response when he does sageuk dramas. The plot is inconsistent and lacking

4. [+1,162, -100] Why do I find this so boring?

5. [+122, -12] Just stick to the original concept

6. [+114, -13] No matter how well Yeo Jin Goo adapts to sageuk roles, I'd much rather see him play dark and cold-hearted roles like he did in 'Giant' and 'Hwayi'

7. [+73, -4] The sageuk version is season 2 ㅜㅜTheir Joseon story is surprisingly fun. A lot of people miss the classroom setting in Season 1 but in here, Yeo Jin Goo and Seolhyun have great chemistry too

8. [+29, -6] Am I the only one who finds the sageuk version enjoyable?.. People should start from episode 1

9. [+24, -1] Jin Goo-ya, I'm in love with you

10. [+19, -2] Seolhyun-ah, I'm in love with you

Producer Ep 11

My Daily - Naver: 'Producer', the meaning behind Kim Soo Hyun and IU's tears

1. [+6,639, -103] It's gonna be so hilarious if Cindy actually calls Lawyer Seo Kyung Seok and  the two of them destroy CEO Byun. Cindy fan here ㅋㅋ

2. [+5,035, -189] I thought today's episode would be of weak quality because of the rushed script but.. it was the best.. The writing, directing and acting were the best!

3. [+3,070, -73] CEO Byun..... to the rooftop!

4. [+865, -82] Sad that YeChan is over ㅠㅠㅜHoping that IU doesn't get hate for her acting from now on. She was amazing last night

5. [+554, -49] Cried with Cindy last nightㅠㅜㅜㅜ  Please give her a happy ending

7. [+205, -9] I don't really care about the love lines. I just wanna see CEO Byun gets what she deserves

8. [+175, -14] Cindy, be strong! I hope the PD's help her out  and she  needs to move to another agency

9. [+143, -6] Choked up when the manager said "I kneel about 12 times a day"

10. [+120, -19] I was expecting them to show Baek Seung Chan's growth as a PD. Why the hell did he keep following Tak Ye Jin but he got dumped in the end? Writer Park Ji Eun, please show us Seung Chan who succeeds in his career not someone who gets dumped and worries about relationships

11. [+95, -4] The actress who plays CEO Byun, Na Young Hee, is my aunt.. She has always played villains before and she's quite used with negative reaction from people but the amount of hate she's getting right now is really making her worried.. I hope everyone understands that it's just acting so please stop hating her.


Mapel said...

LOL at the comment no 3 and 10.2 (yes there are 2,2 kkuljaem ^^)

KkulJaem꿀잼 said...

Thanks for catching that:)

sleepyneve said...

Wow, there aren't many downvotes for My Love Eundong.

omoooo said...

11. [+95, -4] The actress who plays CEO Byun, Na Young Hee, is my aunt.. She has always played villains before and she's quite used with negative reaction from people but the amount of hate she's getting right now is really making her worried.. I hope everyone understands that it's just acting so please stop hating her.

lol.. please don't hate ceo byun irl..

Gyu said...

3. [+3,070, -73] CEO Byun..... to the rooftop!


choconerd said...

[+3,070, -73] CEO Byun..... to the rooftop!


Move over 'Unni, you don't like me, right?'. 'To the rooftop' is here to conquer.

choconerd said...

It's one of the best dramas airing right now, or could be the best drama airing right now. Sad that the timeslot overlaps with Producer

panshel said...

I cried hard with Cindy. IU's acting in the last scene was amazing, when she exhaled and finally broke down. I wished the camera panned to the 1N2D staff because I imagine there was not one dry eye in the place. Manager Oppa is as loyal as ever. Joon Mo's epilogue was the sweetest.

KSW said...

ep 11 was thoroughly enjoyable. 1hr30mins flew by in jiffy (plus a solid 10 mins of just me bawling my eyes out with Cindy). I really like how RJM's character is finally picking up momentum.

.... said...

"Yeo Jin Goo and Seolhyun have great chemistry too"

umm am i the only one who thinks otherwise? i felt like she and him lacked chemistry since i've seen the teasers and pics, she has stronger chemistry with jonghyun.....i mean unless anyone who's watched pass episode 3 wants to tell me what they think about it.....

omoooo said...

what KSW means??

me, exo and our galaxy said...

honestly Seolhyun can't act. it's a waste of Yeo Jin Goo's talent.

caleb said...

that means she succeeds right? xD

stopbeingdelulu said...

i dont understand why people cannot distinguish between role and actor. she ACTING guysssss !!!
i've heard something similar about the actress who plays Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.
people were calling her bitch and stuff...just how stupid are people ???

earone said...

I don't think producers is a successful experiment for KBS in searching new time slot for drama. It sure gain 2 digit rating every weeks but it too much rely on the leading stars and there's no competitor on the exact time slot to compare.
But as a drama it's still an enjoyable show to watch.

omoooo said...

you! oh welcome ^^

hikari_ said...

Aggghhhhh they totally ruined ORANGE MARMALADE!!!!!! -.-

FaultInOurStar said...

Producers fail to develop Tak Ye Jin and Ra Joon Mo's character ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

KSW said...

IU has gotten the best 1 min ratings for 6 or 7 eps, and she's usually #1 on search rankings after a Producer ep airs. Slay bb slay

Lily said...

yeah, hating the character is fine but hating the actor for playing that character is too much crazy....they're not actually their character!

Mapel said...

Kkuljaem why you like merging so many post in one post like this. It's too bad if people won't take notice because they don't know. I keep checking Producer update I thought you not translating it. Last week and the week before too, apparently you make it in one post ㅠㅠ

Lily said...

She just fades next to Yeo Jin Gu but seems less bland in scenes with Jonghyun, it's a real waste to give her this lead role. I kept wishing Kim Yoo Jung or Kim So Hyun had the role instead.

justme said...

i think kbs real intention is to fight with cable drama/slot lol

surfinthesasslife said...

Wow cindy's manager is a real scene stealer.I cried w him too. The Yechan chemistry is furrealll but sad he got dumped (what i've seen so far in ep 11). Hopefully ep 12 wraps up well.

earone said...

cable has their own faithful viewer. 3 meals rating is stable at 8-9% despite the increasing rating for Producer

KkulJaem꿀잼 said...

Woops. I thought it would be more convenient for readers to
have all the drama articles in one big post.Most readers already knew that, well, those who access the site via twitter. I’ll tack in a poll/survey of some sort later to determine what readers prefer better. Thanks a lot for the feedback:)))

HJK said...

KBS will lose all the money from China if they produce season 2. The drama was promised to sell $200 000/ep, but KBS hasnt got the money yet, until the drama finished and passes Chinese gvt. So a season 2 means the drama hasnt finished yet, and KBS will wait forever to get money to cover the cost

HJK said...

also JTBC needs to do more to promote this drama. I dont know why the cable network does a good job to promote it variety shows, but when it comes to drama, it s terrible

hul said...

my love eundong is getting praise ^^ the plot is so good but idk i found something lacks on the plot :/

omoooo said...

yup and the finale they got 20% for producer.. thats high too..

h8her said...

true. i am really interested to have some insights of PDs' roles and jobs in a production and in the company. Cindy's arc is executed beautifully, they should do the same for TYJ and RJM. it can be done.