6 June 2015

[Spoilers] We Got Married

My Daily - Naver: 'WGM' Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon's 1 push against the wall for every 3 steps ..."Humorous uniform couple"

1. [+2182, -248] So sweetㅠㅠㅠㅠ Just date, you two...

2. [+1916, -143] Not to the point to be called sweet...

3. [+1355, -123] They match so well. Lovely Kkung couple

4. [+1320, -133] They match well. Just date

5. [+214, -45] Jong Hyun is so handsome

6. [+208, -48] Why am I getting butterflies? Why can't I stop smiling?

7. [+194, -43] I hate WGM but I wish these two can stay on the show for a long time

8. [+171, -39] If my heart ever explodes, these two need to take the responsibility! Ah they make me go crazy!!!!

My Daily - Naver: 'WGM' Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun's sweet 'nose kiss' during their meal

1. [+328, -36] It's not even once or twice that WGM gets a PD who likes shooting these kinds of excessive love scenes

2. [+328, -72] But it's on the script ㅠㅠ

3. [+93, -11] They're so pretty. Is their last episode next week? It's hard to part ways so WGM better not make another likeable couple again!

4. [+75, -8] It'll be sad to see them leave... Ah, SoRim

5. [+64, -7] I've enjoyed watching the SoRim couple. Sad that they're leaving.. They really have a special bond. That scandal was unfortunate but I hope they remain close friends after they quit

6. [+50, -4] SoRim couple~~ We need to see a kiss before you leave  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+49, -9] Watched this show only for them  ㅠㅠ

8. [+42, -4] SoRim made me happy these last 9 months~~ I can't still let them go ㅠㅠI'll watch your last episode^^

My Daily - Naver: 'WGM' Yewon confesses to getting her nose done "Just a minor work"

1. [+287, -50] Please get plastic surgery for your attitude too

2. [+136, -31] Ok bye

3. [+54, -10] Minor workㅋㅋㄱ What's the difference between getting it done and minor work??

4. [+49, -9] I'm most suspicious of her jaw  ㅋㅋ

5. [+38, -1] Henry, you've worked hard~~ I hope you find a better show for next time.

6. [+35, -2] Henry oppa ㅠㅠ  I feel relieved that you're leaving WGM. I shall see you on a better show^^

7. [+21, -5] Her jaw and teeth look the weirdest

8. [+32, -16] Just your nose, huh...?


panshel said...

Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon is the reason why We Got Married will never go off the air. No matter how we know this is a fake, scripted reality show, some people will always want the couple to date in real life.

I'm waiting for SungJae and Joy on June 20th.

loirichi said...

Gong Lee finally getting thousands of upvotes. I cant get enough of them. Just watching makes my heart flutter too.

Filming with sincerity is the way to get likes from the viewers.

placeforu said...

1. [+2182, -248] So sweetㅠㅠㅠㅠ Just date, you two...

I am going to see this comment again in new couples and then when something happens WGM is fake, just take it off air. But when new couples announce, watch it again then say they are so cute together, just date in real life.

surfinthesasslife said...

So Rim couple will be dearly missed. Hope to see them in a drama/movie.

Protagonist said...

I know wgm is all fake but I'm curious to see idols interact.

JLy said...

But JH and SY is truly sweet!

mia said...

Jonghyun x Seungyeon's chemistry are off the roof. no wonder viewers like them

guest said...

LOL and look at people saying they want this show off air. Hypocrites.

shiro 白 said...

I always thought that Lee Jonghyun was kind of a cold city man because he interacted with people rarely and he'd always just giggle when he had to speak (he's still like this at times) but through WGM I got to know that he's actually an idiot and soooo cheesy to the point that I can't do anything but just roll my eyes... lol (and also instagram. Lol god bless who leaded to make cnblue members to finally socialize and make SNS accs)

Sandy Claws said...

This is why we watch it, we know they are not actual dating but it's fun to see them interact. Jonghyun hadn't really had a chance to show himself out there, well except for running man and he was hilarious lol

Sandy Claws said...

lol I wouldn't say cold city man, more like stubborn Busan man who wouldn't drop the accent thus staying mostly silent during interviews >.< His twitter and IG are something else lol I remember last year when he did the Q&A on his twitter, I was dying at his responses >.<

shiro 白 said...

Yeah you're right heheh and LMAOOOO ikr??? That Q&A event made me see him from a different perspective lol since then he's such a troll

shiro 白 said...

I think that this show should get off air too but cant deny that GongLee is so freakin cute

Reem alnori said...

Lol in running man he was the cutest

Keiko Igarashi said...

Yasss~! (ㅠ.ㅠ)

Keiko Igarashi said...

6. [+50, -4] SoRim couple~~ We need to see a kiss before you leave ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yes! Please! Even a peck will do! :"3 We'll miss you, SoLim

Keiko Igarashi said...

I kinda feel bad for the Henry/Yewon couple though... :(
Even before and after all those three months, those K-Netz won't still put it to rest.

j d said...

Tbh its not Yewons nose area i look at.