18 June 2015

The representatives of short hair

Go Joon Hee

Park Soo Jin 

Lee Da Hee



So Yi Hyun

Kang Kyun Sung

My Daily - Naver: 'Don't grow out your hair'.... Short hair did wonders for these stars

1. [+6,628, -149] Kang Kyun Sung slaysㅋㅋ

2. [+5,830, -185] But So Yi Hyun's pretty with long hair? Why is she on this list?

3. [+3,608, -70] ㅋㅋㅋSo witty of this journalist for including Kang Kyun Sung

4. [+3,806, -1243] It's not because Hyeri suits short hair but it's the only hairstyle that looks good on her

5. [+555, -19] Choa looks so ordinary with long hair. The short hair is doing wonders for her

6. [+513, -7] Apart from So Yi Hyun... all of them benefitted from cutting their hair shorter.. But Kang Kyun Sung looked hotter when he had shorter hair ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋNow, he just looks funny. He needs to thank Korean Air for it

7. [+399, -68] Park Soo Jin got popular through Bae Young Joon. Why did you stick her on this list?

8. [+177, -18] Kyun Sung unni is the prettiest.


negredo said...


Shang said...

Forgot the timeless short hair icon Gain

pinocchio said...

It's representative of short hair or what? Because they should include Gain

Stormrox said...

Damn hyeri wuth long hair looks like a really bad copy of hara

Mars_in_blue said...

They all look great in short hair.
I think it's not that long hair doesn't suit them, it's more that short hair not only suits them but also makes them more unique/distinctive.
E.g. I think that in the case of idols like Hyeri or ChoA it increased their public recognition since they stand out in the "long-haired" crowd.

omoooo said...

Ham eunjung

Skylar said...

I adore So Yi Hyun's looks so much. She looks classy and fabulous at the same time.

fishyhaelove said...

Lee Dahee looks so pretty with shorter hair.

Lily said...

They should have included Gong Hyo Jin, she is the queen of bob cut hair.....

It gives her a chic and sophisticated look, with longer hair she's still pretty but looks girlish.

Lily said...

True, a well done bob cut can look really sophisticated or really cute depending on the style.

I wish I could wear bob cut hair but my head will turn into a triangle shape if my hair is that short.

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aeterna009 said...

Where's Park Ye Jin, Kim Yoo Ri and Eunjung? They're the true representative of short hair

HJK said...

where is Yoo In Young or Kim Yoo Ri?

PikaPika said...







pre said...

Thanks, KkulJaem!Remarkable difference between long and short hair!

j d said...


elliebobcut said...

but she never had long hair though?

Angela said...

EunJung ????


Fantasiana said...

Ham Eunjung she always had short hair.