2 June 2015

Yoo Jae Suk to host his first cable variety show on JTBC

Osen - Naver: Yoo Jae Suk advances into cable.. to host a new program at JTBC 

1. [+11133, -586] Must look forward to it if it's Yooneunim

2. [+8207, -292] Cable variety shows are so much better than public channels these days~

3. [+6755, -301] Hwaiting! Don't feel burdened but always be yourself^^

4. [+851, -70] JTBC is doing well

5. [+557, -41] If we're talking about variety shows, it's JTBC>>>>>>KBS. He needs to take a rest from KBS shows

6. [+555, -101] I want Yoo Jae Suk to collaborate with Na Young Seok (Na PD)

7. [+361, -43] Heol daebak!!!!!

Osen - Naver

1. [+11725, -377] JTBC and tvN shows are superior in quality compared to other channels

2. [+11680, -474] Copycats public channels are so boring

3. [+6272, -319] Yooneunim, supporting you~~

4. [+735, -46] JTBC programs are so fun lately and I hope this one doesn't disappoint. Who would have imagined that cable shows would be so successful?

5. [+483, -34] JTBC established a good reputation for creating diverse and good quality programs. What are Channel A and ChosunTV doing? They're biased and largely focused on politics. Just wasting electromagnetic waves, I guess

6. [+105, -13] I hope this gives birth to a show as big and successful as 'Infinity Challenge' on cable

7. [+86, -9] I wonder how much he'll get paid.

8. [+43, -2] JTBC and tvN programs are already catching up with public broadcast ratings


Sidney said...

Wooo I'm so excited! More shows for YJS. However, as much as I like seeing him on tv, I wish he rests more. I'll cry the day he retires though. I'm not ready for that yet.

Guest said...

i never watched Same Bed Different Dreams because lack of subs, i hope this show will gain attention some subbers and gladly subs the new show for us. :3

bogaerde said...

Lack of subs? Does this mean at least some of the cuts are subbed somewhere?

Aile said...

There is a recent cut subbed when chanyeol appeared

Guest said...

i remember saw a clip about chanyeol when he make a surprise visit, sorry but i dont have the link.

Sandy Claws said...

[+11725, -377] JTBC and tvN shows are superior in quality compared to other channels

Their dramas are a lot more fun/innovative that's for sure.

r. said...

i love jtbc varieties and yoo jaesuk never fails to entertain me, so i'm looking forward to this!! well, assuming this gets subbed... T__T

nssn said...

Not only variety, for me jtbs and tvn drama mostly better than public broadcasting~

xxxdjx said...

Na PD + YJS combination please?

placeforu said...

He's doing 2 big shows that are physically tiring which is Running Man and Infinity Challenge. Happy together is on down hill, and same bed, different dream is not doing well either. And not sure if he has one more show on KBS. Hope he doesnt tire himself out too much. Yoo God is so entertaining and his personality is a plus.

Random Noona said...

JTBC sure in the rise now, i loove crime scene season two so bad i hope the same cast could be back at the third one

Alisson said...

Cable variety shows to be honest much better. They created new concept of show. From JTBC Abnormal Summit to tvN 3 Meals A Day.