6 July 2015

GOT7 members are hard to search up? + Junior's acting

JB (real name: Im Jae Bum)
-Kingsman JB
-Justin Bieber
-JB(Jeon Buk) Bank
-JB Hairstory

Singer Im Jae Bum 

Park Jae Bum/Jay Park

-SM Rookies Mark
-Minecraft (Ma in keu rep teu)

-3MAD's Jackson
-Michael Jackson
-Percy Jackson & The Olympians 

Young Jae 
-B.A.P's Young Jae
-Young Jae Palguldan/Finding Talented People (SBS program)
-Gifted children, prodigies 
-Training institutes

-Robert Downey Jr. 
-Super Junior
-Junior-sized clotehs
-Doojoonie oppa (Doo joo nee oh ppa)
-Jr. Naver (Children's portal on Naver)

Park Jin Young/JYP

 B1A4's Jin Young

Bam Bam and Yoo Gyum are the only members that are easy to search up.
But I get pictures of snakes when I search up Bambam .. (뱀= baem, word for snake)


Xports News - Naver: 'Eun Dong' GOT7's Junior "I didn't want to feel embarrassed playing Joo Jin Mo's younger version"

1. [+3,164, -37] Such a charming rookie. He is optimistic but his acting is also worthy of praise. Hyun Soo's the best.

2. [+2,838, -38] It was short but the teenage Hyun Soo left the deepest impression.. You can feel that he's an easy-going guy from his interviews... I wish they gave him more parts .......

3. [+2,441, -27] Amazing acting!! Fell for Junior and I continued watching MLE ㅎㅎ

4. [+2,050, -22] His acting was really natural and he's got a good grasp of emotional scenes~ Definitely a rising star to look forward to~

5. [+1,840, -19] Good at acting and cute too~

6. [+338, -2] Oh. So his real name is Park Jin Young and stage name is Junior

7. [+336, -1] His acting blew me away that I had to search up who he is.

8. [+287, -1] I thought he's an actor. Had no idea he's an idol

9. [+115, 0] Junior~ You're the man~ The crappy acting audition part was so cute~ His crying scenes were poignantly done! See you in another drama~^^

10. [+96, 0]  Wow.. He's an idol? I honestly thought he was a rookie actor.. He completely shattering my idol stereotypes.. Good luck with your future projects!!

11. [+71, 0] The writer praised him too.. So charismatic


psycho_d said...

Jinyoung-ah, im so proud of u :')

hopefully all of them will shine more after this... i want all of them become well-known to public... not only certain member...

all the best to their comeback too.. GOT7 Just Right !!!

Lrtb Gift said...


unloveable said...

I love you park jinyoung. I hope you and got7 do well~

__soosee said...

just add got7 next to their names......

babybird-baechu♡ said...

get that praise junior!!
hopefully he'll become a nation's first love (male version of suzy) ♡

yeoshinn said...

Ngl every time people mentions jackson i got reminded of the goat instead of got7 now XD

Protagonist said...

And its a female LOL

toru2 said...

Tears of joy. Hope they'll list him up whenever they wrote an article about talented acting idol.

muramurr said...

haha and there's me with my bias Rain *cries silently*

Shinta Febrianti said...

I'm so proud of my baby. Jinyoung-ah you're the best can't wait for another project :)

panshel said...

Makes me sad the search results for Jr. don't include JR from Nu'est. Pledis really fucked them over.