30 July 2015

Paparazzi shots of Park Soo Jin and Bae Yong Joon on their honeymoon

Instiz: Goosebumps.  'The Fact' (Yonsama and Park Soo Jin's honeymoon)


-That's going too far

-I'm not surprised if they took photos of them on their first night

-What camera are they using?

-Heol. I'm getting goosebumps

- Heol goosebumps... But what if those golf balls end up flying to the sea?

-Dispatch and The Fact  step over the line sometimes....

-How much is that camera?

-These two can't even spend a peaceful honeymoon...

-Why? Just why would you follow them and take these photos?

-Invasion of privacy...

-This is why being a celebrity is hard