6 July 2015

[Spoilers] High Society, Hwajung, I Remember You

Monday, July 6 Ratings
1. High Society - 9.4%
2. Hwajung - 8.9%
3. I Remember You - 4.6%

Osen - Naver: 'Hwajung' Lee Yeon Hee and Seo Kang Joon, torn apart by war 'ardent kiss'

1. [+1,365, -32] This kiss scene was random

2. [+1,202, -42] Awkward accent, awkward facial expressions....

3. [+1,124, -41] I don't know if she's happy or she's sad

4. [+1,106, -39] Awkward crying scene ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+246, -14] Her face is so pretty but her acting is so crappy

6. [+206, -10] Must be convenient to come from a big company that's got connections....

7. [+128, -8] You'd think her acting has gotten better by now because she probably read the comments but she's still in this stateㅋㅋㅋ Acting is definitely not for her

9. [+47, -2] These screencaps are daebak awkward!!

10. [+45, -6] I'm really enjoying Hwajung and I have no worries about the male lead but it's the female lead who cutting the flow. And what is this kiss scene during a war?.. Sigh.. I have a hard time distinguishing what emotions they're supposed to be showing. Cheer up and put more effort^^

tv Report - Naver: 'High Society', Ambitious man Sung Joon sincerely falls for Uee

1. [+932, -39] Problem is, I can't feel their love for each other

2. [+518, -40] Kwanghee must be fuming right now ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+407, -15] Is there a day that they don't kiss?

4. [+185, -29] I love this drama~~ Can't wait for today's episode

5. [+107, -7] I don't even know how these two fell in love in the first place.. What's up with their storyline?~ Im Ji Yeon's character started to like Chang Soo for his personality~~

6. [+92,-13] Only watching for Park Hyung Shik

7. [+50, -12] These two have a kiss scene basically every week

8. [+40, -6] Im Ji Yeon and Hyung Shik are more fun to watch

9. [+24, -7] Im Ji Yeon and Park Hyung Shik are saving this drama. Except for their scenes, the rest are pretty boring

Osen - Naver: 'I Remember You' Seo In Gook, did he make your heart flutter with his 'caress'?

1. [+1,041, -18] Yes ㅜㅜA lot  ㅋㅋToday is Tuesday and how I wish this airs everyday

2. [+945, -15] There's mystery, funny scenes and parts that make your heart flutter. I love this drama

3. [+71, -3] This drama is so unique~ Seo In Gook and Jang Nara's parts balance out the darkness of the investigation plot.. Their chemistry is the best

4. [+64, -11] When he caressed her head... I love Lee Hyun

5. [+51, -4] Sad about the poor ratings are but the story is refreshing. The only drama I've been keeping up to lately

Joy News 24 - Naver: 'I Remember You' Jang Nara, "4% ratings, unfortunate and lamentable"

6. [+12,163, -990] But this drama is really good ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

7. [+11,004, -810] I don't usually write comments.. But this drama is really entertaining

9. [+9,303, -749] It's really fun though.. If it had premiered before 'High Society', it would be doing better right now

10. [+8,118, -763] This drama is really funㅜㅠㅠㅠ Jang Nara's an actress you can trust

11. [+691, -83] I'm enjoying it very much.. But most viewers these days don't watch dramas on tv anymore.. Cheer up!!!!!!

12. [+199, -34] Ratings aren't everything.. Most of the dramas I've loved didn't do so well ratings-wise.. I really don't care as long as I enjoy a drama


silvermaoh said...

I really like I remember You
too bad about the ratings

Pemnvunuch said...

I drop watching I Remember You after 2 episodes. It's too slow. Period drama Hwajung is not my style. High Society is so repetitive, they always say 'chaebol' and 'poor'. After School 2015, I think many international viewers like me can't stick themselves to watch Mon-Tue dramas.

tikhagahara said...

I like I remember you because of the mystery thing... I am curious about Min whereabout... typical chaebol drama is boring for me...

Stormrox said...

well i like high society lol is nt thaaat bad lol and its been a looong time since we have the plot of the lead being a chaebool and the guy the poor one lol i think last time i saw it was with take care of my lady lol

omoooo said...

I think u should continue IRY..

wingsky said...

Uee and sung joon have zero chemistry. Their acting is lacking to the 2nd leads too.
Im ji yeon is not really a good actress but she is leas horrible than UEE.
Surprisingly Park Hyung Sik is the only one who is decent.

Poor hwajung.... Poor cha seung won

Stormrox said...

i think uee is better than im ji yeon she is sooo anoyying and i actually relate more with uee i mean she gives me feels lol i think what helps im ji yeon is siwan he is really good and he covers for her lack, also they have better lines, while sung joon is bad at acting and uee is nt great so there is no one to cover for them lol

ree said...

agree. IRY is def better. the fact at how many knetz written their comments in the news. seriously, 12000 people like the first comment? whoooaa... it's no joke. sometimes good drama have poor ratings, but good drama is always good drama, no matter what.

AdelaideElliot said...

ia, Im Jiyeon isn't a good actress because she overacts but her character is really likable and she has decent chemistry with Hyungsik who is practically carrying the drama.

Meanwhile Uee is doing ok, you can see she's really trying but Sung Joon is a literally block of ice, he hardly moves his face & recites his lines in a deadpan voice with no emotion. They're always kissing too but they have no chemistry at all. smh Shut Up Flower Boy Band was honestly his only good role/acting he ever did.

Sigh Park Seo Joon........ what could have been.

greenmochi said...

I keep having this feeling that this drama would have been better if they cast better actors for Sung Joon, Uee, and Im Ji Yeon roles.
Im ji yeon character is likable but her acting is so raw

AdelaideElliot said...

ia, Uee is a little better than Jiyeon but Hyungsik and Jiyeon have good chemistry so it helps cover her awkward moments.

However Jiyeon has more natural face expressions & pronunciation even tho she overacts while Uee's face is really stiff & her pronunciation is bad enough that pretty much every article complains about it.

Sung Joon is really stiff and awful so poor Uee is doing her best but it makes her look even worst since he's already so bad while Hyungsik helps Jiyeon look decent.

AdelaideElliot said...

same, the script is interesting enough. it just needs solid actors to get it good reviews. even the supporting characters are honestly lacking in my opinion.

Han Groo would have been the perfect for Jiyeon's role since it's similar to her role in Marriage not Dating. She also would have been perfect in Uee's role.

Lizzy from After School was really fun and adorable in Angry Mom and would have been so charming as Jiyeon's character.

Park Seo Joon the original candidate honestly would have been so incredible, im still sad about it every time I see Sung Joon's face.

Kim Young Kwang would have also done Sung Joon's role really well

kar said...

I think plagiarism accusation also affects the ratings. Poor Seo In Gook, his last drama also failed though not as bad as this one.

Stormrox said...

omg yeaaah seo joon would have been sooo perfect for the role, and maybe for uee role i thought of jung so min i dnt know why i picture her in the role lol

AdelaideElliot said...

ugh i know. it breaks my heart. seo in guk is so underrated and honestly deserves better since he's always doing an incredible job.

AdelaideElliot said...

i saw jung so min in twenty & playful kiss and wasn't impressed in either tbh but who knows, maybe she would have surprised us and did a wonderful job

Stormrox said...

yeah her acting is nt great tbh bt she has played a chaebol before i think she could have been better lol or maybe park bo young bt she is in oh my ghostess lol

placeforu said...

Can't unseen anymore after pointed out. Either Park Seo Joon or Kim Young Kwang would have done better than SungJoon. I never really like Sung Joon actin and him being the lead in here is not very likeable. I don't like Hyunshik that much but seeing him is refreshing compared to other 3.

AdelaideElliot said...

i LOVE park bo young!!!! but she's currently doing Oh My Ghostess and doing wonderfully as well

AdelaideElliot said...

I use to really like Sung Joon because of Shut Up Flower Boy Band and White Christmas but he's just gotten worse and it's a shame.

짝머 said...

High Society makes me upset. How can YoonHa easily tells JoonGi everything? Getting sick but I want to support Uee here.

panshel said...

High Society finally did it. I'm happy for them for coming in first. Even though Sung Joon x Uee's love is fake / one-sided, I honestly enjoy both romances. Park Hyung Shik x Im Ji Yeon are all sorts of adorable, but in the back of my mind, I'm always worried that they will never last. I like watching Sung Joon fall for Uee despite telling himself not to.

panshel said...

And here I am thinking, "Thank goodness Park Seo Joon didn't take this role." I can't imagine Park Seo Joon being manipulative and calculating like Joon Ki. He has such a warm, bubbly personality. Whereas Sung Joon always plays dark, mysterious, cold characters, so this is right up his alley.

AdelaideElliot said...

The male lead should be a charismatic and likable character since he owes all his success to his connections but Sung Joon chooses to play him cold and unfeeling which is a shame since the show could be so much better.

Park Seo Joon is in talks for the new MBC drama She Was Pretty however set for fall wends-thurs after Scholar Who Walks the Night

disqus_QBwmIa4Cha said...

Cats have more passionate kisses


Babymint said...

12. [+199, -34] Ratings aren't everything.. Most of the dramas I've loved didn't do so well ratings-wise.. I really don't care as long as I enjoy a drama

true !
everyone was praising YWCFTS but i found it mostly boring and biased.