9 July 2015

[Spoilers] Mask, Masked Prosecutor, Scholar Who Walks the Night

Thurs, July 9 Ratings
1. Mask - 11.1%
2. Masked Prosecutor - 6.9%
3. Scholar Who Walks the Night - 6.8%


My Daily - Naver: 'Mask' Joo Ji Hoon finds out Soo Ae's true identity through Yoo In Young's trick 

1. [+6,214, -58] Have you ever seen Choi Mi Yeon do something stupid like this? Shouldn't she reveal that she killed Seo Eun Ha if she exposes Byun Ji Sook's real identity?

2. [+3,307, -51] She was like Elsa at the hospital

3. [+890, -4] But Minwoo will accept her, regardless. He doesn't love her for her  background but just the way she is. Does her identity really matter to him?ㅋㅋ Mi Yeon's at a disadvantage here

4. [+512, -19] For no reason, I'm liking Seok Hoon more and more

5. [+325, -8] Why is Mi Yeon aggressively attacking  Ji Sook and the poor woman didn't do anything wrong to her. She murdered someone but she's still so brazen. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+319, -5] Can't believe Soo Ae's almost 37 and still looks youthful.... In fact, I've noticed that most female celebrities in their 30s look so young... Soo Ae's glamorous and beautiful

7. [+267, -4] I don't know why but I started to like Seok Hoon after he teased with the swimming pool clip ㅋㅋI  really like the scene where Byun Ji Sook told Min Woo that she loves him. But this drama's severe with the PPLs..

8. [+235, -1] Mi Yeon knows that her husband is still in love with Seo Eun Ha and she gets jealous at  Byun Ji Sook because she looks exactly like Eun Ha which is probably the reason why she's acting so bitchy to her.

Masked Prosecutor

Osen - Naver: 'Masked Prosecutor' Jeon Kwang Ryul dies as he tries to save Kim Sun Ah.. Joo Sang Wook gets arrested

1. [+123, -14] Joo Sang Wook.. Please pick a better project next time... I had a hard time as a fan 

2. [+82, -2] Actor Joo~~ You've struggled enough! Been watching since the very first episode ㅠㅠ

3. [+49, -3] Dae Chul's mom is so low. She's not a human! What a maggot.

4. [+16, -1] I've watched this since episode 1although it wasn't the most fun drama out there... Joo Sang Wook and Jeon Kwang Ryul are amazing actors and they saved this drama from failure. Kwang Ryul ahjusshi acted so well in 'I Remember You' too ~ Hwaiting ^^

5. [+10, 0] Why did the last part make me cry? I've enjoyed it a lot and unfortunate that it didn't get much buzz.  I'm a fan of Joo Sang Wook but his talent was wasted on this


6. [+636, -18] A waste of Joo Sang Wook, Kim Sun Ah and Jeon Kwang Ryul's skills and with the poor ratings..

7. [+335, -16] I've enjoyed this drama ㅎㅎ

8. [+237, -11] To the cast, please carefully pick your dramas next time

9. [+61, -4] Joo Sang Wook's awesomeㅋㅋㅋ The mask concept is immature but the cast did well

10. [+53, -3] I personally liked this drama. Good job to  Joo Sang Wook, Kim Sun Ah and Hwang Seon Hee~~~ Hope to see you all in better dramas

Scholar Who Walks the Night 

Osen - Naver: 'Scholar Who Walks the Night' Lee Joon Ki discloses his identity to Lee Soo Hyun in order to save Lee Yoo Bi... 'tension rises'

1. [+4,734, -84] This would be a failure if they didn't cast Lee Joon Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk

2. [+2,709, -71] Wow SWWTN is so good... Lee Joon Ki's acting is daebak... ♡

3. [+669, -62] This drama would be on a downfall they didn't have Lee Joon Ki. Hesitated on watching this drama but I conceded because of him and Lee Soo Hyuk but the female lead is so clueless. She can't do crossdressing, she's just acting as, well, a girl. Is that the best shocked face you can do? Geez. And please do something about Lee Yoon.... That mustache makes him look like a goat. Just make him wear glasses or something

4. [+589, -27] This lineup is so-so.. And this writer isn't that competent either. Nothing sophisticated about the story. Joon Ki's acting is just so impressive that it covers  those flaws. No dull moment when he's around

5. [+538, -9] Vampire roles match Lee Joon Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk so well

6. [+425, -28] Tbh, Kim So Eun and Jang Hee Jin are better at acting than Lee Yoo Bi

7. [+365, -16] I'll trust God Joon Ki and will watch the whole thing


8. [+277, -82] His acting wasn't bad

9. [+41, -10] His enunciation was really good

10. [+35, -11] He did well today.. His tone was a bit high but Shim Changmin originally has a high-pitched voice.. Looks like he practiced a lot for this role and I can totally see that he's working hard. Vocalization and gaze were well done. As always, there's plenty of room for improvement. Hwaiting!!

11. [+21, -4] I was worried but he did better than I thought


1. [+505, -15] Lee Soo Hyuk is indeed a Dracula

2. [+352, -66] There's nothing to criticize about Lee Joon Ki's acting. This hyung is just crazy good. Many were opposed to Changmin when he got cast but there's nothing to worry about him .. Proves that nothing is impossible if you work hard for it

3. [+44, -6] I've read the original... but I can't see her as Yang Sunㅠㅠ Sorry Lee Yoo Bi-ssi!!!ㅠㅠ

4. [+36, -5] Ha.... Lee Joon Ki is so sexy

5. [+28, -8] Lee Yoo Bi and Shim Chang Min are really good. What's with the comments? We're only 2 episodes in... As expected of God Joon Ki

6. [+27, -2] Lee Yoo Bi reminds me of Jin Ji Hee in 'High Kick'. She's different from the original but she's fun. Hit daebak


Lily said...

Sad to see so many negative comments about SWWTN actors other than Jun Ki and Soo Hyuk.... I think the cast is good and even Yang Sun did well. Hope the writer doesn't screw them up now.

Ivery said...

I have to catch up on mask !!!
And who does the music for SWWTN? ?? It's really distracting but other then that I like it , I can't wait for the return of myung hee ! She's most likely going to turn evil ,but whatever it would be fun to see soeun play this role !

disqus_5470 said...

The music director is amazing, he can make a dramatic moment to a parody i almost lost it and just freaking flip the table coz i can stop laughing 😂😂😂
direction,acting so far so good..no complain

Ivery said...

LMFAOOO ,you see that part when soo hyuk ripped that guy arm off? ??. I was dying ,it was supposed to be scary or ????😂😂😂

disqus_5470 said...

I must be not paying attention at that part since i didnt use headphone and too focused on subs. But the scene where kim soeun dying and last scene when junki cover his face w his sleeve was too obvious and i lost my shit right away X'D

Ivery said...


strawberrypizza said...

Owner may I ask if you can translate something about exid show time?

Shai_love said...

The bgm sounds a bit campy or cartoonish to me, like it's a children's show. It makes scenes that I assume are serious come off as comedies, but I wonder if it's done on purpose because it does make me laugh lol

pinkypromises said...

I adore Lee Yoo bi and Lee Jun Ki so i hope they get a better music director and script writer. BGM plays a very important part esp in Saeguk where you have to get the feels...

Random Noona said...

not yet watch that but is that worth it to try? hhaha idk the idea about soo hyuk become vampire turn me on i think i need to watch it asap (tho i lil bit no no with horror)

Coco said...

I'm enjoying it, is not that bad, give a try :)

2m2i4k1i said...

What Seuk Hoon did in the latest episode was probably the best thing that he ever did in the drama tbh, and also with the loan shark...I'm loving him now, whyyy?!!!

Also, Jisook's "I love you" in the hospital made me giggle when I watched MW's reaction lmao!

Mask is getting better *sobs* I actually wanted to switch the channel just to take a glimpse at Lee Jun Ki, but Joo Ji Hoon didnt approved hahaha!

The said...

3. [+669, -62] please do something about Lee Yoon.... That mustache makes him look like a goat. Just make him wear glasses or something

I agree with this. That mustache on Changmin is a huge turn off.

Nezumi said...

I dont see the problem with his mustache he looks freaking hot and mature

placeforu said...

Started liking Lee JunKi after watching SWWTN, his acting is really amazing! The first two eps are at good pace. I hope the ratings go up higher to at least double digits since ratings determine the drama success. Lee YooBi is doing fine, I think she will get better as the drama progresses. Now I have found a new drama to look forward to for Wed-Thurs.